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Map of Weeping Coast

The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Map zone7.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#7
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 50 to 55
Connecting Zones Ravenfell, Savage Lands
TownsMudpond Village, Boulderwind Village
World Bosses
ResourcesStraw Mushroom [RP], Sagewood [RP], Mithril [RP], Tarslin Demon Wood [RP], Moon Silver Ore [RP], Sinners Palm [RP], Dragonlair Wood [RP], Fairywood [RP], Abyssal Mercury Ore [RP], Frost Crystal [RP], Dragon Mallow [RP], Mirror Sedge [RP]
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Nestled between swampland and towering snail-shell inspired buildings live the Tiktaalik, long since cut off from the rest of the world. Since Chapter II, a mighty gate has been protecting this reclusive race, but who are they trying to keep out?— from

Best route from Varanas to Weeping Coast: Direct transport from Varanas to Boulderwind Village is available via Snoop Portal (1,750Gold ), but the return trip will require you to hop from Boulderwind Village to Abandoned Fortress (1,000Gold ), and then back to Silverspring (750Gold ). (Total cost: 1,750Gold )

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Weeping Coast: Direct transport from Obsidian Stronghold to Boulderwind Village is available via Snoop Portal, but the return trip will require you to hop from Boulderwind Village to Abandoned Fortress (1,000Gold ), and then back to Silverspring (750Gold ), then finally back to Obsidian Stronghold (20Gold ). (Total cost: 1,770Gold )

After passing through Ravenfell, a strange gate attracts the attention of the visitor. The gate was built by one of the main people in this area: the Tiktaalik. It may come as a surprise that the Tiktaalik, who traditionally favored an isolated, quiet life, would build such an enormous defensive structure in this region. However, this is one of the main secrets that adventurers will have to solve.

Weeping coast got its name from the natural play of wind and earth in this region. Every time the coastal wind blows over the fine sands, it will cause a weeping noise. The Tiktaalik can be regarded as the most characteristic life form of Weeping Coast. They have populated the area since a long time. According to the research data of the Varanas Biological Research Institute, they even have their own spirits and individual culture.

But just as the surprising defense gate, the recent behavior of the Tiktaalik aroused great suspicion among the researchers of the biological research institute. Even though traditionally assuming neutral roles in all conflicts, several incidents were reported recently where Tiktaalik got into fights with local Guard of Varanas patrols. The number of reported conflicts has risen constantly.

The Tiktaalik even launched massive attacks against Boulderwind Village. In order to investigate the true reasons behind these events, the Guards of Varanas have dispatched a special explorer team to Weeping Coast and set up a lot of surveillance posts. However the last available information already dates back half a month, which is troubling The Eye of Wisdom to a great degree. In order to shed light on this ominous situation, The Eye of Wisdom is already recruiting new scouts who will be tasked to investigate the fate of the explorer teams.

The latest available reports not only suggested that the Tiktaalik are in a state of mobilization, but also that a pirate nest was discovered close to the mountain that separates Weeping Coast from Ravenfell. But due to limited manpower and frequent surprise attacks by the Tiktaalik, it is only possible to secretly observe the pirate crew’s behavior to learn about their endeavors. Presently, it is not possible to gather any more concrete information, but everybody can feel that the tension is rising in this formerly quiet and peaceful region.

Speaking Wind Cliff

Beyond the Speaking Wind Cliff, swamps spread all across the region up to the Land of Origin. Due to the strong sunlight in this coastal region, the swamps are not as dark or obscure as swamps in other regions, but rather mystical. Rumour has it that deep in the swamps, ruins of an ancient divine residence can be found.

Muttering Forest

Muttering Forest is an ancient forest with mythical aura throughout all four seasons. When venturing deeply into Muttering Forest, it is said that one can hear strange voices, just as if someone was standing nearby and whispering in one’s ear. Of course, there are some people who believe these are the voices of ghosts.

Two clans of Trolls, the Hardskull Clan and the Bloodfang Clan, also dwell in this area. They worship their own god, the spider queen Lyoth. Every month, the Trolls provide living creatures as sacrifice to their spider queen. All other people living next to the Muttering Forest, such as woodmen or hunters, know that they have to abide by two unwritten rules: never set foot into the Muttering Forest, and at all cost avoid staying out after dawn. Otherwise it is likely one would end up as the spider queens next sacrifice.

Throne of the Water

Near the northern-most beaches of Weeping Coast, hidden behind the mountains that were eroded by wind and weather over time, situated at the end of the road that leaves Boulderwind Village, the adventurer can find a spirit oasis of abundant magical powers. The Water Elements, one special kind of spiritual beings, are locked up in this extraordinary place.

When long ago, the demons were enslaving all of the world’s people, they also sought to increase their strength through assimilating the powers of the Water Elements. However, these proud and independent beings would neither cooperate let alone be enslaved by other races. The demons realized that there was no way they could gain control of the water elements’ power. So they decided to make it impossible for any other race to ever get access to the water elements as well.

The demons sealed the place, and since that time, the water elements were trapped in the spirit oasis. After such a long time, the power of the seal slowly eroded and thus became penetrable, so that the power of the King of the Water started to leak out of the sealed spirit oasis. When adventurers merely approach the place, they can already feel the enormous strength of the spiritual power that surrounds it. The King himself is thirsty for revenge, seeking to break out of his age-old prison and eager to unleash his accumulated power in a great destructive eruption.

Jungle Marsh

After crossing the Muttering Forest, adventurers will encounter a wide, dark and humid swamp area, known as the Jungle Marsh. Even the most experienced adventurers will find it difficult to travel through this land. But in fact, the biggest obstacle for any traveller is not the limited sight or the danger of getting lost in the swamps. Border patrol guards often found the remains of travellers who, according to investigation results, had been the victims of some unknown creature and been killed by extremely lethal poison…

In order to find out more about the consequences of this situation, The Eye of Wisdom also set up surveillance posts. But these surveillance posts met the same fate as the explorer teams that were tasked to observe the Tiktaalik: half a month ago, all contact broke up. It is without doubt that there must be a common reason behind this coincidence which is in some way connected to the recent activity of the Tiktaalik.

Shadows of the Jungle Marsh

Evidently, the Jungle marsh is not a pleasant place at all. But it is especially rich in rare expensive herbs and exotic animals. Anyone seeking to make a fortune will be inclined to visit this place and reap its natural resources. Many camps of hunters or herbalists lie at the outside of Jungle marsh. But recently, the number of these fortune-hunters has decreased dramatically. According to trustworthy sources, this is due to the threat of the shadows of the Jungle marsh. Nobody can clearly explain what these shadows are, but one thing is for sure: they can’t peacefully coexist with any other life form. This became very clear after numerous reports about the shadows attacking and invading local settlements were heard: Entire villages had been slaughtered, and everything that fell into the shadows’ hands had been devastated.

Besides, another frightening fact became obvious: it appears that the shadows have an insatiable appetite for human flesh. The Guard of Varanas and the Eye of Wisdom have already acknowledged this threat and are trying to undertake appropriate measures. Recently, the Order of Dark Glory has garrisoned a guard squadron in the vicinity to offer protection. But the squadrons are troubled by concerns over limited manpower and long supply lines, drastically encumbering the pursuit of their duty. Adventurers thus cannot rely on the support of the guard squadron. Everybody should be aware of this shortcoming. The most important conclusion for anyone considering coming to this place, is the necessity to rely on one’s own strength to survive.

Hero's Tomb

After passing through a well-hidden tunnel, the adventurer will eventually come to a magnificent building situated at the foot of three huge ancient trees. During the Great Banishment, this was the place where a group of brave heroes took their last stand and finally sacrificed their lives in a fierce battle. The elves later used their characteristic architectural style and built a resting place to honour their fallen allies. To ensure that the resting place would not be disturbed by evil forces, they used the power of nature to protect it. After centuries, the force of these protective powers has almost vanished. Nevertheless, any visitor can still feel the presence of a harmonious, idyllic and warm aura.

Boulderwind Village

A small village situated at the foot of Speaking Wind Cliff. It is the biggest and most important settlement of Weeping Coast. Before Weeping Coast turned into the lawless and unsafe place it is today, Boulderwind Village had been a prosperous trade post. Merchants from Varanas and the Obsidian stronghold came here to acquire valuable goods of every imaginable kind for low prices from the local woodmen, hunters, herbalists and peasants. On the acres near the village, a famous local produce can be found: water bone leaves, a most precious ingredient for sophisticated medicines. Every year during harvest, medicine traders from the big cities, doctors or adventurers from afar would come to Boulderwind Village to purchase some of the rare water bone leaves.

However these busy times belong to the past. The Tiktaalik have blocked the main passage between Ravenfell and Weeping Coast, and in addition started to rob the already-harvested water bone leaves. Nowadays, there is virtually no one left eager to risk his life to gather water bone leaves. Boulderwind Village thus started to degenerate, and most of its settlers decided to abandon this sad place and seek opportunities elsewhere. At least, the news about the support by Varanas and the Obsidian Stronghold infused a spark of hope in the people, and they slowly started to come back to populate Boulderwind Village again.

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