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The Warlock

Warlock class information[ | ]


Typical Warlock appearance


Warlock in combat

The following races can choose the Warlock class: Dwarf

"Exploiting the Dark Arts"

The ability to control and channel psychic forces makes Warlocks dangerous opponents. Psychic powers and dark elemental attacks from afar are their specialties. With enough channelled energy, they can invoke powerful curses, crippling foes and bolstering allies.

Combat Role[ | ]

Warlocks are a magic-based ranged damage dealing class. Many of their abilities cause damage over time in addition to direct damage. Unlike other casters, Warlocks use Focus as a resource. They can project powerful soul shields on their allies or buff their souls. Moreover, they can subdue the souls of their enemies; weakening or filling your heart with fear and doubt.

To flatten the high damage rate, the Warlock uses two very limited pools of fuel for his spells: Focus and Psi.

You have a never-changing pool-size of 100 Focus points. It regenerates fairly fast, and some skills actually increase this regeneration speed. However, the pool size severely limits the length of your primary combat sequence. For this reason it is highly recommended that Warlock Warlocks take up the profession of AlchemyAlchemy (at least to level 15) so you can make your own Focus potions (Focus Potion Focus Potion and Potion of Focused Will Potion of Focused Will).

Some skills also add Psi to your 6-bubble Psi gauge. Psi (sometimes called Soul Points) is used to power all of the special attacks unlocked by Willpower Blade Willpower Blade (Damage) or Willpower Construct Willpower Construct (Buffs). The gauge fills slowly over the length of a fight, and wise Psi management is very important to your overall utility to party and raid forces.

Class Summary[ | ]

  • Class Trainer: Glin Shadowrule [Warlock Instructor] in Morfantas City
  • Combat Roles: Ranged DPS (Magical) • Support • Shielder
  • Combat Resource: FocusSoul Points or Psi
  • Best Armor Type: Cloth
  • Best Primary Weapon Type: Staff (2-H)
  • Best Ranged Weapon Type: none
  • Best Production Craft: AlchemyAlchemy

Attributes (Character Stats)[ | ]

Primary Attribute

  • Intelligence (Intelligence will increase your magic attack power, which is your primary focus as a Warlock.)

All classes need Stamina to increase their HP. Dungeon bosses often have area attacks that can kill players who neglect this stat.

Stat Values Gained from Equipment[ | ]

values shown for 1 point of each stat - see Attributes for more details

Strength Dexterity Stamina Intelligence Wisdom
  • 0.8 PATK
  • 0.2 HP
  • 0.9 PACC
  • 0.8 PDR
  • 5.0 HP
  • 1.5 PDEF
  • 1.0 MP
  • 2.0 MATK
  • 0.5 PATK
  • 5.0 MP
  • 3.0 MDEF
  • 0.9 MACC

Base Attributes[ | ]

Strength: 5 • Dexterity: 10 • Stamina: 9 • Intelligence: 14 • Wisdom: 12

Equipment Available[ | ]

Weapon Types
yes no Warlock / Warrior
Warlock / Champion
no no Warlock / Champion
yes yes no no Warlock / Rogue
Armor Types
Cloth Leather Chain Plate Shield Talisman
yes no no no no yes

Class Combos[ | ]

  • Warlock / Champion --> Saces's Disciple (Focused on Dealing burst damage and shield, +50% HP (self))
  • Warlock / Mage --> Occultist (Fire & Dark, anti Magical Tanks, supports the physical DPS [+20% speed], fire and dark [+36%] damage of the party)
  • Warlock / Priest --> Mind Protector (Healer, +50% HP & +30% healings revived for all the party and 10% of int and wis as buff for target)
  • Warlock / Rogue --> Affliction Master (DoTs focus, halfs the damage done by a target enemy and increases elemental damage revived by a target enemy)
  • Warlock / Warrior --> Rage Controller (Speed caster, Burst-DoT damage, increases Dark Damage [+30%] revived by a enemy target and half the damage recived by a friendly target)

Skill´s Basic Combos[ | ]

Warlock Psi Meter

Warlock Psi Meter
2 of 6 Psi

The warlock builds energy influx (or Psi, displayed on your UI as 6 bubbles under your health, focus, and mana bars) and then uses this energy to perform incredibly devastating attacks. Because of the slowly-building nature of psi it is doubtful you will ever use these skills without a Boss fight and a full party.

You build Psi energy by using skills such as Psychic Arrows (1 Psi) and Puzzlement (2 Psi). When your Psi counter contains 6 green charges, you may use this energy to invoke Willpower Blade Willpower Blade or Willpower Construct Willpower Construct, each of which makes possible a group of follow-Up skills. After you get the state, the charges become Violet (Willpower Blade) or Blue (Willpower Construct).

Foundation Follow-Up Skills Notes
Willpower Blade Willpower Blade Knowledge Acquisition Focus Recovery
Severed Consciousness 4-tick DD channelized attack over 2 seconds
Ruthless Judgement Dark DD attack & Magic Damage Buff
Touch of Faith ( Elite: Wl/P) Dark DOT attack. Resets CD of Rising Tide.
Willpower Construct Willpower Construct Locked Heart Decreases received damage and increases Movement Speed
Otherworldly Whisper Increases Attack Power of all friendly players
Life Weave In-combat ressurrection
Mind Barrier AE protection circle. Reduces received damage and increases healing received.
Soul Enlightenment ( Elite: Wl/P) Raises Max HP and received Healing of all party members

Synergy[ | ]

General[ | ]

In general Warlocks have synergy in more ways:

  • Attack / Defense Boosters
  • Attribute Booster
  • Damage Lowing & Healing Received increasing
  • Dark Damage Increasing (until +9%) => Synergy with Dark Damage Dealers
  • Some Control (Fears & stunts)
  • Shields
  • Combat Resurrection (5 min cd)

Warlock / Champion[ | ]

  • +10% extra Dark damage Received by target.
  • Shield Spam
  • 10% chance to get until +60% magic damage by 5s (increasing too the shield by +60%)

Warlock / Mage[ | ]

  • Perma party boost of +10% Summoning Speed & +20% attack speed.
  • Increas of Dark and Fire damage recived by target, until +36%.
  • Lowers target's Critical Physical Resistance and Critical Magical Resistance.
  • Doble all party damage over 2 seconds each 24 seconds. (I don't know sure!)

Warlock / Priest[ | ]

  • Healing (AE, HoT, Burst, Instant)
  • Increases party Intelligence and Wisdom by +10%
  • Increases party healing recived until +30%.
  • Increases party Max. HP until +50%.

Warlock / Rogue[ | ]

  • Increases Elemental Damage recived by targets until +50%.
  • Lowers damage done by a target for -50%.
  • Reduces the aggro caused by party members, less the taget, until -30% and increases the aggro caused by target until +30%.
  • 15-20% extra magic damage, due to wand+dagger, that increases the HP of the shields.

Warlock / Warrior[ | ]

  • Increases Dark Damage recived by targets by +30%.
  • Reduces damage recived by a friendly targetby -50%.

Notes[ | ]

Dark Damage Incrising DeBuf[ | ]

Mages vs Warlocks[ | ]

Mages Warlocks
10% of chance of doble Flamme damage. like +10% of damage with Flammes +9% extra of Main Elemental Domine Ill Will
Flamme, flamme, flamme... Complex to use
Pure Damage Dealer, and the best Magic Damage Dealer (over time) DD / Support
Shield of 30% max HP, every 2 minute Shield that scale with magic damage (max 4 times Magic damage), every 10 seconds
Mana, bad at low levels, but nice at higest levels Focus (10 of focus each 4s), limited but some skills to earn focus to try to balance it (Heart Collection Strike...)
Better with Summoning spells (Flamme sumoning of 3 seconds + mana source) Better with instant spells (Dark Damage Buffs, more instants...)
Can Spam AED (Area Effect Damage), but limited movement No continous AED, but some nice thinks as Beast's Roar, nice slow and 1s second for cast and 5 times damage (0.7(AED malus of -30%)xInstant Damage each)
Total critical chance by skills = 10% vs a level 100 Weakening Weave Curse, Weekened: Dark damage taken increas +3.0.. 9.0%
Flamme (no limited) Severed Consciousness (limited for 3 casts each 20s (about))
Example Example

More info[ | ]

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