Wailing Fjord

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Map of Wailing Fjord
Icon - Wailing Fjord.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#27
Continent Gerador
Type Public Outdoor
Patch Patch 6.0
Level Range 83 to 85
Connecting Zones Jungle of Hortek to the north
TownsMuckgale Port
World Bosses
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

How do I get to Wailing Fjord the first time?: Follow the Pirate Island quest series through [83] Weigh anchor, Ailic's Pirates! to be transported here. Be sure to find a Snoop Portal (Muckgale Port) or drop some ink here before anything happens!

Best route from Varanas to Wailing Fjord: Snoop Portal direct to Wailing Fjord at Muckgale Port (5,000Gold )

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Wailing Fjord: Snoop Portal direct to Wailing Fjord at Muckgale Port (5,000Gold )

The Wailing Fjord is a level 83-85 area located on the island of Gerador. It is the first location the player encounters on the island and it was opened to public servers on February 18th 2014, along with it's subsequent instance, the Grotto of Horror (which was not opened until a later date). The area is the first new location visited in the Kidd's Treasure quest-line. The player first arrives to the area on the beach in the south-eastern corner of the map.

Muckgale Port

Muckgale Port is the central hub for the area. The Housekeeper, Mailbox and Auction House can all be found in this area as well as several NPCs selling various items. The Black Codex vendors, and the Energy of Justice vendor, are also located on the south side of the port - along with most other facilities. The port itself is found on the west coast of the map.

Lazzern the Dunkard provides access to the Ancient Dreamland. The second entrance is located in the basement of the Forsaken Abbey.

History of Muckgale Port

The port is not run by a single pirate faction and is instead a place where the pirates attempt to maintain a neutral agreement of trade. Presumably built mostly by the Shotak Pirates (whom covet trading), the date of its construction is not revealed and thus, it is difficult to determine when both the Shotak and Franko Pirates arrived on Gerador.

Grotto of Horror

Main Article: Grotto of Horror

The Grotto of Horror is the Wailing Fjord's dungeon and can be found north-east of Muckgale Port. It contains five bosses on easy and normal modes, and seven bosses on hard mode. Not much is known about the origins of the instance but it is believed to have been constructed by Kidd. At the end of the instance, an unknown voice comments on Pikusate's nature.

Wind's Tutelage

Wind's Tutelage, labelled on the map as The Wind's Aegis, is the location of the Wailing Fjord's world boss, Taren.

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