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This is my test page. I try things out here. Please ignore my dust.

[edit | edit source]


FMIT[edit | edit source]

Zone S M T W T F S
Some Dumb Zone Name

Extension: Loops[edit | edit source]

This is a test for Template:Newulist which, I hope, will show that #while (and the rest) is available on live.

Documentation for Extension: Loops can be found at

ulistproc output:

newulist output:

Conclusion: #while is live now.

Template:Spoiler[edit | edit source]

Testing my new Spoiler template.

Spoiler Alert!
We wouldn't want to make you cry...
This is something we really don't want to show you in case you would really rather see it yourself in-game, but we think it is cool enough that it deserves a mention here. We hope we did not ruin anything for you!

Tables[edit | edit source]

Level Items
1 A Thing

Header text Header text
Example Example
Example Example

Random Image[edit | edit source]

Conclusion: Our LocalSettings.php lacks the required line:

require_once "$IP/extensions/RandomImage/RandomImage.php";

Ccount[edit | edit source]

CommaCOUNT - return the numbner of comma-delimited fields in the string.

{{ccount|a,b,c,d,e}} should return 5, below


Repeat[edit | edit source]

The following should produce a string of "special," times 12


Simplesort Keyed[edit | edit source]

use ulistproc with sorted=y to call #simplesort and display a list of items with their colors. This tests #simplesort's ability to sort a list keyed on another list.

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