Uncle Kaga

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See Recipes sold by this NPC
Uncle Kaga
Race (MCT)Human (Humanoid)
TypeRecipe Merchant
LevelNon-Player Character
LocationHowling Mountains / Logar ( 45.9, 38.3 )
Uncle Kaga

To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Uncle Kaga in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

Ah, youth is such a wonderful thing. Every time I see adventurers like yourself enjoying life to the full, I feel so overcome with emotion.
When I was your age, I was a blacksmith. Everyone called me Blacksmith Kaga.
I specialized in collecting the world's rarest materials and most unusual formulas. Whenever I saw my work sparkle in the hand of a hero while he was using it, I felt so honored and successful...
Still, sometimes I feel that I never completely fulfilled my potential.
Hey... Do you want to hear my story?

Uncle Kaga has these options to choose from:

  • Blacksmith Kaga's past
  • About the Windmill Basement
  • Enter the Windmill Basement
  • Let me see your special recipes

Bring him a Gloomy Vapor Stone Gloomy Vapor Stone (dropped by Golo) and he will refine it into a Dazzling Vapor Stone Dazzling Vapor Stone, which allows you to enter Windmill Basement.

Special Recipes[edit | edit source]

All of the recipes he "sells" are free (0Gold ). Because he sells so many recipes, we are going to list them in their own table rather than using the Known Drops fields to list his recipes for sale. All of the recipes are crafting level 1 to 3 but the items they produce are level 15 to 22.

In order to make all of the items he sells recipes for, you will need to be at least level 3 in Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Armorcrafting, and Tailoring. All the armor requires both Armorcrafting and Tailoring.

Recipes "sold" by Uncle Kaga
Basic Enhanced Ultimate
Special Materials - Required Materials for other recipes
Rings - Blacksmithing
Recipe - Carlyre's Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Diamond Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Diamond Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Oath Ring Recipe - Carlyre's Oath Ring
level 15 Level 20 Level 22
Cloth Armor
Leather Armor
Chainmail Armor

Old Recipe List[edit | edit source]

This was the original list but many of the names have changed. Once all of the linked pages have been moved to the new names this section can be removed in favor of the above table. -Bludwyng

Special Material Recipes Weapons Recipes Cloth Armor Recipes Leather Armor Recipes Chainmail Armor Recipes
Recipe: Elemental Crystal Recipe: Carlow's Saber Recipe: Ventis Crown Recipe: Yolta Helm Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Helm
Recipe: Very Low Magic Element Recipe: Kayla's Moon Silver Sword Recipe: Ventis Robe Recipe: Yolta Leather Armor Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Armor
Recipe: Very Low Rune Power Recipe: Heavenly Feather's Auger Recipe: Ventis Leggings Recipe: Yolta Leggings Recipe: Hochim Leggings
Recipe: Refined Fire Essence Nugget Recipe: Solice's Recurve Bow Recipe: Ventis Boots Recipe: Yolta Long Boots Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Boots
Recipe: Refined Water Essence Nugget Recipe: Carlow's Elite Saber.RS Recipe: Carlyre's Ring Recipe: Carlyre's Ring Recipe: Carlyre's Ring
Recipe: Low Magic Element Recipe: Kayla's Moon Silver Sword.RS Recipe: Ventis Crown.R Recipe: Yolta Helm.R Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Helm.R
Recipe: Low Rune Power Recipe: Heavenly Feather's Auger.RS Recipe: Ventis Robe.R Recipe: Yolta Leather Armor.R Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Armor.R
Recipe: Tempered Fire Essence Nugget Recipe: Solice's Recurve Bow.RS Recipe: Ventis Leggings.R Recipe: Yolta Leggings.R Recipe: Hochim Leggings.R
Recipe: Tempered Water Essence Nugget Recipe: Ventis Boots.R Recipe: Yolta Long Boots.R Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Boots.R
Recipe: Medium Magic Element Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.R Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.R Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.R
Recipe: Medium Rune Power Recipe: Ventis Crown.RS Recipe: Yolta Helm.RS Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Helm.RS
Recipe: Ventis Robe.RS Recipe: Yolta Leather Armor.RS Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Armor.RS
Recipe: Ventis Leggings.RS Recipe: Yolta Leggings.RS Recipe: Hochim Leggings.RS
Recipe: Ventis Boots.RS Recipe: Yolta Long Boots.RS Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Boots.RS
Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.RS Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.RS Recipe: Carlyre's Ring.RS