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Runes can be created with the Arcane Transmutor by placing other runes into it. Each rank (except Rank 0) can be made using runes from the previous ranks.

Game companies are famous for "tweaking" values of in-game items, pretty much at will and without notice, therefor all values given here should be considered in that light. The combinations should remain constant but the values may vary, so trust your own experience and, please, don't yell at us if this stuff changes.

  • An Ornament Rune can only be used on Accessories (rings, earrings, or necklaces). It will not work on armor, shields, or weapons.
  • A Weapon Rune can only be used on weapons (Sword, Staff, Axe, Dagger, etc). It will not work on anything else.
  • Disabled means you can not craft that rune. But you can still get the runes other ways like from Item Shop specials, monsters drops, or rewards from quests.

Craftable Runes[ | ]

Runes of Rank 0 through Rank 6 can be made by combining 2 specific Runes of the next lower Rank in the Arcane Transmutor. These combnitions are shown on the individual Rank tables. Runes above Rank 6 can only be acquired through drops or from the Item Shop.

The total charges required to make a rune of a certain rank from lower rank runes will be equal to the Tier of desired rune less the Tier of used runes, plus one, doubled. The charges are providing the extra energy to make the jump.

A few quick examples:

Also, any Rune can be upgraded to the next tier by placing 5 Runes of the same tier into the Arcane Transmutor. This will cost one Arcane Transmutor Charge Arcane Transmutor Charge.

Runes that dropped or have been tiered up can be sold, for 1Gold  each, but those that have been crafted from lower-rank runes cannot.

You can buy Arcane Transmutor Charges Arcane Transmutor Charges with diamonds, and that is gonna get expensive real fast, or you can use Phirius Token Coins Phirius Token Coins.

Because of the amount of data, and template calls, in the following table we have been forced to split it up into multiple sub-pages. We wish it could be on one page but that is simply not possible.

Transmutation Navigation Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9
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  • The original table can still be seen at Rune Transmutation. I have not duplicated the original color scheme for how confident we are on the given data. The entire table should be viewed as being probably accurate, at least at the time the data was mined, but may change without notice. If you see something wrong (i.e. you have the rune and the info is wrong) feel free to edit this page and correct it. If you think it might be wrong but you are not sure, please post your concerns/info on the Discuss thread for this page.
  • I have significantly squeezed the data to make it fit on a single-width screen but I am a premium user so the table may not render fully within the browser window. You may have to pan to the right to see the full data.
  • Patch added the three Rank 9 runes; Enigma, Judge and Massacre
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