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Map of Thunderhoof Hills

The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Map zone13.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#13
Continent Zandorya
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 55 to 57
Connecting Zones Southern Janost Forest to the north
World Bosses
ResourcesFairywood [RP], Mirror Sedge [RP], Frost Crystal [RP], Dragon Mallow [RP], Dragonlair Wood [RP], Abyssal Mercury Ore [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

Experience the verdant Thunderhoof Hills and marvel at the Valley of Glory, where the legendary King Kalume once defeated the demons and left behind colossal statues of him and his compatriots as a reminder of their efforts. However, all is not well. For some time now, an ominous threat has been lurking in wait...— from

How do I get to Thunderhoof Hills the first time?: Teleportation by Aynara for the second quest, [56] No Smoke Without Fire, in Envoy of the Dragons quest series (a.k.a. Morrok's Line).

Best route from Varanas to Thunderhoof Hills: Snoop Portal to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (2,200Gold ), then again to Thunderhoof Hills (2,200Gold )

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Thunderhoof Hills: Same as from Varanas, or talk to Hajikar Mashes [Envoy from Dalanis] in Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square to go directly to Dalanis Old City District in Thunderhoof Hills. Return trip to Obsidian Stronghold is also provided by Arina Kaiyinth [Envoy from the Obsidian Stronghold]. The envoy transport is only available if you have already done the first 2 quests in Envoy of the Dragons.

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Dalanis

If you have not yet been to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan you cannot yet use the portal system to get to Thunderhoof Hills. You may be able to get there by speaking to Hajikar Mashes [Envoy from Dalanis] in Mercenary Square of the Obsidian Stronghold.

In the south of Zandorya lie the verdant Thunderhoof Hills which are surrounded by an imposing mountain range. The region is characterized by its green meadows, rushing waterfalls and wild rivers. Several settlements are nestled in this picturesque landscape as well as the Valley of Glory where mammoth effigies of ancient war heroes rise up to the sky as reminders of past glorious battles. These were the battles in which the legendary King Kalume and his mounted allies once fought against demons and after whom the region was named. Kalume recruited elves, dwarves and other creatures alongside humans such as the rhinoceros-like Kalo people. In recognition of their support Kalume divided up the land amongst these peoples so that the land of Thunderhoof Hills is still diversely populated today.

These lands have been under attack by a mysterious force. Thunderhoof Hills is rife with turmoil and has plenty of mysteries waiting to be unlocked. Aynara, who greets adventurers in this land, is a dragon who enlists them to explore Thunderhoof and beyond to discover why villages in Zandorya are being attacked and furthermore, why the dragons are being blamed. It seems only you can uncover the truth.

Ancient Ruins

There isn’t much to see in Ancient Ruins. All that’s left is the debris of what appears to be a former kingdom. You won’t have much of a reason to return to this corner of Thunderhoof Hills unless you want to take out a few confused deer or gather some Dragonlair Wood.


Tomara is a small town, but it is a great place to begin your quest for truth. There is a local tavern here where adventurers can gain information from the locals if properly persuaded.

Herbalist Camp

Herbalist Camp is a small camp with many wounded. Morrok Wallinder, a person of some importance, seeks assistance in healing the injured. In exchange for assistance, he teaches about the land.


Engwor is nothing more than a small village consisting of a few homes — and plenty of angry citizens. Father Lafati Kuhio is one of the most furious after his daughter’s death, and the rest of the village just needs someone to stand up for them. An oath has been broken here.


A destroyed castle of a town, Avano has plenty of undesirables with a few honest people caught in the mess. Here, adventurers can learn of Count Maxim Erekat III and what the residents of the small town think of his presence.

Milasso Forest

Most forests are beautiful areas filled with timid wildlife and lovely views. Milasso Forest has some of this, but it also has graveyards filled with the bones of giant beasts, Wild Hippogriffs and plenty of Behemoths. These gargantuan mobs will pummel adventurers into the ground.

Behemoth Skull

Easily one of the more recognizable landmarks of Thunderhoof Hills, Behemoth Skull stands out because of the gigantic skull in the center of the area that belongs to the once gargantuan Behemoths. Though the ancestors of this beast are not as large, they still populate the area surrounding the skull; strong caution is advised.

Silverstar Camp

Silverstar Camp is one place adventurers don’t want to miss. It is home to the Silverstars, and though their loosely constructed shelters may not look like much, this centaur-like race has survived with danger all around them for years.

Listana Falls

Listana Falls is a beautiful area surrounded by a gigantic waterfall. Wild Hippogriffs abound here, and even a King Hippogriff, Woodjin, can be seen in the area. The falling waters may be the highlight of Listana Falls, but the enemies contained within make this landscape a spot where adventurers should tread lightly.


Sternhorn is a training ground for adventurers honing their skills as warriors. It’s a small city, but just outside of it is a small camp with fierce plunderers. It’s not always about what’s in the city but what’s around it, and there’s plenty going on around Sternhorn at all times.


Carforn is another area where adventurers can hone their skills. It is little more than an area left in ruins. There are also fierce plunderers here, as well as ruins bandits. These people will kill any outsiders that dare to invade their city.


Medanor is a small but prosperous village found just outside of Aren. It contains many villagers just trying to live their lives. Due to Jessie Mocliff’s protection, the village is able to thrive.

Avano Mining District

There isn’t much to see in Avano Mining District except a few old houses, an abandoned mine and a ton of bandits. It is the main hideout for the corrupt and criminal element plaguing Avano. The district is the home of fierce Mallen bandits and members of the Mallen Brothers Gang.


Though an impressive stronghold that even has a self-sufficient farm inside its walls, Aren is a city of turmoil. The Mocliff brothers seem to be unable to decide who should be running the stronghold. Jessie, Lowr and Jeno all must find a way to unite, because in their current state, they have locked the massive city to prevent their conflict from spreading. A group of citizens live within the walls of Aren, but with the constant bickering, they are the ones truly punished.

Sunset Mirror Falls

Sunset Mirror Falls covers much of the eastern coast of Thunderhoof Hills. The water flows constantly down the face of the cliff, but in some of the more timid areas, there are fish and free pangos wandering about. There are rumored to be some hidden areas beneath the falls.

Valley of Glory

Instantly recognizable due to the looming statues, the Valley of Glory is not only iconic, but also massive. It is a long walk from one end of this chasm to the other, and along the way, warriors watch from above. At the end of the gorge, there’s one central statue wielding a large axe and an entry guarded by a mysterious aura.


Below Aren, north of Silverstar Camp and southwest of the Valley of Glory, Glenraebor is barely a blip on the map. This small area is underneath a waterfall, making it mostly covered in water. The view is beautiful, but aside from a few wild tatanis, fortune stones, and a fantastic view, there are few reasons to linger here for very long.

Lanorske Mountains

Home to wildlife both animated and decomposing, Lanorske Mountains is also home to much of Thunderhoof Hills. You’ll find the Herbalist Camp tucked within the mountains, along with Sunset Mirror Falls and Tomara. Many adventurers’ stories will unfold here, be it discovering mysterious footprints or fending off dangerous gangs. There’s plenty of work to be done in Lanorske Mountains.


The Kingdom of Dalanis is one of the largest cities in Taborea and is situated in the heart of Thunderhoof Hills. Its origins stem from the glorious period of Kalume and is now ruled by the young King Callaway.

The glory days are fleeting for the kingdom, which is now plagued by intrigue and revolt caused by some of the rulers of the six principalities that have their sights set firmly on Callaway’s throne and the power it brings. Despite the threatening descent, the king wants to return Dalanis to its former glory and strength. He is supported by one of the dynasty’s remaining loyal orders, the Lionheart Knights. This order is a thorn in the side of those who scheme and plot to overthrow the king and who will stop at nothing to get see Callaway dethroned.

In Dalanis, things are a bit awry. To get to the bottom of it all, adventurers need to question and interrogate many of the locals to obtain information. Morrok Wallinder somehow has an important role to play here, and it seems like he’s up to something, so tread carefully. Adventurers also meet Danny Coblin at the night bar. Danny might explain all about the Arrow Head, but what’s going on with those Wyrms? Adventurers can’t let their guard down too long, and they need to pay close attention around the bar; blood is guaranteed to be spilled here.

Dalanis Sewers

Dark, dingy, filled with sewage and overrun with vermin. There are a lot of nefarious beasts and reptiles in this area here, but if an adventurer looks long enough, they just might make a few friends — even if they are a little smelly. Adventurers should consider bringing a few extra potions for some fearsome fighting down here, and they shouldn’t cut their enemies any slack. If it is treasures adventurers seek down here, they’ll have to press on into the Dungeon of Dalanis where their greatest test awaits.

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