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Map of The Pillars of Morfan

Zone Information
Zone ID#161
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Patch Patch
Level Range 87+
Connecting Zones Jungle of Hortek
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? Yes
Easy Mode Available
Hard Mode Available
QuestsDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

The Pillars of Morfan is located in the Jungle of Hortek. It contains five bosses on all three difficulty modes. The portal is located in the center of Morfan. There are various elite mobs on the path through Morfan which can be a danger to players travelling to the instance.— from

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

The Pillars of Morfan was officially opened to public servers on July 24th 2014 with Patch


Entry to the area of Morfan is locked by an energy barrier. To penetrate it, complete the 3-quest series beginning with Every Day a Good Deed from Hadeli.

There is no access quest required to actually enter The Pillars of Morfan.

Common Mobs[]

All trash mobs in this instance are Level 90 Elite.

Human Jalor
  • Jalor Scavenger
  • Jalor Warrior
  • Jalor Falxman
  • Sonic Artist
  • Bioweapons Factory Sonic Smith


# Boss Name Ancient Mementos
 Easy Normal Hard 
Totals 60 160 336



Gorligen (90 Crown Elite)


Gorligen is the first boss of the instance and is found in the Morfan Armory. This boss does not require any Serenstum Serenstum or Rainbow Crystal Candy Rainbow Crystal Candy but the tank of the party should make an attempt to aggro the mobs Gorligen summons.

Hitpoints 10,062,694 HP 45,512,548 HP 193,389,083 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 7 28 54



Kerkolon (90 Crown Elite)


Kerkolon is the second boss and can be found in the Refuge of the Wild Thunder. As with Gorligen, he does not require any food to provide immunity. An attempt should be made to kill the boss as quickly as possible or Kerkolon will summon additional mobs to assist him. However, if this should happen, the tank of the party can follow the same technique as before.

Hitpoints 11,126,189 HP 41,461,136 HP 203,517,613 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 10 30 61



Sarsidan (90 Crown Elite)


Sarsidan is the third boss and is much more difficult than the previous two bosses. It is found in the Morfan Sanctuary Room. Upon engaging with the party, Sarsidan will drop a Soul Container at the location of the player to first aggro the boss. The tank should pull the boss and the party away from this, into either the left or right corner on the opposite side to the entrance (it is helpful but not necessary to co-ordinate the party into one corner). When he casts Curse of the Soul, the party members should all eat their Serenstum Serenstum to avoid being killed by the magical damage.

Hitpoints 11,581,973 HP 43,486,842 HP 213,636,143 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 12 32 68



Yarlis (90 Crown Elite)


Yarlis is the fourth boss and can be found in the Morfan Gathering Area. It is a preferred tactic to attempt to kill the boss as quickly as possible but should this fail, the boss will enter a stage of immunity after a set amount of time. When this occurs, the party should spread out across the room as far as possible. Any players that have fallen can be resurrected during this and can rejoin the fight before his immunity ends.

Hitpoints 11,581,973 HP 45,512,548 HP 218,710,408 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 14 34 73



Horban (90 Crown Elite)


Horban is the final boss of The Pillars of Morfan and his fight takes place in the Temple of the Holy Singing Bowl. This boss has the most complex tactic of all of the bosses and is widely regarded as the most difficult boss of the instance. Before engaging Horban, one player should remove their gear and aim to reduce their health points to around 15-20,000 (this will not kill the player as Area Effect attacks are % based and will make damage easier to heal). This player should be among the DPS players and have fast reflexes. Situated around Horban's room will be structures resembling the Soul Container that Sarsidan dropped. During the fight, these will light up and a chosen container should be hit once by the chosen player. Failure to do so will cause Horban to kill the entire party. This should be repeated until Horban is dead.

Hitpoints 12,088,400 HP 48,044,681 HP 228,838,938 HP
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 17 36 80

Notes about Drops[]

The items that each boss drops will also depend on the difficulty chosen and are more rewarding the higher the difficulty. Purple items are the items referred to here.

  • Easy Mode: Easy mode drops will have two random yellow stats on the item (these will be one named stat and one numeric stat. For example, Power of the Pillar (RW/Ggl) and Thunder XIII). Each boss drops their own combinations of these items and will only drop one item per boss.
  • Normal Mode: Normal mode drops are similar to the items dropped in easy mode. However, instead of having two yellow stats, they will only contain one. As with easy mode, only one purple item will be dropped per boss.
  • Hard Mode: Hard mode drops different items to easy and normal, with greater bonuses. There will only be one stat per item but each boss will drop two items instead of one. One of the items dropped on Horban will have an orange stat instead of a yellow stat. This stat itself will be a greater variant of one of six adjacent yellow stats.

Each boss drops (in additional to the purple items) various blue items, Projectiles and Runes.

For more information on drops, visit Rom-Welten boss drops at,id619,0,pillars_morfan.html