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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Pioneers Colony
  [5] The Magical Medicine
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Alice
Icon - End Quest.png End: Woody Woods

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  1. [5] Singing Passion
  2. [5] Annoyed Alice
  3. [5] The Magical Medicine

You need to be at least Level 3 to receive this quest.


Take the [Miraculous Potion] to [Woody Woods]

Goals: * Miraculous Potion 0/1

Annoyed Alice
Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Pioneers Colony
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Ahh, the medicine's finally ready! Please take this bottle of [Miraculous Potion] to [Woody Woods]!

- [Alice]


Come find me again after you have finished the quest!

- [Alice]

On Completion

Thanks for your help! Now I won't need to worry about overusing my vocal chords again!

- [Woody Woods]


  • Experience: 45
  • TP: 4
  • Money: 130 Gold

Annoyed Alice
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