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use this template to link to a Runes of Magic Zone. We do this so that, if future changes require moving things around, we can do it by bot and alter the linking here to fix it everywhere.

Usage: {{Zonelink|zone_name|alternate_text|type=}}


(optional) Identifies the page type this Zonelink call appears on. Valid values are Q (for Quest), M (for Mob), and O (for Object). P is also used, but only from within Template:POI as a POI cannot be in two zones.
Causes the page to be linked to this Zone by adding it to [[Category:zone_name (type by Zone)]]. This should only be used in fields on my other templates. For instance, if you were adding an unordered list to the relzones= field on Missing Woodcutter (a quest page using Template:BWQuest) the following would cause zonelink to add Missing Woodcutter to Category:Tergothen Bay (Quests by Zone) with very little effort, thus helping us build database-like connections between our pages!
*{{zonelink|Tergothen Bay|type=q}}
In this same way, adding |type=m on a link in the zones= field on a Template:Mob page would cause zonelink to add the mob to a category under Category:Mobs by Zone.
adding |type=o in the zones= field on a Template:Object call would cause zonelink to add a category link to a (Objects by Zone) category.
*{{zonelink|Tergothen Bay|type=o}}
*{{zonelink|Redhill Mountains|type=o}}

Using type= on a page who's type disagrees would be a very bad idea.

See Template:Rom for information about quickly creating correct links on the Category pages created by this linking.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

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