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On the page (or pages) for the Daily and Public quests, we think it will be better to use the following template rather than a redirect to the Triad page. This has the advantage of placing the Daily and Public quest names into the categories.

{{Triad dailies|Main_Quest_Name}}
(optional) blank, Daily, Public, or DailyPublic. If non-blank this is a Diad rather than a Triad. If =Public, the Public is quest #2 of the Diad, else it is the Daily. If DailyPublic, there is no Main quest.
questname1, questname2, questname3
(optional) Overrides {{PAGENAME}}, which is the assumed name of all 3 quests if the questnamen is not supplied.
level1, level2, level3
(REQUIRED) The level of each of the 2 or 3 quests. If left blank this will cause an error.
minlevel1, minlevel2, minlevel3, minturnin1, minturnin2, minturnin3
(optional) If you need to override the calculated minlevel and minturnin, this will let you do it. If blank, minlevel is assumed to be 2 below level, and minturnin is assumed to be level - 8.
The guid of each of the 3 quest versions. THIS FIELD IS NOT YET ENABLED! Watch this space...
(optional) If the Daily and Public quests cannot be done concurrently, put any value in this field.
youtube1, youtube2, youtube3
(optional) embeds a YouTube video walkthrough in the Notes section. 1 is main, 2 is Daily, 3 is Public, or course.

The text block displayed for Daily and Public quests can be edited at Template:Daily Quest/Notes and Template:Public Quest/Notes.

Pages using this template MAY be added to any or all of the following categories:

See Category:Quest Types for more information.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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