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This template is used for Player Skills (General, Primary Only, Elite Skills, and Item Set Skills), Monster Skills, and Skill-applied Effects.

overrides PAGENAME (used if these are NOT the same)
(optional) The database id# (as used in the game and on RoM-Welten)
overrides the Default Icon Name for this skill (No File: namespace, with extender). The Default Icon Name is "Skill - PAGENAME.png". IF icon=X, This skill has no icon.
(optional) Probably ONLY used for Sigils. IF defined, this is the image of how this Sigil appears in-game when encountered.
(DEPRECATED) This was the old way to define the precise image for display. If provided, this overrides icon or Default Icon Name
IF wikified, we removed the braces. We then use Template:Classlink to display the result. Only Elite Skills use class and secondary. If class="All", this skill is universal and available to everyone.
not really our choice of a name, but we will use it. This is the "rest(triction)" following class, such as "General" or "Primary Only", "Elite", or "Item-Set Skill". It is simply displayed. We do not use this for linking. "Item Set Skill" may be abbreviated to "ISS".
isssource (optional)
IF rest is "Item Set Skill" (or "ISS"), then use this as open-form text to explain how to obtain this skill.
level, maxlevel
Minimum and Maximum level/rank of this Skill/Effect.
(REQUIRED) "none" or the cost to use this skill, such as "35 rage" or "225 mana"
prerequisite, prereq2
The instructor will refuse to teach you this skill unless you already know this required skill. Very few skills have more than one prerequisite skill, but if they do use prereq2 to handle it.
Usually blank. Can be "Passive" or "Temporary". If type=Temporary, class should be "All" (Universal).
(commalist) ONLY valid if type=Effect. A list of categories this effect belongs to (for the moment, this supports only a single category, but later I will add support for a list) (see Category:Effects)
(optional) different effects of the same buffgroup will overwrite. This means you can only have one buff effect active of the same buffgroup at a time. If not blank, add this page to a subcategory of Category:Buffgroups
Elemental type of damage or resistance effected.
The name of an Effect applied to the target when this skill is used. This is used to create a link. If you do not intend to create the Effect page you probably want to leave this blank. A good example of this relationship is a Monster Skill called Absolute Freezing, which applies a short-duration effect called Frost Frost.
IF this skill is ranked, how much additional effect is added per rank?

By default, this template expects to find the default icon at "File:Skill - PAGENAME.png"

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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