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see also: Template:qsservices (for use in POI sections on Quest Series pages)


Use this template on a POI page to list the names of NPCs (such as merchants) at that location that provide specific services. See Category:POIs with Service NPCs

(optional) IF not blank, replaces the introductory text. Rarely used, but if you have seen one you know why.
(commalist) List of the Crafting Stations available here. Adds POI page to Category:POIs with Crafting Stations.
(switch) If true, Black Codex Merchants are found at this POI. This is IGNORED/SUPPRESSED if short is not BLANK.
(optional) Whatever you put here needs to be formatted or it will not display correctly. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!
mailbox OR mailboxloc
(use ONE) IF mailbox is not blank there IS a mailbox here. IF mailboxloc is not blank, this is the x,y coordinates of the mailbox. Adds POI page to Category:POIs with a Mailbox.
(optional) used by Template:Qsservices to suppress explanations!

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