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This template builds the URL for the RoM-Welten database

Called by: Template:OR Longlinks, Template:OR Shortlinks

Usage: {{RWDBLink|search_text|db=|guid=}}

the search name. If blank, the id needs to be defined.
(case insensitive) Our name for the page type, will be converted to the db name for RW. can be mob, npc, item, weapon, armor, itemset, recipe, card, rune, quest, skill, or effect. Default is to set &db=search.
the guid of the record to link to. This is the number that the game db uses to track the information.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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