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Use this to quickly populate a Peak Hunt quest page.

{{Peak Hunt
target, targetname
(optional) ONLY REQUIRED IF the target mob is not the same as the part of the pagename that follows "Peak Hunt: ", such as a disambiguated reference like Larvanger Barkud (GC). In that case target=Larvanger Barkud (GC) and targetname=Larvanger Barkud.
(optional) Default quantity is 1. IF this is not blank, it precedes the mobname.
(optional) Override the default mobtype (aggressive). This is only here for [20] Peak Hunt: Young Bear.
(optional) Overrides the default image name. Default is target.jpg
prenotes, postnotes
(optional) Using these two fields, you can add your own notes both before and after the built-in Notes.

The rest of the fields are REQUIRED!

IF targetlevel is less than 20 it will display 20, and IF targetlevel is greater than 100 it will display 100.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

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