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Place this template at the top of all Object pages, including Resource Nodes. Because MOST Resource Nodes give you an item named exactly the same as the Resource Node, all Objects should be on pages named "object_name (Object)"



All pages using this template appear in Category:Objects and the page should be named "object_name (Object)". The suffix is to avoid the hundreds of items that come from an object of exactly the same name!

Be sure the Object you are creating is not a Mobject! If it can be targeted and attacked but it does not move or defend itself, it is a Mobject and you should be using Template:Mob instead! There are a few Mobjects out there that behave exactly as if they are an NPC and can be "talked" to.

zones is the ONLY required field.

(optional) overrides the default of {{PAGENAMENS}}, and is used in searches
(optional) internal database ID as used on RoM-Welten (a.k.a. guid), used in Other Resources links


(REQUIRED comma list) List of the zones this object can be found in. Proper capitalization is important! If zones=X then the message "Multiple (see text)" will be displayed instead of the content of this field.
The in-game loc of the Object in the form: loc=x,y No spaces are required. (Resource Nodes are in lots of places, so poi and loc should be left blank)
Name of the singular POI where this object is found. If more than one location, or the location moves around, leave this field blank and document it in the page body.
example: |poi=Battlefield of Steel
(optional) Respawn timer, expressed as hours, minutes, and seconds in the format hh:mm:ss


(optional) Quest, Resource Node, Crafting Station, Bulletin Board, Building, Transportation, Event, and Ecology are defined. Default is Quest unless skill= is not blank, then default is Resource Node. See Category:Objects by Type
(switch) Resource Nodes ONLY. If not blank, this is a Rare Resource Node.

The following 3 fields are optional unless this object is a resource

Gathering Skill required to harvest this resource node. "Quest" indicates that this is a quest-related node and no Gathering skill is needed. If the skill is not Quest, Mining, Woodcutting or Herbalism, this is assumed to be a crafting tools station.
resources, resourcequalities, resourcequantities
(optional commalist) Item(s) (Material) you receive by harvesting this resource node. Normally there should be only one, but there are exceptions.
example: |resources=Copper Ore


Minimum Level required in skill to harvest this resource node.

Optional Parameters

If added, this filename will be used instead of "{{PAGENAME}} (Object).jpg", which is where this template expects to find an image file, if any. Remember, if you use this field you are responsible for adding the image file extension (such as .png or .jpg)


IF type is Building:

(freestyle) You need to provide the linking. Since this is a Building Object then you will probably be listing other Buildings, so be sure to use the Template:objectlink linker where appropriate.
Small, Medium or Large? Defines how many slots in the available Castle layout are used by this building. Default is Small.

IF this object is of type Resource Node (Herb, Ore, or Wood)

xpatlevel, xpatlevel1..., xpatlevel12
XP earned per Harvest for this node. xpatlevel is for the minlevel, xpatlevel2 is minlevel+1 and so on. xpatlevel10 (minlevel+9) is the max needed because anything beyond that is trivial and does not earn any XP. The exception is Rare nodes which can remain non-trivial to xpatlevel12. IF any of these fields have a value the table will be displayed, so be sure you do NOT include these fields on non-resource pages.


See Category:Objects and Category:Resources

Possible error categories:

  • Category:Objects Without an Image
  • Category:Objects Without a Zone
  • Category:Resource Nodes Without a Skill
  • Category:Resource Nodes Without a MinLevel
  • Category:Resource Nodes without Resource

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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