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Same as Template:Ulistproc, but processes a single list while pasting passed text to the left and right of it.

This is useful for additional processing (such as Category links) on a list you have already used for another listproc hat DOES output something.

Current Max Length of list1: 20

WARNING! It is possible, and quite easy, to make truly, hideously broken wiki links using this template! PLEASE! Leave this template alone unless you truly understand what you are doing. -Bludwyng


Display this before each element. Added specifically for Template:POI to add category linkage for POIs by Resource
IF mid is not blank, add it after the list1 value, then add the value again between mid and post. This was added so that the Special Attacks field in Template:Mob could handle the links properly.
Display this after each element.
list1 controls the output. For each element of list1, output pre, then the element, then post.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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