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This template should be at the top of EVERY (Mob Race) Category page. It displays an info box on the right with the Racial Default Image (RDI), and sets the Category:Mob Races link.

The picture assumes an image located at [[File:Race - {{PAGENAMENS}}.jpg]]. It tests for the existence of the image before trying to display it.




since I finally got Template:PAGENAMENS to work, we no longer need this field. If it is there, it will be ignored. There is no need to edit older Race pages and remove this field.
What is the Monster Compendium type for this race?
(optional) Does this race have a larger racial category they are a member of? (such as Category:Insect (Mob Race))
(optional) Displayed below the Default Racial Image so you can identify the specific entry the DRI pictures
(optional) Default Production Rune dropped by most, if not all, of the members of this race. If the individial mob page is different it should be regarded as more accurate than this default rune.

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