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Use this template to link to a Runes of Magic Item. We do this so that we can automatically color the link with the item quality color. It also makes it easy to show how many are needed, etc.

Usage: {{itemlink|item_name|alternate_text|quantity|quality|nolink=|px=|noicon=|subhead=}}</nowiki>

If the item name starts with "Card - " or "Recipe - ", that part of the name is stripped to direct the link to the Mob or Item page.

If quality is any valid color name, proper name, or alternate (as listed on the table below) the link will be that color. ANY other value will color the item link white (common). quality is case-insensitive, of course.

IF nolink= is not blank the item name is displayed with the quality color but is NOT linked! This is good for describing a group of items of a certain color without using the exact correct name. i.e This mob drops rare items. The call for that was {{itemlink|rare|||rare|nolink=y}}

IF noicon= is NOT blank, no icon will be displayed to the left of the link. Otherwise, we will check to see if [[File:Icon - item_name.png]] exists and, if it does, we will show a 12px version of it to the left of the link to the item.

overrides the default icon name.. This should be used VERY sparingly and should only ever happen in the case of items link Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune, which appears ONCE as a quest item with a totally different icon, as Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune
EXCEPTION: IF iconname is blank and the item name starts with "Card - " or "Recipe - ", the iconname will default to File:Icon - Card.png or File:Icon - Recipe.png
(optional) Sometimes, an item and a quest share the same name, such as Holy Tree Fruit Holy Tree Fruit and Holy Tree Fruit. This option allows us to link directly to the correct subsection of the page. Actually, this scenario should be handled using disambiguation, instead. The only place subhead should be used with this linker is internally for Cards.

Template:Itemicon has the following special rules:

  • IF the name of the item starts with "Card -", then the icon is Icon - Card.png.
  • IF the name of the item starts with "Recipe -", then the icon is Icon - Recipe.png.

The proper in game color names are as follows, but we also support just the color name and some alternates. Any of them will work. All color names are case-insensitive. Exact colors used by templates in this wiki are controlled by Template:Colors.

Color Proper Name Alternates Notes and Examples HTML
white common This is the default. See Scorch Grass Scorch Grass #F5F5F5
green normal uncommon, green, 1 See Copper Sand Copper Sand #00F800
blue good superior, blue, 2 See Dark Sage Trousers Dark Sage Trousers #006CB2
purple rare purple, rare, 3 See Megaphone Megaphone #C104EF
orange epic orange, epic, 4 See Card - Kal Turok Myrmex Queen Card - Kal Turok Myrmex Queen #EE8953
brown legendary special, legendary, brown, 5 see Hormone Crystal Hormone Crystal #9F7A4D
sky blue level 6 rarity 6 reserved for future use #69C9EF
magenta level 7 rarity 7 reserved for future use #EA1359
lavender itemshop itemshop, lavender, 8 see Golden Repair Hammer Golden Repair Hammer #A461A4
ochre level 9 rarity 9 reserved for future use #F2911C
steel level 10 rarity 10 reserved for future use #EAEAEA
black not really an in-game item color, but it may be useful to us. This is black text #000

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