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This template displays all 6 of the Item Set subpages and Appearance images for 4 of them.

See also: Template:Item Set

{{Item Set Display

Optional Fields:



If this is blank and "PAGENAME/Notes" exists, then "PAGENAME/Notes" will be transcluded automatically. Otherwise you can use this field to hold any notes about how to obtain this set. If PAGENAME/Notes is transcluded the phrase and link, "You may edit the above notes here", will be added at the bottom for you.
(optional) The numeric database identifier (guid). Used in links to the RoM-Welten db.
(optional) IF not blank, suppress Other Resources links
clothimage, leatherimage, chainimage, plateimage
(optional) These 4 image fields can be used to override the natural names. If this is blank and the /settype subpage does not exist then the automatic image is suppressed.
levellow, levelhigh
(optional) The range of the Required Levels to equip this set.
(switch) This set has Accessories
(switch) This set has Weapons
(switch) This set is Accessory-only, Weapons-only or Accessories and Weapons


For all 4 Armor set types, the default image location is "File:Item Set - setname - settype.jpg"

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

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