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This is a sub-template called by other templates to return a color. This way we control our colors in one place, only! PLEASE! Do not change the colors in this template unless you really know what you are doing, as this template defines colors used in nearly every single template on this wiki!

Honestly, I should never have done it this way. I should have created classes for all these colored text needs. That way I could have made it CSS-sensitive. This is real rough because Hydra uses a light-yellow parchment background, while HydraDark uses a dark-brown parchment.

Usage: {{Colors|template|value|alt=}}

Example of use from Template:BWQuest to colorize the quest name according to the value of quest_type):

<td style="color:{{Colors|Quest|{{{questtype|}}}}};">{{PAGENAMENS}}</td>


Value can be Quest, Item, Zone, POI, Mob, or Pool. Default is NULL.


changes depending on value of template. See table, below.
Quest: quest_type of Normal, Daily, Public, Regional or Epic. Default is normal (yellow)
Item: quality of common, normal, good, rare, epic, legendary.. Default is common (white). see Template:Itemlink#Item Link Colors for table of all colors and names
Mob: mobtype of Monster, NPC, Passive, Ambience, Group or Special. Default is Monster (Aggressive red)
All POIs are linked in a dark green
All Zones are linked in a dark green
Pool: Valid values are HP, Mana, Rage, Energy and Focus. Default is HP.
NULL: Simple colors. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS as it kinda defeats the purpose of this template, yes? A better choice is to use a color that is already defined on one of the template groups.
Defined colors for NULL template are: Pink, LightBlue, Blue. Default is Gold.
(switch) Alternate background? If NOT blank, this link is for a light background so certain links need to be darker to be easily visible. Looking at the alt column of the table below, you can really see why this is needed. One place that the alt switch should always be used is in all linker calls inside the cardtext field of the Mob template.
template value alt=y
Quest Normal (Default) Normal
Quest Event Event
Quest Daily Daily
Quest Guild Daily Guild Daily
Quest Event Daily EventDaily
Quest Public Public
Quest Regional Regional
Quest Epic Epic
Mob Aggro (Default) Aggro
Mob Passive Passive
Mob Ambience Ambience
Mob Special Special
Mob Group Group
template value alt=y
Item Common (Default) Common
Item General General
Item Normal Normal
Item Good Good
Item Rare Rare
Item Epic Epic
Item itemshop itemshop
Item Legendary Legendary
Item Rarity 0 Rarity 0
Item Rarity 1 Rarity 1
Item Rarity 2 Rarity 2
Item Rarity 3 Rarity 3
Item Red Red
Item Desc Desc
Item Flag Flag
Item Gold Gold
POI Default Default
Zone Default Default
Object Default Default
Race Default Default
template value alt=y
Skill Active (Default) Active
Skill Passive Passive
Pool HP (Default} Hitpoints
Pool Mana Mana
Pool Rage Rage
Pool Energy Energy
Pool Focus Focus
Psi Psi Psi
Runestat green (default) green
Runestat gold gold
Runestat orange orange
template value alt=y
NULL Gold (Default) Gold
NULL Red Red
NULL Pink Pink
NULL Salmon Salmon
NULL LightBlue LightBlue
NULL Lime Lime
NULL Blue Blue
NULL Black Black
NULL White White
NULL Yellow Yellow
NULL Orange Orange
NULL Purple Purple
NULL Indigo Indigo
NULL Seagreen Seagreen

Note: The linker templates all wrap the link as bold which makes them more visible, but we are displaying them here without that.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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