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When you are reporting a coin amount, such as in a cost section, you can use this template to keep the output consistent. It will also put the amounts in the same colors used in-game, which looks real nice.

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About the real-world value of Diamonds: When not on-sale, Diamond packages range from 135d/$4.99 to 8,450d/$199.99 yielding a range for per-diamond value from $.03696/d to $.002312/d. We have chosen to use the 3rd level of 650d/$19.99 ($.029836/d). Of course, when Gameforge holds a diamond sale the price is, frequently, half that and all smart players will stock up on diamonds only when they are on-sale.
Real-World Value of Diamond Packages
Diamonds Bonus
Price (USD) Value/Diamond (US Cents)
135 0 $4.99 0.036962962962963
270 0 $9.99 0.037
650 20 (20%) $19.99 0.029835820895522
1,850 50 (33%) $49.99 0.026310526315789
4,200 100 (55%) $99.99 0.023253488372093
8,450 200 (56%) $199.99 0.0023118093124335

House Energy (he): House Energy costs Diamonds so it also has a real-world value. 1000 HE costs 5Diamonds ($0.15)  so it is worth $.000149181 each. This will be displayed, same as for Diamonds, unless nodollars is non-blank. There is no icon for House Energy so, at least for now, we will use HE. Because of the extremely small cost per HE we will round to 3 decimal places.

Calling Format



This template uses 6 numbered parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. (Optional) Gold Gold amount (Icon: Icon - Gold Coin.png)
  2. (Optional) Diamond Diamond amount (also real world Dollars unless nodollars= is non-blank) (Icon: Crystal 01.png)
  3. (Optional) Ruby Ruby amount (Icon: Ruby 01.png)
  4. (Optional) Phirius Token Coin Phirius Token Coins Amount (Icon: Icon - Phirius Token Coins.png)
  5. (Optional) Honor Points Honor Points Amount (earned via PvP in the Arena) (Icon: Eq neck-17 1.png)
  6. (Optional) Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos (dropped by Instance Bosses in Heart of the Ocean and above) (Icon: Icon - Ancient Mementos.png)
(optional) If not blank, do NOT print the real-world value of any diamonds

New currencies will use named parameters:


Example: {{Coin|5}}

  • outputs: 5Gold 

Example: {{Coin||299}}

  • outputs: 299Diamonds ($8.92) 

Example: {{Coin|||1}}

  • outputs: 1Rubies 

Example: {{Coin||||100}}

  • outputs: 100Phirius Token Coins 

Example: {{Coin|||||14778}}

  • outputs: 14,778Honor Points 

Example: {{Coin|8000|||||30}}

  • outputs: 8,000Gold 30Ancient Mementos 

Example: {{Coin|bt=2}}

  • outputs: 2Badge of the Trial 

Example: Each house space, above 10, costs {{Coin|he=300}} and adds {{Coin|he=3|nodollars=y}} to your daily "rent".

  • outputs: Each house space, above 10, costs 300 HE ($0.045)  and adds 3 HE  to your daily "rent".

Example: This item will cost {{Coin|5}} at any [[:Category:Alchemy Supplies (Merchant Type)|Alchemy Supplies merchant]].

Post-TEP Currency

This template now supports the following new currency types:

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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