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a.k.a. BludWyng's Stuff

Just a little template I stick on templates I create and pages I am working on to help me keep track of them.

Usage: {{BWS|pagetype|nolink=|zam=page name}}


if "t", this is a Template page and is sorted to Category:Bludwyng's Templates, else it is added to Category:Bludwyng's Pages
if "want", this is something I want and is sorted to Category:Bludwyng/Want
if "have", this is something I used to want but now I have it and it is sorted to Category:Bludwyng/Have


Applies only to the autolink to Bludwyng/Pages or Bludwyng/Templates, not to the ZAM link, if any, defined by zam=

zam=page name

Credits ZAM Network's wiki for some or all of the work on the current page and links to the original page at ZAM. zam= is how the link will actually look. It should not include as that is provided by the template.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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