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Alternate usage skeletons are available for the following item types:


The following is the complete usage skeleton. A number of smaller tuned skeletons are available, listed above, for a number of common types of items. Regardless, you are always free to add any field you need from the full skeleton to handle the odd circumstance.


If itemtype=Card, use Template:Card instead of this template!

See Category:Items for all pages that use this template.
This template replaces the following older templates: Template:Item, Template:Weapon, Template:General

  • On 4/25/2012 I modified this template to remove all stats from items as these are one of the things devs frequently tweak when tuning a game. Also removed durability as this can vary. Pure wiki's should be concerned only with where does it come from, how do I get it, what does it do (in general), etc. -Bludwyng
  • 5/30/2012 - For Seeds, set itemtype= to Seed Ore, Seed Herbs or Seed Wood. The template will handle the rest. This is NOT to be confused with itemtype=Ore, Wood or Herb which is for resources not grown from seeds, or the mature plant after harvesting.
(optional) overrides the PAGENAME
(optional) For the Other Resources search links, this takes absolute precedence over itemname and PAGENAME. This is needed in some specific cases.
(optional) The numeric id used by Runes of Magic and the RoM-Welten db. If used the RWdb search link will go directly to the item page instead of using the search function.
iconname or noicon
(optional) Use ONLY if the icon for this item is stored under a Filename OTHER than "File:Icon - item_name.png" and you need to override the default location. If used, you must supply the extender, such as .png or .jpg! The downside to this is that Template:Itemlink will be unable to find the icon so please consider moving/uploading the icon to the correctly-named page?! IF this is not a physical item and therefor has no icon, set noicon=y. When noicon=y iconname is ignored.
(optional) Use ONLY if the portait for this item is stored under a Filename OTHER than "File:Portrait - item_name.jpg" and you need to override the default location. If used, you must supply the extender, such as .png or .jpg!
(switch) Do not display a portrait on this page, and do not beg for users to upload one. Use this on pages that incorrectly think they could have a portrait, but don't.


(optional) Uncommon (green), Good (blue), Rare (purple), Epic (orange) or Special (brown). Anything else (including blank) is Common (white). See Template:Itemlink for a complete table of quality colors, with examples.


The number of stars displayed on this item. Values can range from 0 to 5 and can include decimal values, such as 3.5, to indicate partial stars. If stars= is blank, nothing is displayed in this space.


(switch) If non-blank, the item is Bound (binds on pickup)


(switch) If non-blank, the item Binds when Equipped


(switch) If non-blank, this is a Unique Item
(switch) If non-blank, this furniture will lose its function if placed in a Guild Castle. Displays the message to that effect.
Amount of time that this item will last before it vanishes. By default, Items do not expire. Some festival items expire when the Festival ends.
Time that must pass before this item can be used again. This prevents you from accidentally using an item twice.
Number of uses (charges) before the item vanishes


(switch) By default, [[File:Portrait - {{PAGENAME}}.jpg]], if it exists, is presumed to be a picture of the item when equipped (a Portait). If this switch is not blank the Portrait image is suppressed. If the file is not found and this switch is blank, text will be displayed asking the user to help by uploading a portrait. IF the item is not Armor or a Weapon (i.e. equipable) this switch is totally ignored but treated as if it was always set.


(switch) By default, [[File:Icon - {{PAGENAME}}.png]], if it exists, is presumed to be the icon of the item. If this switch is not blank the icon is suppressed. If the file is not found and this switch is blank, text will be displayed asking the user to help by uploading an icon.
(optional) The Maximum Stack Size of this item. Varies greatly from item to item, from 3 to 1,000. 999 is the max for all Raw Materials.
(optional) The Maximum Carry of this item. This is common only with Daily Quest items and, when used, is commonly 50.
stockable or stockpile (both do the same thing)
(switch) If not blank, this item drops even when you do not currently have one of the Related Quests, so a future supply may be built up.
See Category:Item Types for a list of valid item types. If itemtype equals "None" the page links to Category:None (Item Type) but does NOT display an Item Type. If itemtype equals "Daily" or "Daily Quest" it will go to Category:Daily Quest (Item Type). If itemtype is "Seed", add Ore, Wood or Herbs after it, like "Seed Herbs". If itemtype is "Quest Required" or "Quest Required General", it will go to Category:Quest Item (Item Type) or Category:General (Item Type), respectively, and add "This is a quest required item." to the description.


IF type is Furniture, what kind of bonus does it give you, if any? If not blank the page will be added to a subcategory of Category:Item Shop Items with effects like Item Shop Items which effect bonustype . IF type is NOT Furniture, this is the Rune Name for this YELLOW effect. Any multi-line formatting must be added manually.


IF type is Furniture, what amount of bonus does it give you, if any?IF type is NOT Furniture, this is the YELLOW bonuses granted by equipping this item. Any multi-line formatting must be added manually.


For GREEN stats and should NEVER be used unless the item ALWAYS has that effect on it. Any multi-line formatting must be added manually. Yellow or gold stats can be added here, but you need to format them a bit.
The following example displays 2 lines of green stats, then 2 2-stat yellow runes.
|effect0=+20 Maximum HP<br />+15 Physical Attack<br />{{colorthis|+20 Stamina {{runename|Oppression V}}<br />+50 Physical Attack<br />+20 Strength {{runename|Defender V}}<br />+50 Defense||yellow}}
(switch) Display the message "(randomly obtain additional attributes)"


The name of the Item Set this item is a part of. itemtype (or settype) is used to determine which of the four subsets to display.


By default, [[File:Item Set - itemset.jpg]], if it exists, is presumed to be a picture of the entire itemset when equipped. If the correct image is in a different place, put the full filename and extension here to override the default image.


(optional) Needed only on non-armor items, such as rings, that are still part of a set. Use itemtype=Accessory but settype=Plate or whatever.
Additional description or notes (yellow text) that appears under the regular description (blue text).
IF not blank, this is the name of a skill that is triggered when this item is "used" (right-click). A value here will also cause the message at Template:Text_rcu to be displayed.


(optional) This is only for restrictions that are not covered by other fields, such as Requires Male or Requires Female.


(comma list) List of merchants that sell this item. mobtype is presumed to be NPC.

droppedby=, droppedbytypes=

(comma list) list of mobs that drop this item. Surprisingly, droppedbytypes= is NOT always Monster. We have encountered ONE Mobject, Mysterious Bag, that must be looted after you "talk" to it.
costg, costd, costr, costt, costam
(optional, numeric) The cost in Gold (costg), Diamonds (costd), Rubies (costr), Phirius Token Coins Phirius Token Coins (costt), or Ansient Mementos Ansient Mementos. This may be the combined cost bu more likely if more than one is filled in it means you can buy it more than one way. For example, some Item Shop items can be bought with Diamonds or with Phirius Token Coins Phirius Token Coins or with Rubies.
(numeric) Most items bought with Diamonds will give a little back, giving you a number of Rubies which can later be spent for such things as rent tickets for bank or bag space.
Assume the cost is something totally outside of the 5 currencies we have planned for (such as poms (Power of Myth). You can put it here but you have to link it yourself and it suppresses anything in the other cost fields. rubybonus is still active, though.


How many gold can you get for selling this?

fromquests=, fromquestlevels=, fromquesttypes=

(comma list) list of quests, separated by commas, that reward this item
frompkgs, frompkgquantities, frompkgqualities
(optional commalist) Different than fromitems and fromqtys which have to do with crafting. This is realy for packages that can be opened to reveal this item.

relquests=, relquestlevels=, relquesttypes=, relquestnotes=

(comma list) list of quests, separated by commas, that are related to this item. These display in the infobox (without relquestnotes) and, if itemtype= Quest Item or Daily Quest, in the bottom of the item box (without relquestlevels))
(Note that these are singular as a single item cannot start multiple quests!) name, level, and type of the quest that is started by using this item (no linking needed). The quest is assumed to be of normal type by default.

For Gathered or Refined items:

skill, skilllevel
For gathered items, the name of the gathering skill and what level they can gather it at.
refining, refininglevel
For refined/processed items, the name of the refining skill and what level it can be used to refine the items. If blank it is assumed to be the same as the skilllevel. For those item groups where it is different it is important to include both skilllevel and refininglevel on all four items so the gathering/refining block can report it correctly on all four pages.
Name of the Object the item is gathered from.
rawmaterial, processednormal, processedgood, processedrare
Use these only for Herbs, Ore and Wood to show all 4 versions of this item. This makes the Refining box. Having added this I have DEPRECATED fromitems and it's ilk as they provide less information than Recipe fields or the Refining box.
worthraw, worthnormal, worthgood, worthrare
guildraw, guildnormal, guildgood, guildrare
These 8 fields provide the info the for Vendor Value/Guild Donation table. If any of the values is blank it displays need and adds this page to Category:Wiki Needs Resource Value. I deally, this category should be blank once we have all the values for all the resources.
seed, seedquality, seedlevel
Use these fields on the page of the materials produced by seeds, NOT on the seed's page! If this item can be grown from a seed, then seed is the name of the seed, seedquality is its rarity, and seedlevel is the minimum Planting skill required to grow it.

About icons for gathered and refined materials: Most refined materials share the same icon as the gathered material, at least for the Normal one. You CAN just upload the same icon to all 4 items (be sure to tell it to ignore warnings), but you could also upload it to the gathered item and then redirect the other 3 to the first. This requires a little bit of URL editing but it can be easily done. For example, File:Icon - Chime Wood.png contains the icon for Chime Wood Chime Wood, while File:Icon - Chime Wood Timber.png, File:Icon - Chime Wood Lumber.png, and File:Icon - Chime Wood Plank.png are all redirects to File:Icon - Chime Wood.png. It is totally up to you and either method works just fine.

For Planting items:

skill=Planting, skilllevel
For Pots, itemtype should be Plant Pot Herbs, Plant Pot Ore, or Plant Pot Wood. If it grows all three, itemtype=Plant Pot.
For Seeds, itemtype is Seed Herbs, Seed Ore, or Seed Wood. skill should be Planting and skilllevel is the level needed to use it. Also add the next five fields!
Optimum irrigation level for this seed. Default for itemtype=Seed Herb is 80%, Seed Ore is 70%, and Seed Wood is 90%.
Optimum fertilization level for this seed. Default for itemtype=Seed Herb is 80%, Seed Ore is 70%, and Seed Wood is 90%.
minimum time for this plant to grow to harvest-time. Default is 24 hours.
products, productqualities
(commalists) name the items this seed produces. Note that quantity depends on a number of factors including plant Health at time of harvest.
bonusproducts, bonusqualities
(commalists) name the items this seed rarely produces (Bonus).
Use only on the page of the seed, not the materials it produces. Percentage of XP earned towards next rank per harvest. This is for the best XP% you can earn per harvest and should be measured ONLY when your level is the same as skilllevel and the plant being harvested is at 100% health.

For items from a Package:
This used to be used with Refining but that use is DEPRECATED.

(commalist) Indicates this item was inside another item. The parent items go here.
(commalist) How many of this item are found inside fromitems
(commalist) the qualities of the parent items.

For Craftable items:

quality2, quality3
Some items, especially crafted weapons and armor, have more than one quality they can be seen at. Some of these higher versions can even be seen as drops
recipe, recipeskill, recipeskilllevel
If this item is Crafted, recipeskill is who makes it, recipeskilllevel is at what level they can make it, and recipe is the name of the recipe. recipe is only needed if the recipe name is different than "Recipe - PAGENAME". So long as recipeskill or materials is not blank the recipe block will be displayed.
(optional) Very rarely used as almost ALL recipes use the standard icon, but there are a few exceptions. Put the icon name here if needed.
(optional) Quality of the recipe. If blank, defaults to the value of quality
(optional) How much gold does the recipe sell to vendors for?
(optional) Name of the NPCs or the redirected name for a group of NPCs that sell this recipe
(optional) recipecostg
How much gold (gold only!) is this recipe sold for?
(optional) recipexp
What percentage of XP is earned when this recipe is crafted while at the minimum level to make it (recipeskilllevel)?
(optional) craftingcost
How much gold does it cost each time you craft this item? This is NOT meant to be a summary of the cost of materials, but for Cooking and Alchemy it should include the cost of any purchased foodstuffs or glassware.
(commalist) list of the materials needed to craft the recipe
(commalist) list of the quantity of the materials needed to craft the recipe (blank is NOT allowed, use 1)
(commalist) list of the qualities of the materials needed to craft the recipe. Default is Common.
products, productqualities, productquanties
(optional commalist) If this is blank, but recipeskill or materials is not, then PAGENAME is assumed to be the product with a quantity of 1 and quality of quality.
bonusproducts, bonusqualities, bonusquanties
(optional commalist) If not blank these are products that are exceptional results from this recipe. They will be displayed in italics.
upgradeset, upgradequalities
(optional commalist) many crafted items are part of an upgradable set or series. List all of them, including the page you are on, in these fields

For an example of a craftable item, see Potion of Earth Elemental Affinity. All craftable items can be seen in Category:Recipes.

For Mounts:
You do not need to put anything in the description or footer fields as we will generate them for this itemtype. If you do put anything in either description or footer that text will appear after the auto-generated text, which could cause strange displays if you are not careful!

(switch) Can this mount cross water without dismounting? Default (blank) is No, Any other value is yes.
How many players can this mount carry? Default (blank) is 1.
By what percentage does this mount increase movement speed? Default (blank) is 60, Valid values are 60, 65, 70 and 75.
What parts of the mount can be colored? This will generate text that replaces anything in the footer field. If this is set to X no parts can be colored. If blank we do not say anything about coloring.

For Furniture only

As the name says, this is for the amount of any XP or TP bonus you gain by putting this Furniture in your Residence. The item will be added to Category:Furniture with XP Bonus or Category:Furniture with TP Bonus.

Error Categories


If an icon for this item exists in the format [[File:Icon - {{PAGENAMENS}}.png]] it will be displayed to the left of the Item Information box. iconname= can override this and, if defined, noicon= is ignored.

If an image for this item when worn exists in the format [[File:Portrait - {{PAGENAMENS}}.jpg]] it will be displayed floated to the right.

Note: In both cases, we use the PAGENAME without any (Suffix), so if the page is titled "Flying Rune Disk (Permanent)" the DEFAULT icon would be "Icon - Flying Rune Disk.png" but feel free to override it with iconname or portaitname if that does not work for you.

If either does not exist a small link will be displayed asking the user to upload one if they have it. noicon= and noportrait= can suppress this.

Icons for Mounts

Icon Template Field Name Value
Crosses Water crosswater non-blank
1 Seats seats blank or 1 (Default)
2 Seats seats 2
6 Seats seats 6
Speed 55 speedboost 55
Speed 60 speedboost blank or 60 (Default)
Speed 65 speedboost 65
Speed 70 speedboost 70
Speed 75 speedboost 75

Effects, Runes and Rune Slots

There are two kinds of Rune Effects on items, Random and Consistent. Random are in green and may be different on every instance of the item you see. Consistent are in yellow and will always be the same. ONLY the Consistent (yellow) rune effects should be reported. Same with non-rune effects (effect0). Most items CAN have rune slots but this is almost always random and, if present at all, will be 1 to 2. 2 is the max. Users can use Drillers to add additional runeslots to a max of 4.
Documentation transcluded from Template:BWItem/doc.

This template was created, or is maintained, by Bludwyng (contribs).

In-game, you can find me on Aeterna. I regularly play: Mithrandyr, Bludwyng, Grymjack

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