Tasuq (Quest Series)

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Tasuq (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneTasuq
Rec. Levels98
Previous Moorlands of Farsitan
Next Korris
See alsoQuest Series
Legacy of the Soulless

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter VII: Legacy of the Soulless.

Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob. There is also an Effect icon on the mob. Just in case you do not notice the energy ball or the icon, there is a sound that all these enhanced mobs make.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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Double Your "Dailies", Double Your Drops! - On all, or very nearly all, of the Daily and Public quests that require Quest Drops from Mobs, if you have both repeatable quests in your Quest Journal at the same time the mobs will drop Double the items, cutting your harvesting time in half! This may be considered a bug or exploit by some, but I like to call it a feature. See Category:Double Drop

Inexorable League Combat Effect.jpg

Whenever you fight a member of the Inexorable League in this zone, and you are his target, an effect will appear around you, a swirling purple vortex with electricity around the borders. We have never seen an Effect icon appear but have noticed an occasional Stun effect that might be related. We simply do not know for sure. Only the mob's target will be so marked.

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

All of the quests required for titles in this zone are part of The Spirits of Despair quest series

Complete all of the above to gain the title Tasuqian Pioneer

Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

All Normal and Good item sets sold, found, or crafted in this zone share the same appearance. The Common Glorious item set is the only exception.

Glorious (level 98) Common Gear
This Level 96-98 Item Set is sold by Equipment Merchants (96) and Weapon Merchants (98) in Moorlands of Farsitan and Tasuq: Staigo Targos at Shadis Manor, and Karwe Ammor, Dohr Roundear, and Gattibo at Heroica Fortress, and Ima Clark [Equipment Merchant] and Wade Bankers [Weapons Merchant] in Tasuq at Silver Streak Camp and Gray Citadel

This is Common armor and has no set bonuses.

Tasuq Normal (level 97-98) Normal Gear

This level 97 Normal gear is rewarded by quests in Tasuq quest series in Tasuq. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as Tasuq Normal. There are no Set Bonuses for this gear, but they do share a consistent appearance.

Each type has 2 sets, each with slightly different stats.

Proper Names


Source Quests


Tasuq Set (level 98) Good Gear

Rewarded by quests in The Spirits of Despair quest series in Tasuq. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Tasuq Set.

Proper Names

The Weapons and Accessories share naming and stats with their sets but do not count as set members for the purpose of Set Bonuses.

Accessories (does not apply to set bonuses):

Source Quests

Weapons (does not apply to set bonuses):

Quests[edit | edit source]

Why do quests, you ask? Because every quest in this zone (except dailies and publics) will (at level 97) give you about 5% XP towards level 98 and 100,197Gold . That's why.

Much the way it was done in Moorlands of Farsitan, you must progress the questline in The Spirits of Despair quest series to unlock sections of the quests in the Tasuq quest series.

Silver Streak Camp[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

unlocked by completing Ambushed! in The Spirits of Despair quest series

unlocked by completing Investigations in the Lion's Den in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Wendy Norbert [Hand of Balance]

  1. [98] Barricade Early Warning - Protect Wendy Norbert by pushing back 3 waves of Furtive enemies who are attacking the camp
  2. [98] Protective Barrier for the Silver Streak Camp - Set up 10 Barrier Projectors by clicking the Markers (the bouncing green arrows)

unlocked by completing Planning Ahead in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Hoargen Bentl [Hand of Balance]

  1. [98] Energy Fluctuations - use the Magic Analyzer at Observation Post on the East Coast to measure energy fluctuations

Forward Outpost[edit | edit source]

unlocked by completing Experimenting Behind Closed Doors in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Hank Bulstar [Hand of Balance]

  1. [98] Trailblazer - Kill 6 Dust Camp Rogues, 6 Dark Mages of the Dust Camp, and 6 Dust Camp Researchers

Gray Citadel[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

unlocked by completing Dismantling Magic Reservoirs in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Ernesto Herte [Weapons Manager]

  1. [98] Usable Iron - Get Forge Materials Forge Materials ×10 from Inexorable League

Wella Hanks [Medicine Manager]

  1. [98] The Power of Alchemy - Collect Magical Herbs Magical Herbs ×10 in the Tasuqian Boscage

Lystia Arskardia [Armor Manager]

  1. [98] Attack Needs Defense - Deliver Freshly Crafted Defensive Gear to Sys124218_name (near entrance)

Jesen Dublo

Brandon Miller

  1. [98] Disturbed Jungle Inhabitants - Use Traps Traps to get Trapped Jungle Animal Trapped Jungle Animal ×6 from animals (Tasuqian Panther, Tasuqian Boar, Tasuqian Striped Gulo) in the jungle of Tasuqian Boscage for Brandon Miller. You do not have to damage it heavily but you must be engaged in combat.

Ian Blors

  1. [98] Sharp Claws of Frenzy - Get Sharp Claw ×6 from Tasuqian Panthers in the Tasuqian Boscage

Henri Bolarny

  1. [98] The Inexorable League's Experiments - Get Research Documents Research Documents ×10 from Dust Camp Researchers at the Dust Camp in the Dustbowl

Wendy Norbert [Hand of Balance]
You must have completed both Dismantling Magic Reservoirs and Protective Barrier for Silver Streak Camp

  1. [98] Magical Barrier of the Citadel - Set up 10 Identification Devices by clicking on the Markers (bouncing green arrow)

unlocked by completing The Official Transport Portal in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Lambort Yifons

  1. [98][Elite] Help to Defend the Stronghold - Repel 3 waves of attacks from the Inexorable League

unlocked by completing Official Declaration of Hostilities in The Spirits of Despair quest series

unlocked by completing Into the Valley of No Return in The Spirits of Despair quest series

unlocked by completing Delving into the Reaper's Horn in The Spirits of Despair quest series
Till Quegg

unlocked by completing Stop the Ritual of Sealing in The Spirits of Despair quest series and examining the Loathsome Tentacle that drops from Mazzren

Vale of Rites[edit | edit source]

The following quests either start or take place within the Vale of Rites Dungeon Instance. Consider this a checklist for when you are ready to go there.