Runes of Magic Wiki
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General Improved Crafting Speed (Judge's 60 crafted Leather) Improved Crafting XP (Guardian 60 crafted Cloth) Improved Gathering Speed (Protector 60 crafted Plate) Improved Gathering XP (Punisher 60 crafted Chain)

Druid Lunar Halo (Arena Wand + Executors Hands/Legs + Ruler's Belt) Level: 58 Cost: 200+5% MP Cast: Instant Cooldown: 1m Duration: 30s - Temporarily increases received healing by 5% within a radius of up to 60 affecting multiple friendly targets for 30 seconds.

Green Seed (Tribute) Level: 60 Cost: 200+1% MP Cast: 2s Cooldown: none - Creating a Green Seed requires one point of Nature's Power. Green Seed Item Cooldown: <unknown> -A seed that contains the light of life. It immediately restores 3.0%+5000.0 HP.

Knight Honorable Fighter (Puppet Hammer + Mars Armor) Level: 58 Passive - Permanently decreases received Magical Damage by 10%.

Tyrant (Beast Man) Level: 60 Passive - Permanently increases agro by 3.0% and Critical Physical Hit Rate by 210.0 points

Mage Unharmed (Puppet Staff + Enforcer's Armor) Level: 58 Cost: 250 MP Cast: Instant Cooldown: 3m Duration: 30s - Reduces aggro by 30% for 30 seconds.

Earth Collapse (Flower God) Level: 60 Cost: 350 MP + 8% HP Cast: 2s Cooldown: 60s - Summons 5 nearby Rune Pillars, decreasing the damage dealt to multiple targets in the area by 3.0%. A target touching a pillar will be attacked by falling rocks, causing 1500.0 Earth Damage.

Priest Cleanse (Arena Wand + Executors Hands/Legs + Ruler's Belt) Level: 58 Cost: 250 MP Cast: Instant Cooldown: 1m Duration: 5s - Instantly restores 1800 HP to a friendly target, and reduces received Physical and Magic damage by 10% for 5 seconds.

Altar of Shadoj (Tribute) Level: 60 Cost: 300+3% MP Cast: Instant Cooldown: 30s Duration: 20s Range: 250 - Summons the Altar of Shadoj to place the Curse of Shadoj on the target. Recieved Magical Damage increases by 3.0% and target recieves 210.0 Dark Damage every 2s for 20 seconds.

Rogue Unknown Choice (Puppet Dagger + Controller's Armor) Level: 58 Cost: 20 Energy Cast: Instant Cooldown: 3m Duration: 60s - After use you will have the opportunity to receive one of the following three buffs: Excite, Bloot Boil, or Immortality, lasting for 60 seconds. Excite: Increases Physical Attack power by 5%+500 points. Blood Boil: Increases Critical Physical Hit Rate by 250 points. Immortality: Increases Maximum HP by 5%+1000 points.

Yawaka's Blessing (Speedshadow) Level: 60 Cost: 30 Energy Cast: Instant Duration: <unknown> - Yawaka's wild power blesses you, increasing off-hand damage by 3.0%, and restoring 2.0 energy every 8 seconds.

Scout Arrow Shield (Puppet Xbow + Baron's Armor) Level: 58 Cost: 25 Ammunition Cast: Instant Cooldown: 2m Duration: 15s - Your arrows will turn into a protective wall able to resist your enemies attack. Will temporarily reduce received Physical damage by 35% for 15 seconds.

Create Tendrils (Fang Leather) Level: 60 Cost: <none> Cast: 8s Cooldown: 4h - Creates a vine of arrows which last for 3h. (This item cannot be traded or sold, and will disappear after logging off.) Tendrillar Arrow Level: 60, Scout (Sorry Sub Scouts) Physical Damage 230

Warden Dance of Confusion (Mars Axe + Deathmatch Armor) Level: 58 Cost: 300 MP Cast: Instant Cooldown: 2m Duration: 30s - Oak Walker will confuse enemies with his dance, affecting multiple targets within a radius of 80, increasing received Physical Damage by 3% for 30 seconds.

Unbind (Hunter's) Level: 60 Cost: <none> Cast: Instant Cooldown: 60s Duration: 5s - Releases your pet's shackles, causing it to be immune to Helpless, Root, Stun, and Fear effects for 5.0 seconds.

Warrior Punishment (Mars Axe + Deathmatch Armor) Level: 58 Cost: 25 Rage Cast: Instant Duration: 15s (7s in PvP) Range: 50 - When the target is Vulnerable this brute force attack causes 540% main hand weapon DPS to the target reducing the target's Physical Attack Speed by 50%, for 15 seconds. (Targeting a player will reduce their Physical Attack Speed by 50% for 7 seconds.) (After the effect has ended it cannot by triggered again for 30 seconds.)

Sword of Imprisonment (Hunter's) Level: 60 Cost: 20 Rage Cast: Instant Range: 50 - Inflicts 360.0% main hand weapon DPS to the target. (This skill has a high critical hit rate.)