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Zone Silverspring
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Stone Rotan Wood [RP], Cyanide [RP], Bison Grass [RP], Iron Ore [RP], Stone Rotan Wood [RP], Bitterleaf [RP], Maple Wood [RP]
Quest Series Silverspring

This area covers the remains of an ancient, monumental city, whose splendor was lost long ago and only ruins attest to its former glory. Apart from some isolated platforms, the whole city was erected on level ground. The decayed vestiges of the once majestic city wall glimmer tentatively through the prevailing monotony emanating from this place. Savants believe that the tremendous outward appearance of the wall greatly exceeds its meaning.

Monstrous guardians tirelessly patrol the city's ruins. It is obvious though that the thing they are watching over is already destroyed and only their unconscious protective instinct is driving them. Maybe there is a connection to the nearby gates though. Nobody so far has been able to open them…