Anytime they increase XP/TP gains or boost Drop Rates, usually over a weekend or Holiday period, it is the Taborean Academy. Typically the boost is +100% XP gain from Quests and Combat, with +250% TP gain from Combat. For some special "weekends", such as over the Christmas break, the boost may be as much as double that.

See the client updater/launcher splash screen for specifics. This event usually starts at 3pm (Pacific Time) and ends at 1 minute to midnight (Pacific Time).

XP/TP Boosts

Read the Patch Notes carefully. Some XP/TP boosts include XP and TP from quests, but often applies only to XP/TP from combat.

Drop Rate Boosts

It is worth noting here that boosts to droprates normally only applies when you are in a group. It does not apply to soloing droprates.

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