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Syrbal Pass (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSyrbal Pass
Rec. Levels77 to 80
Previous Merdhin Tundra
Next Sarlo
See alsoQuest Series
Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob. There is also an Effect icon on the mob. Just in case you do not notice the energy ball or the icon, there is a sound that all these enhanced mobs make.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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There is a lot of lava in this zone, though there was more in Aotulia Volcano, but still... it is worth a few words here about lava and RoM:

  • The game treats lava like water, it will not hurt you. BUT the flames dancing over the lava WILL! Watch how it moves. Learn, don't burn!
  • If you hear a sound effect like very stiff, thin paper being crinkled... look down at your pants. You are on fire. Move to someplace else.

Multi-Zone Quest Series[]

Regional Events[]


Zone Completion Title: Dawn in the Hopeless Pass - Complete all of the above titles.

Rockden Forest[]


  1. [78] A Gubod on the Road - Get Giant Mosquito Saliva ×10 from Giant Green Forest Mosquito
  2. [78] Where did Babu go? - Follow Babu to the Mosquitos area, kill Giant Green Forest Mosquitos
  3. [78] Mushrooms and Caterpillars - Use the Herb Water on the Rockden Shelled Caterpillar, then harvest Caterpillar Mushroom ×5
    • you will need to use the Herb Water multiple times to get Caterpillar Mushroom. If the Rockden Shelled Caterpillar he will quickly move out of range for your cast, so you should follow him until he stops, THEN use the Herb Water.
  4. [78] Who is Babu - Deliver the Caterpillar Mushrooms to Shemon in Lyndon Camp

Rockden Watchtower[]

Dios Pak [Dark Glory Elite Raider] • Aron DrayUnknown InstrumentAilin Coppernlo

  1. [78] A difficult start - Get Special Hundred Flower Essence from Kachiz Angerfang at Rockden Outpost

Rockden Outpost[]

Aron Dray [Dark Glory Elite Raider]
unlocked by A difficult start

  1. [78] Hundred Flower Essence - Use the Hundred Flower Essence Hundred Flower Essence to cure 3 Alliance Warriors of their weakness

Aron Dray [Dark Glory Elite Raider]

  1. [78] Missing Researcher - Find Amya in Rockden Forest
  2. [78] Shattered Protector Stone - Check the rune stones to the northeast and southeast
  3. Amya
  4. Split:

Mata Whizz [Ailic's Researcher]

  1. [78] Insect Remains from Icy Graves - Get Insect Remains from Icy Graves Insect Remains from Icy Graves ×10
  2. Repeatables:


The POI, Bethomia, is the entrance to the dungeon, Bethomia.

  • The NPCs Lana and Chad were stuck in a decoration
    • This was fixed with patch on 6/4/2019 has been fixed.

Ailin Coppernlo
unlocked by Old Firemallet's Whereabouts

Assa [Eye of Wisdom Mage]

  • [80][Group] Medicine Delivery through Fog - Give the General Herb to Chad or Lana in Bethomia
    • [80][Group] Antibiotic Herb - Pick Ever Flower ×3 near where Lasoyl appeared
    • [80][Group] Metal of Life - Destroy Tatha and brink back Life Metal
  • [80][Group] Dreadlord of the Thirteen Circles - Kill Fayleod and bring back Dragon Secret Scroll
  • [80] Occult Knowledge - Get the Strange Flask
    • This was fixed with patch on 6/4/2019 and can now be completed. UPDATE: The flask is in the room where you meet the 5th boss, at the wall on the right side of the exit door (which won't open), but only in Easy and Normal mode. It is not found in Hard mode.

Lyndon Camp[]

Tomas Stanhagen [Camp Leader]

  1. [78] Lost in the Fog - Find Bryan and Oli
  2. [78] Headless Knight - Check the situation of Patrol Point 3
  3. [78] Secret Art of Life - Talk to Aykat Kelon about the Headless Knight
  4. [78] A Magic Inscription - Destroy 3 Occult Transport Pillars

Maik Madisen [Ailic's Researcher]

  1. [78] Fables of a Ruin - Obtain Corpse Sample ×10 from Ruin Stalker
  2. [78] Secret Knowledge of the Past - Get Eroded Alchemy Tools from Suspicious-looking Clue inside Bethomian Ruins
  3. [78] A Secret Arts Experiment - Use the Occult Test Product and deliver the Occult Test Result
  4. [78] A Riddle Unsolved - Deliver the Occult Test Report to Earl Ketip in Bethomia

Sam Wanchister

  1. [78] A Weeping Egnasia - Use the Sound Tracking Device to find out the truth about the weeping
  2. [78] The Secret of the White Bones - Take the Skeletal Remains back to Sam Wanchister

Arik Leif [Dark Glory Elite Raider] • Gene Lee

  1. [79] The Missing Scout - Go to Gubod Village and find the missing scout (Gene Lee)
  2. [79] Search Assistance - Take the injured person to Gubod Village

Gulipp [Gubod Scavenger]

  • [78] The Price of a Withered Tree - Get Yellow Spotted Grass ×10 from Dead Trees

Bakalu [Gubod Scavenger]

Gubod Village[]

Race: Bodo

Bobuka [Gubod Scavenger]
unlocked by Search Assistance

  1. [79] Earth Spirit Herbs - Ask the villagers for Earth Spirit Grass Earth Spirit Grass ×3
  2. Gene Lee [Dark Glory Elite Raider]
    1. [79] Dragon News - Listen to Gene Lee's report
    2. [79] The Main Culprit - Kill 5 Zurhidon Enchanters

Gedon [Kogo Warrior] • Kuman [Kogo Warrior]

  1. [79] A Potion not for Everyone - Get an antidote from Gulak to wake up Kuman
  2. [79] Mysteries of the Dreamland - Listen to Kuman tell you of his dreams

Gulak [Gubod Scavenger]

  1. [79] Potions and Rites - Get Moon Leaf ×10
    • [79][Daily] In Need of Medicine - Get Moon Leaf ×10
    • [79][Public] In Need of Medicine (PEP x50) - Get Moon Leaf ×10

Diwagan [Gubod Scavenger]
unlocked by Search Assistance

  1. [79] Dangerous Ingredients - Gather Water Cave Bug Blood Water Cave Bug Blood ×10 from Blood-Sucking Water Cave Bug
  2. [79] A Pharmacist in the Making - Take the Medicine Box to the Refining Tool to get Curing Medicine
  3. [79] Speedy Delivery - Give the Curing Medicine to Doctor Sohazee
  4. Doctor Sohazee [Dark Glory Elite Raider]

Belika [Gubod Scavenger]

  1. [79] The Gift of Dancing - Learn the "Dance of Soothing", then perform it for Balele, Bobolina and Babalodo

Chibbo [Gubod Pacifier]

  1. [79] Injured Drake - Gather Flutter Grass ×10}
  2. [79] Crabs on the Menu - Gather Fresh Crab Meat ×10} from Lava Mountain Crab
  3. [79] Feeding Time - Feed the Wounded Drake

Hyern Village[]

Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

You will need a way to return here from Altar of Souls and beyond.

Race: Angren
Tribe: Kogo

Gaddy [Kogo] • KalauPandite

  1. [79] Looking for Mama - Loosen Kalau's tongue with drink
    • Just keep offering the drink over and over and finally he will accept. It may have to do with how fast you offer.
  2. [79] The Hidden Truth - Tell Gaddy the truth
  3. [79] Gaddy in Danger - Rescue Gaddy (get Wounded Gaddy Wounded Gaddy)
  4. [79] Meeting Again - Go to the Black Goberyn Bunker and rescue Gaddy's mother (return Weakened Kaipiya Weakened Kaipiya)

Caterina Garcia

  • [79] No Retaliation - Help 3 Feisty Alliance Warriors blow off steam

Quenton [Kogo Wizard]

Losak [Kogo Warior]

  1. [79] The Ritual Stones - Use a Spirit Stone to recharge 5 Ritual Stones
  2. [79] Running Away - Help Losak create Earth Rock Mud Earth Rock Mud: Gather Ferosynn Herb ×5 and Water Dust ×5 in Lair of the Ferosynn Drakes, and Core of the Earth Power ×5 from Lava Mountain Crab
  3. [79] Kogo War Paint - Take the Earth Rock Mud Earth Rock Mud to Karod at the Altar of Souls
  4. Karod [Kogo Warrior] at Black Goberyn Bunker
    1. [80] Shame of the Kogo - Ask Sheb Leighton for a way to enter the Black Goberyn Bunker
    2. [80] Special Knack - Get Badge of Curse Badge of Curse ×10 from Zurhidon in the Black Goberyn Bunker to create a Zurhidon Disguise Zurhidon Disguise
    3. [80] Foolproof Equipment - Take the Zurhidon Disguise Zurhidon Disguise to Karod
    4. [80] Finding the Traitor - Use the Zurhidon Disguise Zurhidon Disguise, then enter the Black Goberyn Bunker and find Lodik
      • If you remember back that far, Lodik is in the room where you found Gaddy's mother, Kaipiya
    5. [80] Local Justice - Kill Lodik, then report to Karod that it is done

Jaben Tina [Ailic's Aide]
Will transport you, on request, to the Altar of Souls Alliance Camp. At least initially, this is a one-way trip. The only way back to the village is to enter Black Goberyn Bunker, turn right and cross the bridge over the lava.

  1. [79] Safe Delivery - Gather Lava Crystal Lava Crystal ×10 from Lava Crystal
  2. Repeatables:


  1. [79] Strategy of the Kalon - Get Zurhidon Disciple Weapon Zurhidon Disciple Weapon ×10
  2. [79] Starve them out! - Use the Cremation Rune Cremation Rune to burn the Zurhidon supplies
  3. [79] Hunting them Down - Kill 5 Agitated Creatures and 5 Zurhidon Enchanters
  4. [79] Breaking Through - get a Charge Rune from Jask Shadowhammer in Hyern Village
    • Jask Shadowhammer gives you a Rune Charging Device Rune Charging Device but says it needs to be charged, first.
      1. Click the Rune Charging Device Rune Charging Device. This gives you an effect called Rune Energy Influx, and it starts at a charge level of 1.
        • The Rune Charging Device Rune Charging Device has a 10 second cooldown, and Rune Energy Influxhas a 60 second duration. You have 50 seconds to spare to increase the charge.
      2. Each time you click the Rune Charging Device Rune Charging Device, you add +1 charge level to Rune Energy Influx.
      3. When it reaches 10 you receive the Charge Rune

Kazalo [Angren Warrior]

  1. [79] A Frantic Believer - Kill 10 Zurhidon Disciples
  2. Repeatables:

Going With the Flow quest chain: ChimokaSpinning PillKamadiFayolSlanderAngeli

  1. [79] A Hunter's Request - Help to judge Spinning Pill
  2. [79] Challenging the Instructor - Talk to Spinning Pill and ask him for a duel, then defeat Spinning Pill
  3. [79] A Kid in Need of Acknowledgement - Talk to Spinning Pill and try to calm his anger
  4. [79] Flower of Illusion - Go to the Lair of the Ferosynn Drakes and find the Real Phantom Flower Real Phantom Flower (Mirage Flower)
  5. [79] The Path of the Master - Give the Real Phantom Flower Real Phantom Flower to Spinning Pill
    • "Saying things directly is your way of the Flow."
  6. [79] An Official Invitation - Meet Chief Fayol
  7. [79] The Power of the Nominee - Talk to Head Priest and prove yourself to him (click on Center of the Earth Flow to summon your opponent)
  8. [79] Election of the Flow Master - Talk to Chief Fayol
  9. [79] Meeting the Candidates - After using the Kogo Transformation Potion Kogo Transformation Potion, talk to Shárgon and Tumagi, then deliver your findings to Slander
    • unlocks [79] The Trial
  10. [79] A Beast Out of Control - Kill 5 Agitated Creatures
  11. [79] Clearing the Skies - Kill 5 Zurhidon Bombers
  12. [79] Wrecking Job - Use the Gunpowder Mixture to destroy the Heavy Catapult
  13. [79] Travelling with the Flow Master - Talk to Slander about rescuing the companions from the enemy camp

Slander - unlocked by completing [79] Meeting the Candidates

  • [79] The Trial - Tell Shárgon and Tumagi what Slander has told you, than stay and witness the trial. Complete the 2 quests below.
    • [79] Shárgon's Treasure - Talk to Pololo at Gubod Village to get the Herb Note
    • [79] Tumagi's Treasure - Get the Memory Cane from it's burial place (Covered Traces)

Black Goberyn Bunker[]

Karod [Kogo Warrior]

  1. [79] Wrath of the Earth - Kill 10 Zurhidon Disciples and 5 Zurhidon Puppeteers
  2. Repeatables:

Ela Shorttail

  1. [79] Escape of the Captive - Free 8 Alliance captives from the Torture Cages. To open each cage, you need a Cage Key Cage Key from a Zurhidon Disciple, Zurhidon Enchanter or Zurhidon Puppeteer.
  2. Repeatables:

Item: Battle Report from the Enemy Battle Report from the Enemy from Investigating Punisher EX

  1. [80] Message Interception - Deliver the Report to Kulkes
    • [79][Daily] Additional Reports - Deliver the Report to Kulkes
    • [79][Public] Additional Reports (PEP x300) - Deliver the Report to Kulkes
    • You may only hold one Battle Report from the Enemy Battle Report from the Enemy at a time, but you get one from almost every Eye of Vicky or Investigating Punisher. After the first time, the item starts the Daily quest
  2. [80] Investigation - Obtain information about the Bunker
  3. [80][Group 3] Aiming High - Defeat the bunker commander, Lossogby (80 Elite)
    • He is in the room behind the Energy Barrier you should have noticed on at least 2 trips into the Bunker.

Molten Veins[]

KarodSheb Leighton [Ailic's Aide] • Lodik
This series started with The Ritual Stones in Hyern Village

  1. [80] Special Knack - Get Badge of Curse Badge of Curse ×10 from Zurhidon Occultists at Altar of Souls
  2. [80] Foolproof Equipment - Report to Karod outside Black Goberyn Bunker
  3. [80] Finding the Traitor - Use the Zurhidon Disguise Zurhidon Disguise, enter the Black Goberyn Bunker, and find the Kogo Traitor, Lodik.
  4. [80] Local Justice - Defeat Lodik

Lontee [Kogo Warrior]

  1. [79] Repossessing the Statue - Kill 10 Zurhidon Occultists
  2. Repeatables:

Diyadi Mende

  1. [80] Battle in the Lava - Kill 10 Furious Molten Demons
  2. Repeatables:

Magg Lionheart [Eye of Wisdom Mage]

Shazima [Kogo Warrior]

  1. [80] Withstanding the Heat - Get Yasheedee Mud ×10
  2. Repeatables:

Kagen [Kogo Warrior]

  1. [80] The Stone in Front of the Altar - Kill 10 Searing Earth Elementals
  2. Repeatables:

Altar of Souls[]

No quests start here, although several can be updated here. On one corner of this island three Alliance Warriors have made a beachhead here and the space between them is totally safe. Feel free to sit here and rest/heal.

Old Border of Wylant[]

Otto Norley [Dark Glory Elite Commando] • Lina Lukasz [Local Intelligence Officer] • Potman Oley

  1. [80] Not A Big Deal - Give the Machine Structure Draft to Lina Lukasz##[80] Unexpected - Give the Machine Structure Draft to Potman Oley
  2. [80] Planning to Adapt - Get Fluctuation Stone Fluctuation Stone ×5 from Unknown Devices
  3. [80] Too Good to be True - Report to Lina Lukasz
  4. [80] It's never too late - Get Machine Structure Draft and Fluctuation Stone Fluctuation Stone ×5, all from a single Zurhidon Researcher hiding by the Unknown Device on the right of the road to Balansaar Production Plant

Mauryk Andalus [Ailoc's Researcher] • Beautiful Bag Beautiful Bag

  1. [80] A Confused Scholar - Get Banana Sack Banana Sack ×10
  2. [80] Persistent Problems - Give the Beautiful Bag Beautiful Bag to Will Kanches

Jasmine "Firefly" Angerfang [Lady of Limon]

Aidamus Schwartz

Lankor Forgia

Transport Portal Preserver

  1. [80] Transport Circle Emergency Repair - Gather Scattered Rune Stone ×4 and Salvageable Wood ×3
  2. [80] Strong Support - Talk to Kaboy
  3. Kaboy
    1. [80] Improving the Arsenal - Get Returned Weapon ×8 from Scattered Weapons
    2. [80] Guarding the Front - Place 4 Frost Mechanisms around the camp
    3. [80] Meat is Meat - Get Yasheedee Meat Yasheedee Meat ×8 from Fire Yasheedee
    4. [80] Invitation to the Command Post - Meet Masaka Dogtail
  4. Masaka Dogtail
    1. [80] Scout Guardians - Kill 10 Investigating Punishers

Object: Weird Scrub

Item-triggered: Broken Remains of the Punisher Broken Remains of the Punisher from an Investigating Punisher

Belansaar Production Plant[]

Belansaar Research Camp[]

Morchai Kappa [Ailic's Community] • Patch-E [Mini Guardian]

  1. [80] Power Recharge - Take the Round Part to an Energy Extraction System and try to recharge it
  2. [80] A Guardian in Trouble - Find Scrunched Scrub to get Crushed Patch-E and bring him to Morchai Kappa
  3. [80] Difficult Repair - Find Small Size Rock ×8 from Rock and Trace Metal ×3 from Iron Block as well as Joint Part ×5 from Assembly Punisher and Crystal Ore Material from Crystal Emissary Collector
  4. [80] Mysterious Sounds - Tell Morchai Kappa what Patch-E had to say
    • Morchai has moved to the ledge just outside the wall, just west of the entrance

Elisha Shorttail

  1. Infiltration:
  2. [80] Sabotage Effort - Install 4 Jammer Devices in Belansaar Production Plant
    • locations are marked with Space for Jammer Device

Item-Triggered: Broken Remains of the Punisher Broken Remains of the Punisher from Eye of Vicky or Investigating Punisher