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Summer 2024

May 2024[ | ]

As the mystic energies of our latest release courses through the realms, we unveil a series of events to welcome both seasoned heroes and returning champions alike!

From 15th May (00:00) to 30th May (23:59 Servertime ) delve deeper into the mysteries of the as we increase droprates of specific Hearts in each.

But that's not all, from 31st May 00:00 to 2nd June 23:59 Servertime we're boosting EXP by 300%, TP by 300%, and Drop rates by 200%! It's time to harness the arcane might and emerge victorious!

Curious when these adventures will commence? Ah, my friends, just like the whispers of ancient magic, the answer is... Soon™! But rest assured, our events will arrive punctually to set your May aglow with mystical wonder!

June to September 2024[ | ]

RoM summer events 2020 forum

Custom Drops[ | ]

Date Items Zone
6/17-6/30 Lakishna Earrings Necropolis of Mirrors (hard) - Chest of Mirrors (Krodamon/Krodamar)
7/1-7/7 Kulech Bones Nest Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
Bone Peak Boss 1+3 Setskill Items
7/8-7/14 Tomb of Seven Heroes Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
Crypt of Eternity Boss 1+2 Setskill Items
7/29-8/4 Grotto of Horror Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
8/5-8/11 Grafu Castle Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro

Boost Events[ | ]

Date XP/TP Droprate
6/13-6/16 +300% +200%
7/1-7/7 +200%
8/12-8/18 +200%

Custom Events[ | ]

Custom Events are active from maintenance to maintenance

Exchange NPCs[ | ]

Dates NPC Need Reward
6/27-7/11 Owenstein Harm III Harm III ×50 Honor Points Honor Points
Hilary Shell III Shell III ×50 Original Sin Essence Original Sin Essence
Frank Defense III Defense III ×50 Pet XP Fruit (10,000 Points) Pet XP Fruit (10,000 Points) ×5
Golden Egg Golden Egg
Eve Strike III Strike III ×50 Wind Elements (Material Package) Wind Elements (Material Package)
Fire Elements (Material Package) Fire Elements (Material Package)
Earth Elements (Material Package) Earth Elements (Material Package)
7/18-8/1 Owenstein Magic III Magic III ×50 Honor Points Honor Points
Hilary Endurance III Endurance III ×50 Magic Instrument Collection Box Magic Instrument Collection Box
Frank Defense III Defense III ×50 Phirius Shell Phirius Shell
Dreamland Pioneer Sigil Dreamland Pioneer Sigil
Eve Vitality III Vitality III ×50 Strange Watermelon Seed Strange Watermelon Seed
Universal Potion Universal Potion
Phirius Special Water - Type E Phirius Special Water - Type E
8/31-9/7 Owenstein Mind III Mind III ×50 Honor Points Honor Points
Hilary Resistance III Resistance III ×50 Guild Drill Ground Repeat Ticket Guild Drill Ground Repeat Ticket
Frank Vigor III Vigor III ×50 Golden Sugar Watermelon Golden Sugar Watermelon
Birthday Muffin Birthday Muffin
Eve Link Rune Link Rune ×50 Mysterious Treasure Chest XX Mysterious Treasure Chest XX
Phirius Token Coin Phirius Token Coin
Badge of the Trial Badge of the Trial