Static Field

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Static Field
Static Field Skill mag new50-9.png
Mage Mage Primary Only
Uses 34 MPRange: 150
Casting Time: 1 Second
Static Field Charge Static Field Charge is needed.
You use the power of thunder and lightning of your Electric Compression Electric Compression to attack your target, making it unable to move or attack for 10.0 seconds. (Effect will be removed if attacked; only one target at a time can be kept under control.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.
ClassMage Mage
TypePrimary Only
(see Mage Skills (Class-Specific))
TypeCrowd Control
Other Information
Duration10+ Seconds
Use Conditionrequires Static Field Charge Static Field Charge state
from Electric Compression Electric Compression
Upgrade/Rank+0.4 Seconds
Database ID#491172