Static Field
Static Field
Skill mag new50-9.png
Classicon mage.png Mage Primary Only
Uses 34 MPRange: 150
Casting Time: 1 Second
Skill mag new50-8.png Static Field Charge is needed.
You use the power of thunder and lightning of your Skill mag new50-8.png Electric Compression to attack your target, making it unable to move or attack for 10.0 seconds. (Effect will be removed if attacked; only one target at a time can be kept under control.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.
Class Classicon mage.png Mage
TypePrimary Only
(see Mage Skills (Class-Specific))
TypeCrowd Control
Other Information
Duration10+ Seconds
Use Conditionrequires Skill mag new50-8.png Static Field Charge state
from Skill mag new50-8.png Electric Compression
Upgrade/Rank+0.4 Seconds
Database ID#491172
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