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Speed Sigil
Speed Sigil SpeedSigil.png
Increases movement speed by 50%.
TypeBuff Effect
Other Information
Duration1 minute
Use ConditionPvP Arenas Only
Database ID#502875

In-game appearance

For more information, see Sigil.

Applied by Speed Sigils in PvP Arenas, or from successfully disarming a Rune Trap in Dasein's Labyrinth.

Icon Sigil Name Effect
Combat Sigils (buffgroup 47)
AttackSigil.png Attack Sigil sword
Increases power of physical attacks by 50% and physical damage by 20% for 2 minutes.
MagicAttackSigil.png Magic Attack Sigil staff
Raises magical attack by 50% and magic power by 20.0% for 2 minutes.
DefenseSigil.png Defense Sigil green shield
Raises physical defense by 30.0% for 2 minutes.
MagicDefSigil.png Magic Defense Sigil blue shield
Increases magical defense by 30.0% for 2 minutes.
Icon Strengthening Sigil sword in PvP Arenas only
Increases power of physical attack, magical attack, and movement speed by 50% for 1 minute.
SpeedSigil.png Speed Sigil boot in PvP Arenas and Dasein's Labyrinth only
Increases movement speed by 50% for ___ seconds.

Only one of these Sigils may be used at the same time. If you add a newer Sigil it will overwrite the older Sigil.

The exception is the Speed Sigil Speed Sigil from disarming a Rune Trap. This can stack up to 5 times (making you VERY fast) but only lasts for 10-50 Seconds (10 seconds extended by 10 Seconds for each subsequent rank attained). The Speed Sigil Speed Sigil from PvP Arenas lasts for 60 Seconds.