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Overview[ | ]

In every MMORPG there are certain classes that are more preferable than other. The goal of this page is to create a list and rank the favorability of that class combo in the community. This gives a broad overview of if the class is good and will be accepted into a party or not. Runes of Magic is a game about doing the most amount of damage possible in a burn phase. This means classes with mediocre damage over extended periods are often not welcome in a party.
Parties of 6 consist of -Tank with good DPS -Healer -4 Optimal DPS classes.
Parties of 12 consist of –Tank (Often K/W) –Healer –Blanket Healer (Often D/S) -8 Optimal DPS (usually a mix between Physical and Magical) – M/WL – Either 3rd Healer, another Debuffer/Support, or another Optimal DPS. Note: This page contains technical terms and acronyms please refer to this page Glossary for a list of terms that will be used throughout the wiki.
Warning: This page requires constant updating as the game patches and changes are made to class combos. DO NOT edit this page with self-opinions (observations and facts are welcome, however). The edits must be based on the endgame life of the character and what it can contribute to soloing, siege, and group play. The original list has been compiled from hundreds of endgame players on the U.S. servers as of Patch Please sort future classes alphabetically.

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For a simpler overview of classes, please view Class Combinations by Role.

Champion[ | ]

Overall Champion was designed to be a tank like Knight but a DPS like warrior depending on which form is assumed by the Champion. While on paper this class seems great, it often it fails to provide either tanking of dps'ing for a group. Champions can only wear chain armor, and cannot wield shields. Since they are proficient in both 1-H and 2-H Hammers, hammers are often the weapon of choice.

Role: Often assumed as an Off-Tank.

Champion/Mage[ | ]

Champion/Mage appears to be a good tank that excels at AOE'ing. While Champ/Mage is often declined in instances due to massive single target DPS, it has many uses for Siege wars. The Elite skill, High Energy Barrier performs many functions at the same time many of which are favorable for offense or defense in Siege war. The 60 Elite, Elemental Rampage, is currently one of the hardest hitting skills as it can deal upwards of 6 million damage to everyone in the area, although it has a lengthy cooldown. It is also noteworthy that, this class combo can often solo lower end bosses in 1 hit.

Role: Optimal AoE DMG.
Statting: Strength DPS

Champion/Priest[ | ]

Champion/Priest has very little value to add to a party. It can barely heal, and often can't do very good damage. While it can have a large amount of HP, it has no way of holding aggro. The only elites really worth mentioning are, Blast of Energy which heals everyone except the caster for 50% hp. And Suicide Advance which boosts the damage of the player and 5 of his party members by 20%. While Champion/Priest is not good in group play, it often has one of the highest survivability rates for questing and soloing. As a side note: Champion/Priest is the only class combo that can immune for over 30 seconds straight.

Role: Off-Tank/Support
Statting: Strength DPS

Champion/Rogue[ | ]

Champion/Rogue has more to offer than a normal Champion. While there are many elites worth mentioning, the most important attribute of the character is the Dual-Wield obtained from the /Rogue side. The ability to have 2 hammers wielded allows for the rage generation to double. Allowing a almost full rage bar constantly in combat. The 70 Elite, ????, is also very important due to a naturally low PA on Champion. This elite allows that champion to do substantial amounts of DPS and thus hold aggro if necessary. This combo is often played as a DPS, but a Tank build is also possible.

Role: Tank/DPS.
Statting: Strength DPS

Champion / Warlock[ | ]

This is honestly the worst of the Champion class combos as the secondary class doesn't even remotely complement the Primary's skills. The elite skills are about as useless. Going Hybrid and trying to mix both Physical Attack and Magical Attack leaves you failing at both. (To editors) please remember this is endgame content AKA BethH and above.

Champion/Warrior[ | ]

Champion/Warrior excels in only 1 Thing Physical Defense. This class combo allows you to achieve the maximum PDEF in the game. Nothing is going to do a lot of DMG to this class. But it can't do a lot of DMG back. It is many times declined in endgame parties. However it has come in use a few times when the main tank dies. Still mainly worthless for group play.

Role: Off-Tank
Statting: Strength DPS

Who to Play?[ | ]

  • Champion/Rogue

Champion/Rogue is the one to play here if you are going to play a Champion. It is great in instances. Often reaches up to 500k+ HP in Siege war without sacrificing a lot of DMG. Solo play is decent and questing will seldom give you grief.

  • Champion/Mage

Champion/Mage is for siege only. Everyone likes to 1-shot people. So use the 60 Elite and watch everyone around you die. You can also use the 50 Elite on the gate. Not going to get in a instance group on this side of the century though.

Druid[ | ]

Overall Druid was designed to a healer. Druids always do a fantastic job of healing no matter the secondary. Druids are restricted to only cloth armor. Druids have a large variety of weapons that can be wielded. While classes like D/r may use wands or hammers, most druid class combos utilize the ability to wear shields as a druid. Although it is also possible, albeit rare, to see 2-H staves used on a druid.

Role: Often assumed as a healer.

Druid/Mage[ | ]

Druid/Mage is mainly healing combo focused on the occasional support. Skills like Shield of Light offer protection for allies. While all druids will be invited as healing roles, often Druid/Mage is not common. Seeing as Druid/Scout does a better job or everything that Druid/Mage has to offer.

Role: Healer/Support
Statting: Druid Healer

Druid/Rogue[ | ]

Druid/Rogue is perhaps the worst of the druid combos in regards to healing. Druid/Rogue focuses on dealing dark damage rather than healing. While an endgame Druid/Rogue is able to deal massive magical damage for a short time, they’re unable to sustain this high DPS over long times.

Role: Burst DPS/Healer
Statting: Magical DPS / Druid Healer

Druid/Scout[ | ]

Druid/Scout is famous and renowned for the most HOT's available to a class combo. They have at least 7 the most famous being Camellia Flower. They are used as 'blanket' heals over the entire raid group, often times to counter a bleed effect by a boss or trash. They also have amazing Recovers reaching well above 300k in a full burn. Another famous ability is to remove a harmful effect from everyone in the raid group.

Role: Optimal Blanket Healer/Healer
Statting: Druid Healer

Druid/Warden[ | ]

Druid/Warden is an interesting combination of the 2 separate classes. While the class lacks much in the way of damage. It has some of the most useful healing abilities in the game. Enhanced Briar Shield and Briar Life work in conjunction providing any ally with 30% more healing and up to 55% more PDEF. Gift Pulse allows for a 100% heal to all party members. Like Druid/Scout, this class combo is capable of many blanket heals. However, all of the blanket heals can't be constantly applied and are usually larger numbers. For this reason Druid/Warden is often seen in groups with large amounts of burn DPS. It is also noteworthy that Briar Life allows for the 30% healing bonus to work on Siege Gates. Combined with other healing bonuses, the gate can become near invincible.

Role: Optimal Healer/ Buffer.
Statting: Druid Healer

Druid/Warrior[ | ]

Druid/Warrior is perhaps only useful for 2 features. While it can heal endgame content it has very little to offer other than a base druid. The first useful feature is the 35 elite Awakening of the Wild which is a buff skill that increase both PA and PDMG. The second is the skill Nourish which is a % based heal. It works on siege gates, thus healing up to 1.2 million damage.

Role: Healer /Optimal Buffer
Statting: Druid Healer

Who to Play?[ | ]

While there are many good druid class combos there are 2 that really shine.

  • Druid/Scout

Druid/Scout has the most utility and best continuous blanket heals of the druids. A properly geared Druid/Scout can reach blanket heals well over 30k while maintaining a staggering amount of HP. There are plenty of instances that require the debuff removal skill as well.

  • Druid/Warden

Druid/Warden is pretty much the most useful druid all around. While it can perform tiny blanket heals, it also has massive heals. It has a buff skill that all magic casters can enjoy, and provides extra PDEF for the tank. Between set skills and elites it can restore 9 out of 10 of the nature’s power points in 3 seconds. A class combo everyone in the party will be happy to see.

Knight[ | ]

Overall Knight was designed to tank. Tank and tank. Currently in endgame knights have the highest of the survival rates. They have everything from pure DMG% reduction to more Pdef, to healing themselves. A well geared knight can be near impossible to kill.

Role: Tank.

Knight/Mage[ | ]

Surprisingly this class combo can tank well but doesn't. The magical damage output it produces is among the highest achievable. Most of the damage comes from the elite Light Energy Weapon which adds an insane amount of magical damage to normal attacks. On top of this the damage can be heavily increased by other skills increasing light based damage. I have seen over 5 million damage per hit in instances. Some choose to play K/M as tanks and they are effective at their job still because of the DMG boost from the skill, while not at insane numbers the damage is still significant enough to boost the aggro. There are some but not many who own multiple sets of armor and can do either at any given time. And even more rare are those that are skilled enough to do both at the same time.

Role: Optimal Magical DPS/Tank
Statting: Magical DPS / Knight Tank

Knight/Priest[ | ]

Knight/Priest while a decent tank combo has an aggro issue, which means this character is just a buffer or off tank. Holy Protection is always welcome as a free buff. Angel Salvation is also a great skill. Unfortunately that is all this class combo has to offer in the way of good skills.

Role: Buffer/Fail Off-Tank
Statting: Knight Tank

Knight/Rogue[ | ]

This tank can dodge ALOT for wearing plate armor. I have seen at least 30 seconds of no damage to this combo. Besides the insane amount of dodge this class can get, they can also achieve 100% critical on their main skill Holy Strike. Again all knights have an aggro problem mainly because of the insane amount of damage that parties output.

Role: Tank
Statting: Knight Tank

Knight/Scout[ | ]

Not a terrible class combo but the only thing that actually sets this class apart is the ability to perform many taunts. There is also the fact that Holy Strike damage is SLIGHTLY increased. Nothing significant though.

Role: Tank
Statting: Knight Tank

Knight/Warrior[ | ]

Where to start... This class combo has ALOT going for it. The parry is absolutely ridiculous, with the ability to max out at around 110%. The aggro problem is slightly resolved from the extra taunt and, more importantly, the extra 38% damage when wielding axes or swords, or hammers. The 50 elite is the HUGE deal here though. Authoritative Deterrence increases all damage taken by the target by up to 45%. That’s a huge amount and often a party will drop a mediocre DPS to pick up a Knight/Warrior just for that elite.

Role: Optimal Tank/Support Debuffer
Statting: Knight Tank

Who to Play?[ | ]

  • Knight/Warrior

Knight/Warrior is just about what a knight should be, and the player base recognizes those who play it, not only for the debuff, but for the ability to tank with it.

  • Knight/Mage

Knight/Mage is an amazing combo capable of insane amounts of damage but often has to sacrifice the plate armor and go full cloth for the Magical Attack. A Knight/Mage can also tank effectively in plate because of the decent damage boost that the skill provides. While it is possible and is EXTREMELY effective for a tank to switch back and forth constantly in combat, it is very dangerous and requires extensive knowledge of the boss fights and trust in the healers. Pulled off correctly the tank can rank close to the top of the damage dealt and still have tanked (Any death penalties incurred by doing this I will not be held responsible for).

Mage[ | ]

Overall Mage was designed to a magical DPS. They have very few skills in the way of defense but many skills that allow them to root, stun or even silence a target. As they are limited to wearing only cloth, they take large amounts of damage if hit and often don't have a large HP pool like a tank. The damage they offer in return is substantial. Almost always mages are wielding a 2-h staff. Most mages rely on the skill Flame to do most of the single target Damage.

Role: Often assumed as a magical DPS.

Mage/Champion[ | ]

Mage/Champion is the only class available that can permanently stun up to 15 targets at a time. They are also the highest AOE damage dealers. Between the ability to constantly have 30% damage reduction and a wind damage purgatory fire going off once a second passively. They become very strong very quickly. The ability to have discharge reset basically on a whim. Combined with the fact it has a 5 second stun time means a perma-stun and constant damage for up to 15 monsters. Rage is seldom an issue with this class as melee White Attacks, Plasma Arrow, Electric Explosion and being attacked all add rage. Overall a poor damage dealer but excellent CC.

Role: Optimal Crowd Controller/Fail Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Druid[ | ]

While Mage/Druid used to be extremely good in siege it has since been replaced by Mage/Warden. This class combo instead of focusing on healing or damage attempts to do both, but will never see group play because of the very few good damage dealing skills. The only skill worth mentioning is Infiltration Spirit which reduces target's Mdef by 30%.

Role: Magical DPS/Fail Support
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Knight[ | ]

Mage/Knight is a viable option for PvP and mediocre for PvP. Similar to the Mage/Rogue mages are not good at casting light spells. While again lacking Burn skills in PvP, they have quite a variety of skills useful in siege including.

Role: Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Priest[ | ]

Essence of Magic is the main reason you see this mage often invited to parties. But the debuffs and other elites offer a few benefits to parties. The Disable offers more chance to Crit the boss, while Magic Drain lowers the targets Magical Attack by a significant amount.

Role: Magical DPS/Optimal Buffer
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Rogue[ | ]

While Mage/Rogue may be good for PvP, it is mediocre at best for PvE. Dark damage is not a strong suit of the mage class. And often they find themselves lacking burn skills.

Role: Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Scout[ | ]

Mage/Scout is a decent combo providing mainly single target damage. Shot does a large amount of Damage after getting the 70 Elite. This class combo also gets a pet although it's not very useful.

Role: Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Warden[ | ]

Not many great elites for Mage/Warden. Earth Scepter is a decent skill increasing Earth Damage, Earth Groaning Wind Blade provides you with a skill that hits twice. Follower's Ground offers an extra Intelligence and Stamina boost. And Earth Core barrier is the reason people play this class. It provides 60% damage reduction and all spells become instant. This means you can cast 5 Flame's a second.

Role: Optimal Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Warlock[ | ]

Mage/Warlock has many handy abilities starting at Static Resonance which effectively makes Electrostatic Charge a 60% shield. Lightning Display makes the extra Crit from Plasma arrow last 3x as long. A very unique elite Soul Stepping allows for the Mage/Warlock to cast any spell while moving. Soul Speed which boosts the casting speed and movement speed of the mage. And finally Elemental Extraction, which gives a 30% MDEF and PDEF reduction to any target for 10 seconds.

Role: Magical DPS/Optimal Support Debuffer
Statting: Magical DPS

Mage/Warrior[ | ]

Perhaps Mage/Warrior is the mage can achieve the highest Magical Attack. Every Elite after level 20 helps this class a significant deal. And every single one is used during boss fights. In burns magical damage is up by 25% Crit Damage is up by roughly the same. Crit rate is up by an extra few hundred. Aggro is down by 25%. Casting speed is up by 30%. Magical Attack is up by roughly 30%. And you can cast while moving for a limited time.

Role: Optimal Magical DPS
Statting: Magical DPS

Who to Play?[ | ]

  • Mage/Warden

Mage/Warden is just OP, the amount of damage they can output in a boss fight is just too large to try to make up anywhere else.

  • Mage/Warrior

Mage/Warrior is perhaps the mage that can buff the most. So if enough mage/Warden's aren't available, this class combo will always be the next mage class to be picked.

  • Mage/Warlock

Mage/Warlock is unique in that only 1 is needed for the 30% Mdef and Pdef debuff. Without this class however clearing instances would be near impossible.

  • Mage/Champion

Mage/Champion is not good for instances yet. But instead, gets an honorary mention for the perma-stun capability that will be needed in the future.

Priest[ | ]

Overall priest was designed to be a healer. Almost every priest wears cloth and wields a 1-H wand and a shield. The one exception is Priest/Champion. Priests do almost no damage but instead focus on buffing the group and healing.

Role: Often assumed as a healer.

Priest/Champion[ | ]

Priest Champion is perhaps the worst buffer, but the best healer. With the elite Healing Diamond Light it is possible to heal for roughly the equivalent of a urgent heal on everyone in the group. Beacon of Regeneration allows any healing effect to heal another party member as well. They also have plenty of burn skills to increase their healing amount. Thus making them extremely effective.

Role: Healer/Optimal Blanket Healer
Statting: Priest Healer

Priest/Knight[ | ]

Priest/Knight has perhaps slightly less healing than a Priest/Champion, but they make up for it in utility. Last Prayer turns a group heal into a 0.9 second cast time. Life Link allows your urgent heal to heal you as well as another target. Enhanced Grace of Life helps characters with low mana pools like the knight to be able to survive longer. Sacrificial Cure allows you to trade most of your HP to restore all of another party member’s. Light Fairy also raises the whole party’s wisdom, decreases mana costs for all spells and increases your healing.

Role: Optimal Healer/Support
Statting: Priest Healer

Priest/Mage[ | ]

Priest/Mage has nothing unique in the way to offer of healing. It does however have the ability to do massive amounts of damage to players in siege. Icewind Blade hits extremely hard and has a very short cool down. They do have Casting speed increase and heal% increase, as well as some mana restoration buffs. But this puts their healing only on par with Priest/Rogue. Most Priests/Mages stat Magical DPS, while the rest stat Priest Healer.

Role: Healer/Magical DPS
Statting: Priest Healer / Magical DPS

Priest/Rogue[ | ]

While like the Priest/Mage, this class combo has nothing special offer to the healing. It does however have some very unique buff skills. Shadow Fury increases Magical Crit by a few hundred. Shadow Fairy increases everyone’s Magical Attack by 10%. Purge removes almost all buffs from players and bosses alike. Priest/Rogue even has a % healing reduction for PvP.

Role: Healer/Optimal Magical Support
Statting: Priest Healer

Priest/Scout[ | ]

Priest/Scout is an average healer. The only elite worth mentioning is Embrace of the Water Spirit which increases Magical Attack by 8%. Unlike a Priest/Mage they do not have Casting speed increases or healing boosts. Ice Blade has since been rendered simply ineffective as a source of damage. Healing is a raid healing spell. But it is seldom effective as it heals as a HoT.

Role: Healer/ Optimal Magical Buffer
Statting: Priest Healer

Priest/Warlock[ | ]

Pries/Warlock is the only class capable of moving a friendly target. They also have Prayer of Tribulation which allows them to heal 2 times per second. They may also cast their holy aura on another party member. They have a variety of skills to cover the whole raid.

Role: Healer/Optimal Blanket Heals
Statting: Priest Healer

Priest/Warrior[ | ]

With most elites focusing on physical DPS Priest/Warrior is left with the short end of the stick. Almost no elite’s help healing. And not enough Physical Crit or Physical Attack can be stacked to do significant damage. It is worth mentioning that Priest/Warrior has perhaps the highest of all survivability rates. This class has significant sustained DPS. Coupled with the fact they heal themselves from skills that also do damage. Also combined with the fact they have large HP/Pdef numbers make them very desirable for solo play.

Role: Fail Healer/ Fail Physical DPS
Statting: Priest Healer / Strength DPS

Who to Play?[ | ]

  • Priest/Knight

Priest/Knight is perhaps the best straight up healing choice. As they have more utility than a Priest/Champion.

  • Priest/Rogue

Priest/Rogue is going to be more useful as time passes, due to the high Mdef of bosses increases to Magical Attack are needed. And 10% MA with some Mcrit is nothing to sacrifice easily.



Stat list as of
or Above means if possible get a better stat. If it is omitted, it means there is no better stat yet, or it would not be viable to replace for either price or drop reasons.
Optimal refers to a nearly unlimited gold supply, this also assumes you have a vast quantity of proofs or can obtain stats via AH. At this stage of the game Phirius shells and EOJ, should be more then readily available, you should be almost literally drowning in them. It doesn’t assume large quantities of Mentos since most Mentos will be spent on attempting to get OD gear. Non-Optimal refers to an early stage in the game. This is where the average player will be. It is still assumed you have access to EOJ and Phirius shells at the rate of about 2 stats a day. Mentos will not be so common, so it is very important you buy gear and not stats with those. You will be very limited on Proofs, and you do not have a vast gold supply. At this stage you should focus on gaining large amounts of EOJ and having alt’s for Phirius shells. OR refers to two possible stats to pick from, both provide you with a similar bonus, pick one. (Orange) Refers to dropping in the last boss of the Hard Mode of the instance or bought from the Proof vendor.

Magical DPS[ | ]


  • Int/Ma Pillar (Orange)
  • Int/Ma Horror (Orange)
  • Int/Ma Capital (Orange)
  • Int/Ma Jungle
  • Int/Ma Pillar
  • Int/Stam Horror (Orange) or above


  • Int/Ma Pillar
  • Int/Ma Jungle
  • Int/Ma Horror
  • Int/Ma Fjord
  • Int/Stam Jungle
  • Int/Stam Fjord

Strength DPS[ | ]


  • Str/Pa Pillar (Orange)
  • Str/Pa Horror (Orange)
  • Str/Pa Capital (Orange)
  • Str/Pa Jungle
  • Str/Pa Fjord
  • Str/Stam Pillar (Orange)


  • Str/Pa Jungle
  • Str/Pa Fjord
  • Str/Pa Disorder
  • Str/Pa Barbarian XIII Or above
  • Str/Stam Jungle
  • Str/Stam Fjord

Dexterity DPS[ | ]


  • Dex/Pa Pillar (Orange)
  • Dex/Pa Horror (Orange)
  • Dex/Pa Capital (Orange)
  • Dex/Pa Jungle
  • Dex/Pa Horror or Above
  • Stam/Dex Jungle or Above


  • Dex/Pa Jungle
  • Dex/Pa Fjord
  • Dex/Pa Disorder
  • Dex/Pa Seclusion or above
  • Stam/Dex Jungle
  • Stam/Dex Fjord

Druid Healer[ | ]


  • Stam/Def Pillar (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Jungle
  • Stam/Wis Pillar (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Horror (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Pillar OR Stam/Wis Jungle
  • Stam /Wis Horro (Orange)


  • Stam/Wis Jungle
  • Stam/Def Jungle
  • Stam/Wis Fjord
  • Stam/Def Fjord
  • Stam/Wis Disorder
  • Stam/Def Disorder OR Stam/HP Fjord or Above

Priest Healer[ | ]


  • Stam/HP Pillar (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Pillar (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Jungle
  • Stam/HP Horror (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Horror (Orange)
  • Stam/Def Fjord OR Stam/HP Horror


  • Stam/HP Capital
  • Stam/Def Jungle
  • Stam/HP Seclusion XIII or above
  • Stam/Def Fjord
  • Stam/HP Seclusion XII or above.
  • Stam/Def Disorder