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Scout / Warden is one of the best combinations for a Scout, even if it requires one to play an elvish character. An extremely aggressive combination, it makes the most of delivering high levels of burst damage against a single target, giving them an edge in boss fights or against other players. While other Scout combos tend to give the class a broader tool kit to handle with a variety of situations, this one goes all-out on the offensive, and with such an overwhelming attack it more than makes up for what, at first glance, appears to be lacking.

Main Ways of Build[]

Dexterity is once again the most important attribute to be looking at to enhance Physical Attack Power, given how most of the damaging skills are based on ranged weapon damage. Strength is another good stat to look for, though it takes lower precedence over Dexterity since the only thing it really enhances is the damage from Charged Chop and Briar Shield. Stamina is also a good secondary stat to invest in, to maintain a good level of health.

As soon as level 15 it becomes apparent how aggressive this combo is. Briar Shield, normally a defensive tool, becomes an attack through Thorn Arrow; later on, the reflected damage of the Shield can root targets. This is one of two tools that give players control over other enemies, the other being that Charged Power grants Charged Chop a knockdown effect. This gives the combo both a kiting tool and a chasing tool in PvP, and both of them can deal considerable damage once properly trained.

What's unique to this combo is Entling Offering, a tool that is generally applied to bosses so Autoshot can deal damage both to it, and to smaller groups of mobs at the same time, especially when used with Gryphon Bash. While this doesn't affect other skills besides Shot, it nonetheless gives the combo an unusual amount of consistency. When it comes to focusing on bosses, Hide Scent allows one to drop towards the bottom of the aggro table, while enhancing the skill Hidden Peril, which in turn enhances Snipe, which then increases the Physical damage that it takes; a tremendous amount of synergy, even if the cooldowns don't sync up to let this be done consistently. Combo Shot also helps with increasing the chances of a target taking critical damage, complementing the combo's aggressive playstyle.


(to see Class Main Skills of Scout, see Scout Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[]

Warden General[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward1-1.png Charged Chop 1 20 MP Instant 1 second 50 Concentrates power in your weapon, then releases it to strike a mighty blow! Causes 120.0% main hand weapon DPS plus 0.30 times STR to your target.

It shares Cooldown with Power of the Wood Spirit.

+7.3% per level
Skill ward4-1.png Briar Shield 4 30 MP Instant Thorns surround you for 900.0 seconds increasing your Physical Defense by 5.0%. When you are physically attacked, it reflects 1.0% main hand weapon DPS. (Only effective on targets within a range of 50)

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

lvl 50 = 38% and 5,8%
Skill ward8-1.png Power of the Wood Spirit 8 15 MP Instant 1 second 50 Uses the Power of the Wood Spirit to attack up to 3 targets, causing 60.0% main hand weapon DPS. It shares Cooldown with Charged Chop. +3.6% per level
Skill ward12-1.png Enhanced Accuracy 12 Increases your physical attack accuracy by 1.0%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+.08% per level
Skill ward16-1.png Elven Amulet 16 150 MP Instant 1 minute, 10 seconds You obtain the protection of the Elves. Received physical damage is reduced by 20.0% for 10.0 seconds.
Skill ward20-1.png Savage Power 20 40 MP Instant 1 minute, 30 seconds Draw out the savage power inside of you, temporarily increasing your physical attack power by 3.0% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.28% per level

Elite Skills[]

Scout / Warden[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ran new15-2.png Thorn Arrow 15 30 MP Instant 6.0 seconds 200 Use it when you have the briar shield to turn the thorns that surround you into thorn arrows that attack your target inflicting 80% ranged weapon DPS. (The Briar shield will not disappear.) +4.4% per level
Skill ran new20-2.png Entling Offering 20 200 MP Instant For 900.0 seconds, each time your Shot hits a target, the target will also take ranged damage.
Skill ran new25-2rw.png Hidden Peril 25 30 focus + 1 piece of ammunition Instant 10 seconds 180 You attack your target using the forest for cover, inflicting 70.0% ranged weapon DPS on the target. There is a chance of reducing the casting time of Snipe to 1 second, the next time you cast it. +4.9% per level
Skill ran new30-4.png Charged Power 30 1 second 15 seconds 180 Your Charged Chop can be activated from a distance, but cooldown is changed to 15 seconds and it also causes a Knockdown effect. Base dmg increased to (insert X).

Scaling increased from 7.2% to 12% / lvl.

Skill ran new35-3rw.png Natural Care 35 Permanently increases your received healing by 1%, and also additionally increases your ranged weapon damage by 1%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.18% and +0.08% per level
Skill ran new40-3rw.png Hide Scent 40 150 MP Instant 2 minutes While merged with your surrounding, all enemies will lose interest in you allowing you to leave combat for 6 seconds and erasing all aggro. Additionally, your next Hidden Peril damage is increased by 20.0% for 20 seconds.
Skill ran new45-1w.png Wind Attack 45 Makes it so damage suffered from your Combo Shots cannot be interrupted. Also when you make a critical hit it may lower the target's physical critical resistance and magical critical resistance. 25 + 2,7 per lvl Combo Shot
Skill ran new50-1w.png Gryphon Bash 50 50 MP + 5% MP Instant 10 seconds 120 Like a mighty gryphon using its sharp claws to attack an enemy, it shoots a fierce arrow, causing 40.0% ranged weapon DPS. When the target is struck, it may also damage all targets within a radius of 80. (This skill has a fairly high chance to make a critical hit.) +2.4% per level
Skill ran ward60.png Deep Roots 60 Increases the distance of your Briar Shield reflected shot to 180. Also each reflected shot has a a chance to root the enemy for 5 seconds. (When the reflected shot target is a player, the rooting effect is reduced.)
Skill ran ward70.png Forest Guidance 70 When a target is hit by your Snipe, it causes a 2% increase in Physical Damage received by the enemy. Lasts for 10 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.


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