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(Mystic Archer)

Scout / Druid is a supportive, yet dangerous, combination; while it doesn't function has a healer, it boasts some of the best party-wide defensive effects, as well as status-cleansing effects. Also, unlike most of the other Scout combos that gain a mana pool, this is one of the variations that has some of the least worries when it comes to mana management. This is one of the best options for a player looking to be a dependable group member in both PvE and PvP.

Main Ways of Build[]

Like most Scouts, Dexterity is an important attribute for damage. However, unlike other Scouts, this combo gains Focus, which converts Wisdom into Physical Attack Power. This means that investing in Wisdom is genuinely useful, as it not only increases bow damage, but also assists with keeping a larger mana pool and improving the effectiveness of Recovery. Stamina, as with other classes, is good to supplement the health pool.

Curse Breaker, Unbinding Magic, and Antidote from Druid gives this combo a healthy amount of dispelling. Furthermore, Vampire Arrows replenishes allies' mana, energy, focus, and rage, and Shot (through Archer Blessing) reduces the damage allies take. By investing in Wisdom, Recovery from Druid is also a reliable healing skill. All of this gives this combo a well-rounded supportive kit to supplement the main healer in group PvE.

Elven Eye is similar to Blood Arrow. Instead of draining health for direct damage, Elven Eye consumes mana for increased critical hit chance. With the larger mana pool from Wisdom, this is a good skill to use when damage is the primary focus. For PvP, Vampire Arrows and Snake Poison Arrow deal consistent damage over time, and Snake Poison Arrow can cause a stun. This, along with Unbinding Magic and Joint Blow, makes these effective tools for kiting and wearing down opponents.


(to see Class Main Skills of Scout, see Scout Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[]

Druid General[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill dru1-1.png Recover 1 55 MP 2 seconds 250 Restores 40.0 HP to your target and 20.0 HP every 2 seconds for 14.0 seconds. +8 and +3.6 per level
Skill dru4-1.png Antidote (+) 4 150 MP Instant 10 seconds 200 Cleanses your target from poison.
Skill dru8-1.png Savage Blessing 8 35 MP Instant 180 Increases target's Physical Attack Accuracy and Magical Accuracy by 1.0% + 20.0 for 1800.0 seconds. +0.1% per level
Skill dru12-1.png Earth Pulse 12 40 MP Instant 15 seconds 180 The power of Mother Earth strikes the targets in a straight line before you causing 30.0 Earth damage. +7.5 per level
Skill dru16-1.png Knowledge of Nature 16 Increases Wisdom by (current Wisdom + 1.0) x 1.0% +10.0. +1, +0.1% and +1 per level
Skill dru20-1.png Mother Earth's Protection 20 100 MP Instant 1 minute, 30 seconds 150 Uses the power of Mother Earth to build a protective shield around your target reducing its suffered magical and physical damage by 20.0% for 5.0 seconds.

Elite Skills[]

Scout / Druid[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ran new15-1.png Curse Breaker 15 100 MP Instant 10 seconds 150 Removes target's cursed status. (Requires ranged weapon.)
Skill ran new20-1.png Snake Poison Arrow 20 50 MP, 1 piece of ammunition Instant 15 seconds Turns your magic into poisonous snakes, inflicting 60.0% ranged weapon DPS and 11 poison every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. When the target is affected by "Vampire Arrows", it will stun the target for 3.0 seconds. +3.6% ranged weapon DPS. +2.6 Damage
Skill ran new25-1rd.png Unbinding Magic 25 100 MP Instant 10 seconds 180 Removes Root and Slow from target's body. (Requires ranged weapon)

(Effective only when the Movement Impairing Effect on the target is displayed.

Skill ran new30-5.png Elven Eye 30 5.0% MP per second Instant Temporarily increases critical physical hit rate by 30.0 points for 60.0 seconds. Every second costs 5.0% mana. +6.6 per level
Skill ran new35-4rd.png Devour Blood 35 A successful hit of your Vampire Arrows restores MP to friendly party members in a range of 100.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 30.0 seconds.)

Skill ran new40-4rd.png Focus 40 Instant For 1800.0 seconds 50% of your wisdom will be converted into Physical Attack Power.
Skill ran new45-2d.png Archer Blessing 45 When your Shot hits a target, the damage received from the next attack for 3 party members is reduced.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 30.0 seconds.)

Skill ran new50-2d.png Ancestor's Blessing 50 Permanently reduces the damage you receive by 1.0% and when you strike a target with Piercing Arrow the aggro of your next action is reduced.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 30.0 seconds.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.14% per level
Skill ran dru60.png Efficiency Guidance 60 When your Devour Blood is triggered, it recovers 2...7.6* of your companions' Rage, Focus, and Energy. The maximum level of this skill is 50 +.112 per level
Skill ran dru70.png Soul Blessing 70 When your Archer Blessing is triggered, it affects your entire party and has an enhanced effect.


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