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Savage Lands (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSavage Lands
Rec. Levels53 to 55
Previous Weeping Coast
Next Aotulia Volcano
Thunderhoof Hills
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The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

by ZoneQuestsMobsPOIsObjects

Unlike previous zones, this zone's quest chains have many inter-dependencies, meaning that, at some point, you will be able to go no further on one quest chain until you have completed one or more quests in another quest chain or chains. These connections are not always clear but we will make every effort to make these dependencies as obvious as we can, sometimes even duplicating a quest or two on this page on more than one quest chain.

While this means that, in many ways, you can think of this entire zone as one big quest series, it would be almost impossible to fully map this out in a single, long quest chain.

If you entered Savage Land from Weeping Coast your starting point will be the Green Tower. However, if you took the tunnel through the Hall of Survivors from Silversprings your starting point will be Ape Mountain and the Sanburs Camp.

Aotulia Volcano access[]

The requirement to unlock the Great Barrier access has been waived/removed, or it never existed. I did verify this as a 64/62 Knight/Warrior. It may have been waived because of my level. IF you try to pass through the Great Barrier and cannot, this is probably why, and you need to do the quest chains. --Bludwyng (talk) 16:00, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

One primary goal of questing in this zone is to unlock access to the next zone, Aotulia Volcano, through the Great Barrier. This is not to be confused with the Epic quest series, Great Barrier. To gain Great Barrier access you will need to eventually complete quests in four areas of this zone, plus a final short quest chain from Sheelo Lance that ties all the groups together. We will make some strong suggestions for some Inkspots in this zone because of these quests.

[55] Resource Management sub-chains
Hub Sub-chain Page
Ape Mountain Ape Mountain
Kilanche Fungus Forest Kilanche Fungus Forest
Lake Heron Lake Heron
Rufa and Haz Haz

It is possible that all that was ever truly required to pass through the Great Barrier was to complete the Luzan quest chain, but we can no longer test this as all requirements to pass through the Great Barrier were eventually removed.


We strongly recommend that, if you are doing this zone's quests just to get access to Aotulia Volcano, you drop some ink in the following spots:


Ultimate title: Savage Lands Defender Savage Lands Defender - obtain all of the above titles

Epic Quests[]

One series ends in this zone, and one begins.

Daily Quests[]

Savage Lands Daily Quest Summary
Level Quest Ending NPC Start Location Needs XP
53 Frozen Crystal Ore Redsnow Kloka Norzen Camp Ic Frozen Crystal Ore x12 from Lava Collectors 97,797
53 Deer Leg Provisions Banbi Dirson Sanburs Camp Ic Green Forest Deer Leg x12 from Green Forest Deer 110,836
53 Trap Parts Redsnow Kloka Norzen Camp Ic River Fish Bone x15 from animals near the river such as Hardshell Crawler and River Monster 110,836
53 Great Ape Wound Hair Yaleesh Cybon Ape Mountain Ic Wound Hair x15 from Deformed Giant Apes 110,836
54 Ooze Fertilizer Elven Grandma Green Tower Ic Fertilized Mud x12 from Mud Lords 113,052
54 Fear of Shadows Shad Shink Mirdor Camp Kill 15 Blood-Soaked Revenants 113,052
54 Beautiful Poisonous Mandibles Shad Shink Mirdor Camp Ic Python Fang x12 from Wild Giant Pythons 113,052
56 Kaa Marchers Must Die Shawy Sanburs Naga Supply Line Kill 15 Kaa Marchers 117,619
56 Glory and Dishonor Shawy Sanburs Naga Supply Line Ic Commando Weapon x12 from Naga Suppressors 117,619

Green Tower[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Audili Chio

Naga Supply Line quest chain: KaisvairArlofledShabasitin (River Valley)

  1. [53] Maiden's Prayer - Talk to Kaisvair.
  2. [53] Old Battles - Deliver the Ic Necklaces to Arlofled
  3. [53] Joining the Battle - Give Arlofled an answer
  4. [53] Investigation Cut Short - Find Shabasitin at Naga Supply Line
  5. [53] Saving Filodik - Find Filodik and carry him to Shabasitin
  6. [53] Poor Leadership - Listen to Shabasitin
  7. Preparations for the Battle
  8. [53] Belief is the Source of Strength - Protect Shabasitin
  9. [53] The Final Battle - Help Shabasitin kill Wokis

Item-triggered: Key Key (from Dirty Bag Dirty Bag) • Arlofled

  1. [53] Secret in the Bag - Take the Ic Key to Kaisvair at the Green Tower
  2. [53] Precious Memories - Help Arlofled find the Ic Treasure Chest in the Emerging Pile of Dirt


  1. [53] Keluo Red Flowers - Collect Ic Keluo Red Flower x8 from Keluo Red Flower Bush
  2. [53] Presenting a Bouquet - Present the Ic Bouquet to the Elven warriors buried outside the building to the south of the Green Tower

Bantun YadiKaisvair

  1. [53] Hunting for Food - Get Ic Leg Meat x8 from Rainforest Hunters
  2. [53] An Irritating Ally - Deliver the Ic Bag of Food to Kaisvair
  3. [53] Conveying Good Intentions - Give the Ic Antidote to Bantun Yadi

Elven Grandma

Raich SanbursElven Grandma

  1. [53] The Stolen Scroll - Retrieve the Ic stolen scroll from a Pure Bred Naga that took it.
  2. [53] Buried Heritage - Retrieve the Ic Elf Battle Skill Scroll from the Naga Camp
  3. [53] The Scroll Without Content - Ask Elven Grandma about the Ic Empty Scroll
  4. [53] Green Tower Elven Legend - Give the Ic Empty Scroll to Raich Sanburs at the Green Tower
  5. [53] Bodo Wind Element Totem - Use the Wind Element Totem at Luzan
  6. [53] Other Element Totems - Use the Earth Element Totem at Eduth, Water Element Totem at Haz, and Fire Element Totem at Rufa

Cave of the Water Dragon[]

Cave of the Water Dragon quest chain: MynarvisKerchif WaylanPolythonZanordoth

  1. [53] Keluo Red Flowers - Gather 8 Ic Keluo Red Flowers
  2. [53] Presenting a Bouquet - Place the flowers at the Simple Tombstone.
  3. [55] Regular Observations -
  4. [55] Severe Twist -
  5. [55] King of the Water -
  6. [55] Zanordoth - The Water Dragon King -
  7. [55][Group] Water Dragon Connection -
  8. [55][Group] Back to Sleep -
  9. [55] Returning Safely -

The Origin[]

by ZoneQuestsMobsPOIsObjects

The Origin is a hidden valley in Aslan Valley. This is the series that introduces it.

unlocked by completing Presenting a Bouquet

  1. [53] An Elven Tale - Listen to Mynarvis' story
  2. [53] Slow Breakdown Method - Gather Ic Natural Wedges x8 from Natural Pile of Wedges
  3. [55] Cry of the Holy Tree - Ask Mynarvis what is wrong
  4. [55] Helping Yashitosh - Talk to Yashitosh in the entrance of Origin
  5. [55] Reigniting the Fire of Life - Reignite the braziers around the Holy Tree, Falynum

Naga Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

These Commandos are north of Green Tower and southwest of Naga Camp
Saka Wopait [Commando Captain] • Charles Nok [Commando] • Rayji Bunifens [Commando Lieutenant]

  1. [53] Weakening the Naga's Counterattack - Get Ic Naga Weapon x10 from Kaa Guards
  2. Reducing the Naga:
  3. Depleting the Naga:
    • [53] Depleting the Naga's Energy - Consult with Eye of Wisdom biologist Owy Poren at Green Tower
    • [53] Eliminating the Kaa Guards - Kill 10 more Kaa Guards
  4. [53] Snakebite Antidote - Get Ic Kaman Grass x10
  5. [53] Poren's Belief - Return to Saka Wopait
  6. [53] Destroying the Naga's Stock - Spike the Naga's stock with Ic Snakebite Antidote
  7. [53] Naga Commander's Plan - Sneak into the leader's tent and make a copy of his plans
  8. Pushing Forward:
    1. [53][Group] Supporting the Bridge Team - Support Lieutenant Rayji Bunifens at Naga Supply Line
      • Rayji Bunifens will not talk to you by the tree. You must complete Central Stone Bridge Battle (kill 100 Naga at the bridge) before he will accept this quest turn-in.
    2. [53] Ally of the Naga - Sneak into the camp and identify the Naga's allies
  9. [53] Strengthening the Defense Line - Gather Ic Waste Wood Block x10 from Pile of Waste Wood Blocks near the road
  10. [53] Preventing the Army Assembly - kill 10 Kaa Guards and 10 Naga Defenders
  11. [53] Battle to Defend the Broken Bridge - Repel the Naga Commander
  12. [53] Stone Bridge Protection Team Report - Report back to Saka Wopait
  13. [53] Sanbur's Support - Speak to Hone Sanburs at Sanbur's Camp

Naga Supply Line East[]

Event: Central Stone Bridge Battle - every 2 hours on the half-hour

Naga Supply Line West[]

Shawy Sanburs

Sanburs Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

There are three factions at this camp, each with there own agenda, while some just try to make life livable. Step carefully.
Banbi Dirson [Mess Officer]

  1. [53] Green Forest Deer Meat - Get Ic Green Forest Deer Meat x10 from Green Forest Deer
  2. [53] Punishing Rainforest Hunters - Get Ic Rainforest Hunter Heads from Rainforest Hunters

Kaidi Hamaelong [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]

  1. [53] Sharp Blade Annihilator Parts - Get Ic Sharp Blade Annihilator Part x10 from Sharp Blade Annihilators
  2. [53] Steel Guardian Parts - Get Ic Steel Guardian Part x10 from Steel Guardians in the Hall of Survivors area
  3. [53] Energy Converter Core - Get Ic Energy Converter Core x10 from Energy Converters in the Hall of Survivors area

Three quest chains start here but all involve the Hall of Survivors.

Ape Mountain[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Aylin KerairAndony Owdin (in the 1st tunnel)

  1. [53] Saving a Life Use the Ic Cage x6 you are given to capture 6 Weak Young Ape
  2. Feed the Babies
  3. [53] Concerns of the Heart Take the Ic Note to Andony Owdin in the tunnel to the next area
  4. [53] Giving Way to Reality Maybe Aylin will not notice the substitution...
  5. [53] Continuing Experimentation Watch while she tests her hypothesis.

Andony Owdin (in the 1st tunnel)

Arwynn [Luzan Shaman] (in the 1st vale)

  1. [53] Pitiful Little Thing Appease Arwynn (fight him until he stops)
  2. [53] Search for a Clay Cap Retrieve Ic Clay Cap from a Deformed Giant Ape or Alert Apeman
  3. [53] Peach Effects Get Ic Peach x8 from Peach Vine

This quest chain is required for completion of [55] Ape Mountain Materials from Sheelo Lance at the Great Barrier, later.
Ape Mountain: Yaleesh Cybon (in the 2nd tunnel) • Sheebo Kanten (in the 2nd vale) • Banki Lofit (in the 3rd tunnel)

  1. [53] Runestone Recovery Kill Deformed Giant Apes until you find Ic Night Guard Rune Stone and Ic Pure Intelligence Rune Stone
  2. [53] Exploring Ape Mountain Explore Ape Mountain and bury the Ic Dynamic Recorder
  3. [53] Cannibalistic Tendencies Get Ic Organism Sample x6 from Alert Apemen
  4. [53] It's an Ape Eat Ape World Deliver the Ic Research Report to Sheebo Kanten
  5. [53] Not a Team Player Deliver the Ic Letter to Banki Lofit
  6. [53] Imitating Giant Apes Collect Ic Herb x6 from Less-Known Herb
  7. [53] Explosive Materials Collect Ic Grease x8 from Strong Giant Apes
  8. [53] Confronting the Giant Ape King Use the Ic Explosive to weaken the Giant Ape King, then kill the Giant Ape King and find the message on the Stone Pillar

Item-triggered: Ic Special JewelBanki Lofit

  1. [53] Mysterious Gem Take the Ic Special Jewel to Banki Lofit
  2. [53] A Dutiful Mercenary Give the Ic Package to Sheebo Kanten

Norzen Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Nima Feish [Mess Officer]

  1. [54] Continent's Fishery - Get Ic Fresh Red-Tail Fish x10 from Beached Red Tail Fish
  2. [54] Seafood Style Leg Meat - Get Ic River Fish Monster Leg Meat x10 from River Monsters
  3. [54] Steaming Hot Hardshell Hot Pot - Get Ic Hardshell Crawler Crab Claw x10 from Hardshell Crawlers

Redsnow Kloka [Cave Survey Team Captain]

Many of the quests at this location involving Lake Heron's Beavermen and the Goblin Mines' Goblins (from Jiesheesh Norzen and Redsnow Kloka) are part of the Wayt camp quest chain, found below.

Mirdor Camp[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Object: Blood-Stained Note - south of camp

Shad Shink

Ismo Labol - under the bridge to Luzan, just south of Demon's Scar

  1. [54] Crisis - Kill 8 Mud Lords
  2. [54] Crazy Ismo - Subdue Ismo Labol
  3. [54] Report to Ment Kesosis - Talk to Ment Kesosis

Ment Keosis - under the bridge to Mirdor Camp

  1. Please help me... - Bring him a Ic Strong Medicine
  2. Purpose of the Expedition - Speak with Ment Keosis
  3. Threat - Kill 8 Wild Alligator Turtle

Luzan and Eduth[]

As far as I can tell, RoM really does not have the concept of "Faction". No matter how many Bodo of Eduth or Luzan you kill, or slip past without killing, it will not make the Bodo of Luzan or Eduth like you any better, or hate you any less.

Luzan quest chain: Ic Communication NoteHank ShwanCaptive Luzan Shaman

  1. [54] Murderer of the Polluted Spring - Take the note to Captain Hank Shwan just outside of Luzan
  2. Trust:
  3. [54] Gain Luzan's Trust - Use the Ic Stone of the Wind God on Luzan's Wind Totem Pole
  4. [54] Guidance of the God of Wind - Talk to Captive Luzan Shaman


by POIQuestsMobs

Luzan Mischief quest chain: Kalakabur [Luzan Fighter] • Jaksok [Luzan Commoner]

  1. [54] The Villains - Kill 12 Eduth Commoners
  2. [54] The Villains' Weakness - Kill many Eduth Fighters and Eduth Hunters to get Ic Eduth Bags. Open them until you find a Ic Hunter Manual.
  3. [54] No Dirt, No Mischief - Steal Ic Lump of Dirt x8 from Lump of Dirt in Eduth surrounding the Earth Element Totem
  4. [54] Teach a Lesson to the Villains' Chief - Kill Eduth Chief


by POIQuestsMobs

Eduth Mischief quest chain: Haj [Eduth Fighter]

  1. [54] Hated Neighbors - Kill 12 Luzan Commoners
  2. Sidekicks:
  3. [54] That's What Happens When You Have This Sort of Chief - Kill Luzan Chief
Inkspot.png This looks like
a good spot to
drop some ink!

Eduth quest chain: Esha [Eduth Shaman]

Be sure to talk to Tibabus first and get [54] The War Between Wind and Earth. This is not a pre-requisite but it is convenient.

  1. [54] Underdog Counterattacks - Get Ic Wild Alligator Turtle Paw
  2. [54] Tracing the Roots - Learn history
  3. [54] Measuring the Damage - Sprinkle the Ic Light Powder on the Earth Element Totem in Eduth
  4. [54] Foul Smoking Mound - Get Ic Mud Sample x3 from Evil Piles of Dirt
  5. [54] Pollution Clean Up - Return the Ic Purified Lump of Dirt to the Clean Pile of Dirt
  6. [54] Identifying the Problem - Sprinkle the Ic Light Powder on the Wind Element Totem in Luzan
  7. [54] Who Detained the God of Wind? - Go to Luzan and smash things that don't belong
  8. [54] Everything in Its Place - Put the Ic Restoration Lucky Stone on the Wind Element Totem in Luzan


by POIQuestsMobs

Tibabus [Haz Shaman]

  • [55] The War Between Wind and Earth - Take the Ic Curative Lake Master Engraving x5 to Esha at Eduth

The following are unlocked by completing Reasons for the Garrison from Shedil Ise at Wayt Camp

Huati [Haz Commoner] - near Wayt Camp

Mika [Haz Commoner]

Kulang [Haz Commoner]


by POIQuestsMobs

This quest chain is required for completion of [55] Bodo Materials from Sheelo Lance at the Great Barrier, later.
Wayt Camp: Shedil Ise [Eye of Wisdom Researcher] • Gelin Kawanla [Travelling Merchant]
Haz: Tibabus [Haz Shaman] (only the opening and this section is required to unlock the fourth section of the Great Barrier)
Rufa: Nisha [Rufa Fighter]
This is the start of the fourth section of the introduction to the (Epic) Great Barrier quest series

  1. [55] Reasons for the Garrison - Talk with Shedil Ise
  2. [55] That Merchant - Talk to Gelin Kawanla
  3. [55] Concerning Artifacts - Get Ic Strange Stem Seed x10 from Gold Strange Stem
  4. [55] Bargaining Chips - Deliver the Ic Miraculous Transformation Mud to Tibabus in Haz
  5. [55] The Precondition - Answer Tibabus' question
  6. Haz and Rufa:

Lake Heron[]

by POIQuestsMobs

This first quest chain is required for completion of [55] Water Source Materials from Sheelo Lance at the Great Barrier, later.
Wayt Camp: Zi-zi Wayt [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]
Norzen Camp: Jiesheesh Norzen [Water Source Survey Team Captain] • Redsnow Kloka [Cave Survey Team Captain]

  1. [54] Supporting the Water Source Survey Team - Find Jiesheesh Norzen
  2. [54] Blocked Water Supply - Discover why the water is blocked
  3. [54] Beaverman Activity - Using the Ic Special Magic Lasso, get Ic Wooden Box with Beaverman Inside x10 (Threshold for Ic Special Magic Lasso: 50%)
  4. [54] Supporting the Cave Survey Team - Speak with Redsnow Kloka
  5. [54] Eradicating the Lava Protector - Kill 10 Lava Protectors
  6. [54] What Are the Goblins Excavating? - Get Ic Ore Excavated by Goblins x10
  7. [54] Kidnapping the Beaver King - Using the Ic Special Magic Lasso, capture Wood-Breaker Jillap (threshold for Ic Special Magic Lasso: 50%)
  8. [54] Killing the Goblin Chief Supervisor - Kill Head Supervisor Shaman Chia
  9. [54] Secret Behind the Waterfall - Destroy the power controlling the Beaver King (Kill the Naga Priestess (53 Elite))
  10. [54] The Water Source Survey Team Report - Take the Ic Water Source Survey Team Report to Sheelo Lance

Wayt Camp[]


Two of the area quest chains start here.

see Lake Heron for an important quest chain that starts here but is mostly involved at Norzen Camp and Lake Heron.

see Rufa for an important quest chain that starts here but is mostly involved in Haz and Rufa.

Item-triggered: Ic Communication Note from a Zurhidon Plotter during Water Source SurveyHank ShwanCaptive Luzan Shaman

  1. [54] Murderer of the Polluted Spring - Show the note to Hank Shwan just outside of Wayt Camp
  2. [54] Gain Luzan's Trust - Use Ic Stone of the Wind God at Luzan's Wind Element Totem
  3. [54] Guidance of the God of Wind - 'Talk to Captive Luzan Shaman and listen to the God of Wind's directions

Kilanche Fungus Forest[]

by POIQuestsMobs

This first quest chain is required for completion of [55] Kilanche Fungus Forest Materials from Sheelo Lance at the Great Barrier, later.
see also: Kilanche Fungus Forest sub-chain page
GlinbozWayt Camp: Waysha [Biologist] • Ket Vajinth

  1. [54] Friend or Foe? - Survey Kilanche Fungus Forest without killing ANY fungi!
  2. Spores:
  3. [54] Help Needed - Deliver the Ic Spore bag to Waysha in Wayt Camp
  4. [54] Floating - Get Ic Floating Gold Powder x10 from Golden Green Balloon Monsters
  5. [54] Water Quality Problems - Talk to Glinboz
  6. [54] Water Source Survey - Survey Water Source in Kilanche Fungus Forest
  7. [54] Helping the Fungus King - Help the imprisoned Fungus King
  8. [54] Dealing with Guards - Help the Fungus King by dealing with the guards
  9. [54] Seize the Fake Fungus King's Throne - Kill Pasayshoji

SaidithIc Secret Note

  1. [54] Important Secret Documents - Get Ic Sealed Important Document from a Ruthless Fungus
  2. and then:
  3. [54] The Fungus' Plot - Show the note to Saidith


  1. [54] Chaos in Kilanche Fungus Forest - Kill 10 Gold Strange Stems
  2. [54] Leaving this Crazy Land - Escort Bablis to Glinboz

River Valley[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Ment Kesosis (south of Mirdor Camp and east of Luzan)

  1. [54] Please help me... - Give him a Ic Strong Medicine
  2. [54] Purpose of the Expedition - Listen to his explanation
  3. [54] Threat - Kill 8 Wild Alligator Turtles

Ismo Labol (near Eduth)

  1. [54] Crisis
  2. [54] Crazy Ismo
  3. [54] Report to Ment Kesosis

Object-triggered: Blood-Stained Note

  1. [54] Sheesimos' Last Will and Testament - Get Ic Bones x10 from River Monsters or Wild Lakosos

Demon's Scar[]

by POIQuestsMobs

Bosh Budaweige [Eye of Wisdom Mage] • Ic Stone Tablet with Vague Writing (from the Furious Brothers)

  1. [54] Perhaps Coming Here Was a Bad Idea... - Listen to Bosh Budaweige
  2. Research:
  3. [54] An Unbelievable Answer - Protect Bosh Budaweige while he completes the experiment
  4. [54] Mysterious Stone Tablets - Give the tablets to Bosh Budaweige
  5. [54] Making a Rubbing of the Tablet - Get a Ic Mud Slate with Imprinted Letters
  6. [54] Give to a Sincere Friend - Understand the Stone Tablet

Hall of Survivors[]

by ZoneQuestsMobsPOIsObjects

Marisus [Eye of Wisdom Registrar] - in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom in Varanas
only for those that have completed [50][Epic] Gratitude of the Eye of Wisdom, the final quest in the Bloody Demon Sword epic quest series

  1. [55] Into the Hall of Survivors - Meet Lanier [Eye of Wisdom Mage] inside Hall of Survivors
  2. [55] Sword Punisher - Get Ic Legendary Sword from Andriol
  3. [55] Destruction - Give the Ic Legendary Sword toYarandor
  4. [55] A New Use - Use the Ic Forbidden Rune Fragment to travel to Obsidian Stronghold and find Marty

All of the following quest chains start at Sanburs Camp

Talolin Dickenson [Eye of Wisdom Instructor] at Sanburs Camp in Savage LandsBades Booklan inside the Hall of Survivors

  1. [55][Group] A Problem at the Hall - Find Bades Booklan inside the Hall of Survivors
    • [55][Group] Confidential Research Data - Get Ic Secret Document x10 from Scattered Document in the Hall of Survivors
    • [55][Group] Guardian's Secret - Get a Ic Dubious Item from Andelphelmor or Vrantal in the Hall of Survivors

Osmond Jones [Order of Dark Glory Mercenary] at Sanburs Camp in Savage LandsPoe Neluda just outside the Hall of Survivors

  1. [55] Mercenaries From Home - Find Poe Neluda inside the Hall of Survivors
  2. [55] Past Tragedy - Recover Ic Kurt's Skeleton from the Skeleton Pile in the Hall of Survivors
    • There is a Skeleton Pile in the entrance, before the first trash mobs
    • unlocks half of So-Called Trust

Item-triggered: Ic Work Log

Poe Neluda - After completing both Past Tragedy and Work Log

Leo Hubbert [Ailic's Community] at Sanburs Camp in Savage Lands

  1. [55] Ancient History - Talk to Leo Hubbert
  2. Inside Hall of Survivors:

Great Barrier[]

by POIQuestsMobs

There are 4 areas in this zone that have quests involved in gaining access to travel through the Great Barrier into Aotulia Volcano. This group of quests, below, is the wrap-up to this quest chain.

Sheelo LanceKerchif Waylan [Head of the Barrier Order]

  1. [55] Eye of Wisdom Leader - Talk to Kerchif Waylan
  2. [55] Regular Observations - Inspect the Observation Crystal
  3. [55] Resource Management - Talk to Sheelo Lance
  4. [55] Confirming Materials - Have Sheelo Lance check the materials
  5. [55] Front Line Expedition Team - Sends you into Aotulia Volcano to find Haman in Dead Tree Plains (Aotulia Volcano quest series)

unlocked when you complete Confirming Materials
from here on this is part of the (Epic) Great Barrier quest series
Sheelo Lance

  1. [55][Epic] Ancient Book from the Green Tower - Deliver the book to Mynarvis at the Green Tower

unlocked by [Epic] Ancient Book from the Green Tower

  1. [55] Severe Twist - Listen to Mynarvis
  2. [55] King of the Water - Talk to Polython at Throne of the Water in Weeping Coast
  3. [55][Group] Zanordoth - The Water Dragon King - Polython will use the Ic Water Flue Magic to send you to speak with Zanordoth
  4. [55][Group] Water Dragon Connection - Get Ic Lost Dragon Soul Essence x3 from Possessed Water Elementals
  5. [55][Group] Back to Sleep - Use the Ic Crystal Ball on a damaged Lytfir
  6. [55] Returning Safely - Give the Ic Water Crystal to Kerchif Waylan
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