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Most mobs in Sarlo can drop any of the following items, in addition to Health Potions, Mana Potions, Ammunition, Production Runes, and Festival Items. Usually this is Common and Normal items, but may also include a few Good items.

This table also applies to trash and boss drops in Belathis Fortress and Bankelemos' Dreamland. Good items drop more reliably from bosses in these dungeons.


Those consumables that drop within a zone are usually for sale by at least one merchant in that zone.

Potion Merchants:


Ammunition that drops within a zone are usually for sale by at least one merchant in that zone.

General Merchants:

Raw Materials[]



For Rare level 82 Armor dropped in Sarlo and Belathis Fortress, see: Boiling Lake item set.


Slot Normal Good
Head Fire Elemental Head Piece (RW/Ggl) Rare Fire Elemental Head Piece (RW/Ggl)
Hands Fire Elemental Gloves (RW/Ggl) Rare Fire Elemental Gloves (RW/Ggl)
Feet Fire Elemental Cloth Shoes (RW/Ggl) Rare Fire Elemental Cloth Shoes (RW/Ggl)


Slot Normal Good
Head Boiling Lake Leather Cap (RW/Ggl) Rare Boiling Lake Leather Cap (RW/Ggl)
Hands Boiling Lake Leather Gloves (RW/Ggl) Rare Boiling Lake Leather Gloves (RW/Ggl)
Feet Boiling Lake Leather Boots (RW/Ggl) Rare Boiling Lake Leather Boots (RW/Ggl)


Slot Normal Good
Head Awytar Chain Head (RW/Ggl) Rare Awytar Chain Head (RW/Ggl)
Hands Awytar Chain Hands (RW/Ggl) Rare Awytar Chain Hands (RW/Ggl)
Feet Awytar Chain Boots (RW/Ggl) Rare Awytar Chain Boots (RW/Ggl)


Slot Normal Good
Head Kingdom Helmet (RW/Ggl) Rare Kingdom Helmet (RW/Ggl)
Hands Kingdom Plate Gauntlets (RW/Ggl) Rare Kingdom Plate Gauntlets (RW/Ggl)
Feet Kingdom Plate Boots (RW/Ggl) Rare Kingdom Plate Boots (RW/Ggl)


Type Normal Good
Dagger Boiling Lake Dagger (RW/Ggl) Rare Boiling Lake Dagger (RW/Ggl)
Sword Sword of Disorder (RW/Ggl) Rare Sword of Disorder (RW/Ggl)
2-H Sword Huge Sword of Disorder (RW/Ggl) Rare Huge Sword of Disorder (RW/Ggl)
Axe Fire Elemental Hand Axe (RW/Ggl) Rare Fire Elemental Hand Axe (RW/Ggl)
2-H Axe Fire Elemental Heavy Axe (RW/Ggl) Rare Fire Elemental Heavy Axe (RW/Ggl)
Hammer Awytar Hammer (RW/Ggl) Rare Awytar Hammer (RW/Ggl)
2-H Hammer Huge Awytar Hammer (RW/Ggl) Rare Huge Awytar Hammer (RW/Ggl)
Bow Bow of the Balance (RW/Ggl) Rare Bow of the Balance (RW/Ggl)
Crossbow Crossbow of the Balance (RW/Ggl) Rare Crossbow of the Balance (RW/Ggl)
Wand Boiling Lake Wand (RW/Ggl) Rare Boiling Lake Wand (RW/Ggl)
2-H Staff Staff of the Balance (RW/Ggl) Rare Staff of the Balance (RW/Ggl)
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