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Rogue / Warrior is a very aggressive combination, using high-damage skills to quickly take an advantage in combat and uses relentless abilities to prevent opponents from running away. With multiple attacks that give them good use in both group PvE and PvP, this combo is a strong option for players wanting to remain on the offense, or for players looking for a rogue that isn't strictly dependent on the Shadowstab-Low Blow-Grievous Wound combo.

Main Ways of Build[]

Dexterity, like most Rogue builds, is the chief attribute for gearing up this combo. Dexterity provides more Physical Attack than Strength does for a Rogue, and attacks like Shadowstab, Death's Touch, Poisonous Infection, and Decay all scale with Dexterity. Stamina, like with all classes, is another good attribute to supplement your gear and keep your health high.

As mentioned previously, Rogue / Warrior greatly prefers to use axes. Using axes means that Shadowstab doesn't provide bleeding damage to improve Low Blow, and most players would be quick to believe that Slash from the Warrior class would be a good trade, to perform the standard Rogue combo. However, Grievous Wound doesn't get boosted damage from Slash. Instead, it's best to boost Shadowstab to serve as a filler attack while the elite skills are on cooldown, and instead rely on the elite skills for their damage.

While the burst damage is very high, this combo also has damage over time thanks to its heavy use of poison. While it can be frustrating to have your DoTs break a Numbing Dagger, Throwing Mastery makes up for not being able to use it during a fight by providing a slowing effect. This is how this combo shines in PvP. For group PvE, Poison Spray and Whirlwind from Warrior are able to strike multiple targets, giving them good team use instead of having to focus on one target at a time like some other rogues.


(to see Class Main Skills of Rogue, see Rogue Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[]

Warrior General[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Wp axe01 010 001.png Equip Axe 1 Can equip 1-H axes.
Skill war1-1.png Slash 1 25 rage Instant 50 Inflicts 80% main hand weapon DPS to the target with an additional chance to add Bleed effect for 8 seconds. (Bleed effect only with equipped axe or sword.) +4.8% per level
Skill war aggregation.png Enraged 4 Instant 40 seconds Immediately increase rage by 20 points.
Skill war15-2.png Whirlwind 8 50 rage Instant 30 seconds Oneself Circle (R:50) Whirling in place you cause 70% main hand weapon DPS to the targets within range.

Max hits: 15

+4.2% per level
Skill war12-1.png Berserk 12 Instant 1 minute 25 Increases attacks by 3% and decreases defense by 3% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.6% and +0.6% per level
Skill war24-2.png Defensive Formation 16 Instant 2 minutes 25 Increases your physical defense by 5% and decreases your physical and magical attack by 5% for 30.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+.9% and +.9% per level
Skill war1-2.png Brute Strength 20 Increases strength by 10.7 points and .7%. +1.0 and +0.1% per level

Elite Skills[]

Rogue / Warrior[]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill thi new60-1.png Throwing Mastery 15 Your Throw can now Slow the target for 5 seconds.
Skill thi new60-2.png One-Hand Axe Mastery 20 One-hand axe damage increases by 5.0%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+1.3% per level
Skill thi new60-3.png Whirlwind Mastery 25 Reduces the cost of Whirlwind by 20 rage and decreases cooldown by 20 seconds.
Skill thi new45-3.png Death's Touch 30 15 rage Instant 10 seconds 50 For 10.0 seconds causes 70.0% main hand weapon DPS + 0.20 x Dexterity physical damage to your target, reduces healing effects received by the target by 2.0% and increases your Physical Attack Power by 1.0%.

(This skill reduces the target's received healing by a maximum of 50.0%.)
(Received healing of players is reduces by 2.0% for 5.0 seconds.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Skill thi new35-4.png Poisonous Infection 35 20 rage Instant 15 seconds 50 While Poisonous, each successful hit can poison the target inflicting 12.0 poison damage every 2 seconds. Additionally 85.0% main hand weapon DPS + 0.20 x Dexterity physical damage is dealt to the target.
Skill thi new40-1.png Poison Spray 40 15 rage Instant 6 seconds 50 Can be used when the target is Poisoned from a Poisonous Infection to spread the poison to nearby targets and cause 200.0 damage.
Skill thi new45-6.png Decay 45 30 energy Instant 4 seconds 50 Can be used when Poisonous. It causes 85.0% main hand weapon DPS + 0.20 x Dexterity physical damage and increases your Critical Physical Hit Rate by 20.0 and Critical Physical Damage by 1.0%. (Effective for 12.0 seconds.)

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 20.0 seconds.)

Skill thi new50-4.png Reclaim Energy 50 When you use Shadowstab, you have a chance of recovering energy. When you use Poisonous Infection, there is a chance that your rage will increase.
Toxic Splash.png Toxic Splash 60 Makes Poison Spray trigger a Poisonous Infection effect that causes damage and poisons all surrounding enemies.
Poison Battle Technique.png Poison Battle Technique 70 If target hit by your Whirlwind has a Toxic Splash effect, then extra damage is inflicted.


(to see Basic Combos of class, see at Rogue)


Unlike other rogues, this build can use axes instead of daggers. This means that investing in Shadowstab as a damaging skill isn't particularly necessary, given that its extra bleeding effect only triggers while using a dagger in the main hand. However, Low Blow can still be enhanced with warrior's Slash, which in turns boosts Wound Attack. That means a standard combo is simply Slash ->Low Blow->Wound Attack. Of course, a dagger can still be used as well as Shadowstab instead of Slash; this will make the most of Reclaim Energy to recover energy. It's really a toss-up if this is worth it, though. Shadowstab->Low Blow->Wound Attack costs 85 energy, with Decay costing another 30 for 115, which is plenty of energy during a fresh fight and doesn't get the most out of Reclaim Energy. Then again, daggers are faster, helping with rage generation... It's a difficult argument, especially without the proper resources to theorycraft.

While leveling, Agility is a handy skill to have-avoiding damage is better than taking damage-as is Berserk for the extra damage. Nimble Hands and Defensive Formation aren't mandatory, but each has their benefits. The former helps with rage generation, and the latter with just general survival. Throw is usually not leveling up while leveling. While the slowing effect is useful in PvP, it's generally lacking in PvE.

Speaking of rage generation, that's a bit of an issue for rogue/warrior at the start of a fight, though warrior's Enraged does help with this a bit. Poisonous Infection costs 20 rage; Death's Touch, 15; and Slash, 25. At the start of a fight and using Enraged, that's another 40 rage that needs to be generated to make the most out of this combo's elite skills. It's more difficult with a group of enemies, given that Whirlwind eats a whopping 30 rage, and Poison Spray (15 rage) requires Poisonous Infection (20 rage), which is a total of 65 rage, not including a Slash, which makes it 90. This slow start for the combo is why it's considered a C-rank pairing for group PvE, as (for example) a rogue/mage can immediately go right into dealing damage.

However! That's not to say that rogue/warrior is a bad combination! It's on about equal footing with /scout and /warden in group PvE, and above most other rogue combos available. Rogue/warrior is a solid choice for wanting to chase down other players, for handling groups of enemies (especially after Toxic Splash and Poison Battle Technique are learned), or for players who enjoy the "poisoner" aesthetic without having to work with /druid as a combo.