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Map of Ravenfell

The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Map zone8.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#8
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 45 to 50
Connecting Zones Silverspring to the south and Weeping Coast to the north
TownsAbandoned Fortress
ResourcesYew Wood [RP], Wizard-Iron Ore [RP], Moon Orchid [RP], Sagewood [RP], Mithril [RP], Straw Mushroom [RP], Tarslin Demon Wood [RP], Moon Silver Ore [RP], Sinners Palm [RP]
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Best route from Varanas to Ravenfell: Direct, via Snoop Portal, to Abandoned Fortress

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Ravenfell: Direct, via Snoop Portal, to Abandoned Fortress

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Abandoned Fortress

Ravenfell constitutes the coastal region in the east of the continent. You can reach Ravenfell by taking the road north east from Varanas. This area is characterised by its gently shelving beaches, sand dunes and palm groves. The coastal location made Ravenfell for a long time one of the most important regions for trade and already from early times, the Eye of Wisdom had established a trading post there, named Shahar Harbour.

But the Eye of Wisdom wasn't the only party who was interested in Ravenfell. Shahar Harbour blossomed into a flourishing trading post and as a result of the trade routes it generated; there were soon numerous ambushes from pirates. The most infamous pirate of the time was called Captain Kidd – King of the Pirates. Kidd was notorious all across the seas of Taborea for his merciless brutality and even to this day, bards and storytellers still recount tales of his pitiless raiding activities. The tale of the Golden Goblet is one of these stories and it was said to have been in the Captain’s possession. They also tell that the goblet’s decoration concealed the key to a prized secret.

Strangely, one day Captain Kidd simply disappeared without trace and one of his crew, a man named Will Blake, stepped up to replace him. A whole new era of piracy began under Blake. He founded the Blake Dynasty which was to rule over the seas of Ravenfell for the following decades. Rumour has it that Blake’s ascendancy was somehow connected to the Golden Goblet, which had then come into his possession following Kidd’s sudden disappearance.

In the years which followed, over and over again there were vicious clashes between the pirates and the Eye of Wisdom, who together with help from the Guards of Varanas, were able to hold on to their position in Ravenfell.

Then however, Snow Blake, Will Blake’s granddaughter came upon the scene. She was a pirate and she sought out others like herself. She was famous for her swordsmanship, her daring and her beauty. The various pirate bands united under her leadership as the Black Sail Pirates and achieved an unlimited rule across the ocean. Their powerful flagship, the Black Mary was unstoppable. Even the Eye of Wisdom and the Guards of Varanas failed and after years of resistance finally gave up Shahar Harbour. The town was then plundered and laid waste by the pirates. Today the name of the harbour is long-forgotten.

Just as it had for Captain Kidd, Snow Blake’s rule came to an end in a similar unexpected fashion. Many maintain that she was slyly murdered by a member of her crew. Others say that the Golden Goblet, which was still in her possession at the time, was cursed and had sealed her fate. Whatever may be true, Snow Blake disappeared along with all of her treasure and the proud Black Mary.

Ravenfell is still today characterized by conflicts between the Eye of Wisdom and the Black Sail Pirates. Restless pirate souls still wander through the dunes. Ruins of earlier fortresses are populated by common labourers or one-time inhabitants of Shahar Harbour. And there is a constant succession of rogues, pirates and adventurers who comb the land for signs that may lead to Snow Blake’s treasure and the Golden Goblet.

Nameless Port[]

Today, where Shahar the flourishing outpost of the Eye of Wisdom once nestled against the coast, there are now just ruins. After the town fell in battle to the Black Sail Pirates and the troops from Varanas went into retreat, it was then plundered by its conquerors. Since the pirates apparently had no need for their own harbour, they once again set sail for the open sea following the raid, leaving the burnt out town behind them. Quite soon the remaining continent’s inhabitants forgot the name Shahar and the one-time trading post became known as the Nameless Port.

Nowadays, the Nameless Port is home to a ragtag population. The streets are besieged by ruffians and in the absence of any proper administration, chaos and anarchy rules in the town. Everyone who lives here has a history of being a pirate, a thief, a robber or a hooligan. For this reason various bands have chosen this place from where to carry out their shady dealings and expand across the continent’s borders. They use the old harbour as a shipping point for their smuggled goods.

Yet the governors of Varanas are not entirely free of blame for this state of affairs. Once it became clear that the Nameless Port was lost forever, they ordered that all criminals should be exiled from Varanas and sent to Ravenfell.

Shadowmoon Cove[]

In the east of Ravenfell lies the Shadowmoon Cove, with its small island lying just off the shore. Not long ago a group of pirates made this place their base; they were the Shadowmoon Pirates. It is rumored that the leader of these pirates is no other than Huck, Snow Blake’s former first mate. This information was confirmed when a message in a bottle was found. What’s more, it was discovered from this message that it was Huck who was personally responsible for betraying and murdering Snow Blake. Just why the Shadowmoon Pirates have now turned up in Ravenfell is the subject of some speculation. One hears from the clientèle in certain seaman’s taverns, the common opinion that their presence has to have something to do with Blake’s treasure and her flagship. Following the death of Snow Blake, both disappeared without trace.

Shackle Coast[]

On the Shackle Coast in the north of Ravenfell you will find strange, building-like structures. They seem to be a combination of a mud hut and a nest. The inhabitants of these buildings are called the Chelon – a mix of human and sea turtle. The Chelon have lived in Shadowmoon Cove since time immemorial and have always been a peaceful and benevolent people. With the arrival of the Shadowmoon Pirates, however, their cove has been threatened and they have had to give up their original breeding grounds and move out to the Shackle Coast. Despite their peaceful nature, the Chelon are fearful opponents when they feel that their nests or their young are in danger. The pirates in the area seem to use this fact and secretly stash their valuable booty close by the Chelon nests and so take advantage of their protective guardian instincts.

Abandoned Fortress[]

The Abandoned Fortress on the beach of Ravenfell is a remnant from the wars against the pirates. At one time it was an outpost for the Eye of Wisdom and the Guards of Varanas, which was then overcome and destroyed by the pirates. At the present time, the old walls serve as a camp for all sorts of traders and seafarers, who are all out to seek their fortune in Ravenfell. Travelers who prefer to keep their distance from the Nameless Port, find a refuge here where they can restock their supplies and repair their arms and equipment. The inhabitants of the fortress are happy to hear of any news from other lands and in exchange will offer the latest news and rumors concerning Ravenfell. Along with all this, the daring and plucky adventurer can also pick up one or more quests in the Abandoned Fortress.

The Treasure of the Black Mary[]

The Black Mary was the flagship of the Black Sail Pirates’ fleet and was commanded by the infamous Snow Blake. No greater or more beautiful ship had ever been seen on any ocean before or since. Made from the finest timber, she had masts as tall as the tallest trees in the land and cannon which, with a single broadside, could dispatch an enemy ship to the bottom of the sea. With her black sails and a captain who feared neither the Devil nor death, the Black Mary was both the queen and the terror of the oceans of Taborea. Snow Blake treated the ship as her personal talisman and after every battle, she made sure that even the tiniest scratch on her was removed and her hull restored to a pristine condition. Yet the Black Mary was never sighted in any known harbor. Just where the Black Mary was moored and repaired was one of Snow Blake’s secrets. One thing is for sure and that is that it must have been a considerably sized hideout, since the ship would have taken up a huge amount of space.

Following Snow Blake’s death there were many rumors as to where the Black Mary might lie – she was never bettered in battle and up until this day has never been found. Whatever happened to the Black Sail Pirates’ flagship, the sailors in the dens of Ravenfell are all agreed on one thing – that the fate of the Black Mary is closely bound up with the whereabouts of the Golden Goblet and the treasure of Captain Snow Blake. One sign that seems to support this speculation is the sudden appearance of the Shadowmoon Pirates under Huck’s leadership. Could it be possible that the one-time officer and betrayer of Snow Blake has information that the ship and treasure could be located somewhere in Ravenfell?

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