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Hending Harbor[]

Lvl Start NPC Quest Name Summary XP TP Gold Item
1 Pitt Exodillus Drifter's End You have now arrived at Hending Harbor. Please disembark and speak with Naidi Kenlin. 60 6 50

Coast of Opportunity[]

Lvl Start NPC Quest Name Summary XP TP Gold Item
19 Lanlac Fruit Eaten by Mistake Collect 5 Unknown Red Fruits from the Bizarre Red Plant near the Zappa River and give them to Nake to Analyze. 3966 396 1064 Boots of Soft Juicy Fruit (tier 1) ; Leather Boots of Fruits and Oily Seeds ; Battle Boots of Red Fruit
19 Feideli Child Sister's New Lute Deliver New Lute to Aysheel in Lyonsyde Tribe. 3672 367 1064 Shoulder Armor of the Beautiful Woman ; Shoulder Armor of Eye Candy ; Shoulder Armor of Gazing Posture
19 Nala Heffner Visit the Heart of Nature Visit Ayfeysi, the Heart of Nature Instructor in Shuma Valley. 4113 411 1064
20 Ferdik Kalor Echo of the Shuma Valley Find out the subject of the research being conducted by Ferdik Kalor. 5608 560 1112 Belt of the Echoing Valley ; Belt of the Sound of Noise ; Belt of Loud Sound ; Belt of the Valley's Response
20 Ferdik Kalor "Yaaaah...!" Use the Sound Amplification Rune to shout loudly into the Shuma Valley and collect the Echo Elements that appear nearby. 5608 560 1112
21 Jayne Shang Fresh Feed Obtain 10 Plump Beast Meat from the Shuma Gazelle in the Shuma Valley and give them to Jayne Shang. 7577 757 1166 Specially Crafted Miner's Gloves ; Specially Crafted Gazelle Horn Gloves
21 Jayne Shang Poaching is not permitted! Search for the Traps placed by Adventurers in the Shuma Valley and dismantle them. 7577 757 1166 Experienced Hunter's Cloth Robe of Wisdom ; Experienced Hunter's Cloth Coat ; Experienced Hunter's Hunting Breastplate ; Experienced Hunter's Plate Armor of Bravery
21 Jayne Shang Repaying Kindness Collect 10 Short Tree Seeds in Shuma Valley and give them to the Elf to thank him for saving your life 7577 757 1166 Cloak of Thankfulness ; Short Tree Cloak ; Savior Cloak ; Cloak of Feedback
21 Sheorwest Find the Poachers Go back to where the traps were set in Shuma Valley and attempt to find the whereabouts of the wicked adventurers. 8726 872 1212 Poacher's True Form ; Poacher's Shadow ; Shield of Natural Loss
22 Sheorwest Warning to Others Go to the place where you first met Jayne Shang and ask about the situation of the north riverbank. Then go find the poachers and punish them. Also obtain the Animal Release Key from them and save the trapped animals. 8726 872 1212 Crown of Policing ; Hat of Warning ; Helm of Admonishment ; Helm of Alarm
22 Ayfeysi Abnormal Plants Help Ayfeysi of the Fellowship of the Singing Spring get 5 bottles of Clean River Water from the waterfall downstream of Zapa River. 8726 872 1212
23 Herode Kelire Captain Yngmur Is Looking For You Captain Yngmur Zuken of Yngmur Camp wants you to report to him as soon as possible. 10213 1021 1274 Summoned Mace ; Sword of Report ; Staff of Great Distance ; Bow of Long Range ; Stiletto of Rapid Thrusts
23 Satenando The First Step to Enter the Tribe Enter Mestro Woodlands and collect 5 Fresh Picked Mushrooms and 5 Fresh Picked Herbs, then take them to Satenando to check. 10213 1021 1274 Wandering Snake Resister ; Tribe Accepter ; Mestro's Shield
23 Nicole Rebecca Teddy Bear's New Home Bring Nicole's Teddy Bear to Lyonsyde Tribe and find a shaman. 10213 1021 1274 Long Robe of the Bear's Relief ; Leather Coat of the Bear's Gaze ; Body Armor of the Bear's Protection ; Plate Armor of the Bear's New Home
24 Satenando Hunting Trainee Follow Village Hunter into Mestro Woodlands. 10307 1030 1331 Hunter's Wisdom Training ; Hunter's Agility Training ; Hunter's Observation Training ; Hunter's Strength Training
24 Village Hunter Test Results Capture 3 Trapped Bears and 3 Trapped Wolves from the Hunter Traps and bring them back to the village for Shaman Fogg to check. 11956 1195 1331
24 Shaman Fogg Go to the Woodcutter's Camp People in the woodcutting area of the Yngmur Camp

have come across some difficulty. Go there and find Faydaan to learn more.

11956 1195 1331 Shoulder Guards of the Tree's Breath ; Shoulder Guards of the Tree's Wiff ; Shoulder Guards of the Tree's Pleasure ; Shoulder Guards of the Tree's Sound
24 Faydaan Guard the Woodcutters Prevent the Menacing Sabretooth Tigers from interfering with Faydaan's work. 11956 1195 1331 Tiger Stripe Belt ; Tiger Skin Belt
24 Sanguis Swallowed Pearl Retrieve 3 Precious Purple Pearls lost by Sanguis from the bodies of the Shuma Tortoises. 11956 1195 1331 Purple Pearl Belt ; Precious Treasure Belt
25 Kuti Zetez The Great Skill of Transport Go to Heffner Camp and receive a Grey Shell from Yawen Hueh. Then come back and present the shell to Kuti Zetez. 13415 1341 1390 Chainmail of the Shell ; Plate Armor of the Beck and Call
25 Yngmur Zuken Learn about our Friends Here Get to know chief Satenando of Lyonsyde Tribe introduced to you by Yngmur Zuken. 13415 1341 1390
25 Yngmur Zuken A Show of Goodwill Eliminate 10 nearby Wandering Vipers in Lyonsyde Tribe. 13415 1341 1390
26 Pafrake A Son's Worry Ask for Shaman Fogg's opinion for Pafrake. 15453 1545 1443 Lalusu's Witty Gloves ; Lalusu's Skillful Hand Guards
26 Shaman Fogg Family Quarrel Listen to Shaman Fogg's opinions. 15453 1545 1443 Gloves of Familial Love ; Gloves of Blood Thick as Water
26 Shaman Fogg A Stubborn Father? Go to Basilisk Swamp and search for traces of Pafrake. Then help him when he gets into trouble. 15453 1545 1443 Earring of Friendship ; Earring of Satisfaction ; Earring of Resolve ; Earring of Glory
26 Delaylo Poison Research Find Wandering Vipers surrounding the Lyonsyde Tribe and obtain 10 batches of Wandering Viper Venom from them to give to Delaylo to use as research samples. 15453 1545 1443
26 Delaylo Another Step in Poison Research Obtain 4 batches of Speckled Boa Venom from the Colorful Boas in the area surrounding the Lyonsyde Tribe and give them to Delaylo to use in his research. 15453 1545 1443
27 Menk Virtulos Special Gift Collect 5 Mestro Brown Bear Claws and 5 Mestro Hippogriff Teeth for Menk Virtulos. 17301 1730 1515 Belt of the Beauty's Charm ; Belt of the Beauty's Glamour
27 Menk Virtulos Meaning Behind the Rune Take the Mestro Hippogriff Teeth and Rune of Protection to Refining Master Galifei Pingsi and have him embed the rune. 17301 1730 1515 Shoulder Guard of the Defender's Intention ; Shoulder Guards of Long Lasting Companionship
27 Menk Virtulos Worried Azifulan Give the necklace to Azifulan. 17301 1730 1515 Shoulder Guard of Tribal Customs ; Knit Cloth Shoulder Guards
27 Azifulan Act First and Report Later Help Azifulan prepare enough animals that would act as a proposal gift for Menk Virtulos to save face, including 5 Basilisk Boas and 5 portions of Deep Mud Cylotok Meat. 17301 1730 1515 Hat of Passion ; Helm of Attachment
27 Yana Rash Relief Prescription Help Yana obtain 5 portions of Giant Rhinoceros Tusk Powder from Basilisk Giant Rhinoceroses 17301 1730 1515 Thick Skinned Giant Rhinoceros Belt ; Hard Horned Giant Rhinoceros Belt
28 Yana Frightening Giant Mosquitoes Go to Basilisk Swamp and kill 12 Giant Basilisk Mosquitoes. 19563 1956 1577
28 Shaman Fogg Proof of Strength Go into Mestro Woodlands and hunt Mestro Sabretooth Tigers and Mestro Brown Bears. Bring back 5 Sabretooth Tiger Fangs and 5 Beast Pelts and give them to Satenando. 19563 1956 1577 Mestro Sabretooth Tiger Tiara ; Mestro Brown Bear Helmet
28 Satenando Rite of Passage Go to the Basilisk Pit and hunt 5 Giant Basilisk Pythons and bring 3 Giant Snake Eggs back from the depths of the cave. 19563 1956 1577 Egg of the Ancient Snake ; Flying Snake Egg ; Huge Snake Egg ; Boa Egg
29 Satenando Friends Facing Difficulty Search for the cause of the snake tribe's abnormal behavior. Go to the Basilisk Pit, where they are gathered in great number and look around. Maybe you will discover something unexpected. 21237 2123 1623 Shoulder Guards of Knowledge's Rumors ; Mystery Probing Shoulder Guards ; Shoulder Guards of the Rising Group ; Shoulder Guards of Raging War
29 Yngmur Zuken Strange Rock Pillar Ask Rune Scholar Lesley Kuwend about the origins of the rune designs inside the Basilisk Pit. 21237 2123 1623
29 Lesley Kuwend Secret Mage Recipe: Anti-Snake Incense Gather 10 portions of Snake Oil and 10 Spicy White Roots to make 10 portions of Anti-snake Incense. Give it to the Lyonsyde chief. 21237 2123 1623 Gloves of Secret Methods ; Hand Guards of Incense ; Gloves of the Snake Flood ; Gloves of Disaster Prevention
29 Satenando The Chief's Promise Inform the Eye of Wisdom Rune Scholar Lesley Kuwend of Chief Satenando's promise. 21237 2123 1623
29 Samantha Delintas Dangerous Mission Meet Eye of Wisdom Instructor Samantha Delintas in the Basilisk Pit. While she is casting the forbidden rune removal spell, protect her from being hurt by the snake tribe. 21237 2123 1623 Forbidden Mark Cloth Boots ; Hunting Boots of the Emergency Task ; Battle Boots of Tactical Reunion ; Battle Boots of the Brink of Danger
29 Delaylo Snake Poison Cure Recipe Obtain 7 Boa Scales, 9 Giant Mosquito Wings and 3 Cylotok Hearts from the Marsh Boas, Giant Basilisk Mosquitoes and Deep Mud Cylotoks that are found in Basilisk Swamp, in order to help Delaylo research a cure for snake poison. 21237 2123 1623 Giant Mosquito Crystal Wing Cape ; Deep Mud Heart Cloak ; Poison Boa Scale Cloak ; Basilisk Cloak
29 Sanguis Perfect Jewelry Help Sanguis obtain 1 Intact Cylotok Fang. 21237 2123 1623
30 Navid Kebay-John Don't Let the Stew Get Cold Deliver the Piping Hot Stew to Wodus Power before it gets cold. 24558 2455 1683 Soft Hat for Hot Days ; Cooling Cover ; Especially Sent Tiara ; Helm of Limited Time
30 Maluke A Lyonsyde Youth Please go to Basilisk Swamp and obtain 10 Marsh Boa Eggs and give them to Maluke to earn his trust. 24558 2455 1683 Huge Opal Sword ; Opal Battle Axe ; Opal Staff ; Opal Crossbow ; Opal Stiletto
30 Maluke Youthful Frustrations Please find Kafeite at the Lyonsyde Tribe and tell him about Maluke distress. 24558 2455 1683 Ring of the Lyonsyde ; Ring of Youthful Depression ; Maluke's Ring ; Kafeite's Ring
30 Kafeite Assist with Potion Ingredient Collection Please go to Cascade Path and obtain 5 Cascade Waterfall Newt Skins from Waterfall Newts and 5 Cascade Waterfall Dragonfly Wings from Waterfall Dragonflies. 24558 2455 1683
30 Kafeite Give me a Courage Elixir? Please take the Courage Elixir and give it to Maluke in the Lyonsyde Tribe. 24558 2455 1683 Earring of Wisdom ; Earring of Agility ; Earring of Defense ; Earring of Courage
31 John Kinin Message Take the letter, read it, and give your reply to Messenger John Kinin. 26111 2611 1744
31 Wodus Power Emergency Demand for Ore Pick out 10 blocks of Pure Luetium and deliver them to Seda Faar at Desert Investigation Post. 26111 2611 1744
31 Katalina Poisoned Adventurer Pick 5 Blade of Red Flame Grass from the Ring of the Ravenous and bring them back to Katalina. 26111 2611 1744 Book of Ten Thousand Poisons ; Mad Addict's Stinger ; Shield of Ten Thousand Poisons
31 Katalina Scorpion Antidote Go to the Desert Investigation Post and ask Dieter to make an antidote potion. Then bring the potion back to Katalina. 26111 2611 1744 Dieter's Shoulder Guards ; Katalina's Shoulder Guards
31 Sadiya An Irresistible Smell Help Sadiya by bringing back some Rich Chowder made by Hanolika. 26111 2611 1744 Shoulder Guards of Gobbling Food ; Shoulder Guards of the Forefinger
31 Hanolika Delicious Stew Help Hanolika prepare the following ingredients for the Rich Chowder: 7 pieces of Burrow Sharptooth's Firm Leg Meat, 9 Wasteland Scavenger Wing Bones, and 1 Vanilla Pod. 26111 2611 1744 Boots of Soft Juicy Fruit ; Boots of Wasteland Travels ; Rich Chowder
32 Sadiya Deliver the Samples Help Sadiya take the Vegetation Samples he collected to Morfanie. 29620 2962 1796
32 Morfanie Mending Bridges Take Morfanie's Letter to the Desert Waystation and give it to Klinina. 29620 2962 1796 Klinina's Coat ; Klinina's Light Armor ; Morfanie's Body Armor ; Morfanie's Plate Armor
32 Klinina I Can't Forgive This! Take Klinina's reply to the Desert Investigation Post and give it to Morfanie. 29620 2962 1796 Treasure House of Knowledge ; Blessing of Nature ; Earth's History ; Intention to Make Up
32 Morfanie Toxin Trace Research Obtain Burrow Beast Antennas from the Burrow Beasts and give them to Morfanie. 31531 3153 1796 Boots of Wasteland Battlefield ; Battle Boots of the Huge Pit Beast
33 Bruno Wake Up this Guy Please go to Stone Corridor near the Desert Investigation Post and hunt the Burrow Sharpteeth to obtain 5 Sharptooth Horns and give them to Bruno. 35412 3541 1860 Ring of Awakening ; Ring of Awakening (Wisdom) ; Ring of Resurgence ; Ring of Origin
33 Bruno Do Me Another Favor! Please go to the Ring of the Ravenous and hunt the Crimson Burrow Scorpions around there to obtain 10 Crimson Scorpion Legs to give Bruno. 35412 3541 1860 Red Pit ; Core of Red; Ultramarine Fruit ; Ultramarine Stone
33 Bruno Missing Parts Please go to Dusty Wastelands and hunt the Burrow Beasts to obtain 5 piles of Wasteland Sand and give them to Bruno. 35412 3541 1860 Complicated Exquisite Belt ; Complicated Mechanical Belt; Complicated Key Belt ; Complicated Heavy Belt
34 Bruno Mirak (Quest) Please speak with Mirak next to Bruno. 44767 4476 1926
34 Paloo Ridiculous! Please relay Paloo's complaints to Bruno. 44767 4476 1926 Mirak's Lost Leggings ; Mirak's Guardian Leg Guards ; Mirak's Defensive Leg Guards ; Mirak's Resistance Leg Guards
34 Mufasa Luckshine A Suspicious Buzzing Help Mufasa Luckshine activate 4 Energy Detecting Devices placed by the Giant Stone Pit. 44767 4476 1926 Energy Collector Gloves ; Energy Detector Gloves
34 Mufasa Luckshine Resonating with Energy Collect 5 Resonance Cores from the bodies of Feeble Punishers and give them to Mufasa Luckshine to make the analyzer. 44767 4476 1926 Punisher Gloves ; Gloves of Resonance Core
34 Mufasa Luckshine Information Loss Help Mufasa Luckshine record what he reads off. 44767 4476 1926
34 Mufasa Luckshine Mufasa's Discovery Listen to Mufasa's Discovery. 44767 4476 1926
35 Bruno The Worst Case Scenario Please help Bruno find the missing Mirak. 50176 5017 1995 Earring of Searching Intention ; Lost Item Ear Stud ; Ear Stud of Searching Method ; Ear Stud of Searching Tools
35 Seda Faar Trash Has Its Value Go to the Giant Stone Pit and find an item that might be valuable. Give it to Seda Faar. 50176 5017 1995 Leggings of the Appraiser ; Leg Guards of Clairoyance ; Priceless Treasure Leg Guards ; Treasure Hunter Leg Guards
35 Seda Faar Fix It! The Strange Thing Get Tipadei Ayerka to give you the Box of Activate Runes, Box of Frost Runes, and Box of Link Runes for Seda Faar. 50176 5017 1995
35 Seda Faar Tick, tick, tick... It's running. Watch the operating state of Strange Object. 50176 5017 1995
35 Seda Faar Feed "It" Go to the Giant Stone Pit and collect 10 portions of Nuclear Energy that are the products of the Unstable Energy Flows 50176 5017 1995 Long Sword of Source Power ; Heavy Axe of Source Protection ; Staff of Source Heart ; Crossbow of Source Light ; Dagger of Source Energy
35 Memory Core Guardian's Mission Talk to the successfully activated Memory Core (who calls itself Sky Guardian Farwing 20-1728). 50176 5017 1995 Mission Ring ; Ring of the Far Wing ; Ring of Defense ; Ring of Heaven's Light
35 Sotte Newmen Demon?! Inform the leader in charge of delivery, Kelly Osa at the Desert Waystation news regarding the possible appearance of demons. 50176 5017 1995
36 Kelly Osa Pay a Visit to Instructor Imengala Pay a visit to Imengala, Instructor for the Fellowship of the Singing Spring stationed in the wilderness outpost. 54821 5482 2053 Shoulder Armor of Demonstrated Talent ; Shoulder Guards of Heroic Encounter ; Shoulder Guards of Heroic Defense ; Shoulder Guards of Heroic Reunion
36 Imengala Frozen Elf Take Imengala's letter to Hanna Pint. 54821 5482 2053 Abandoned Gloves ; Thousand Year Gloves ; Letter Gloves ; Keepsake Gloves
36 Hanna Pint A Memory from a Thousand Years Ago Listen to Hanna Pint describe her account of past events. 54821 5482 2053 Wings of Memory ; Wings of Red Fire
36 Hanna Pint More Supplies Go to Shafay Zilun in the Desert Investigation Post and get more herbs. 54821 5482 2053 Shield of Medicinal Plants
36 Rampaging Mirak Stop it! Stop Mirak's escape! 54821 5482 2053 Mirak's Runaway Boots ; Boots of the Constrained Control
36 Mirak's Remains An Extravagant Experience Report the situation with Mirak to Bruno. 54821 5482 2053 Buleinuo's Sighing Boots ; Boots of Mirak's Remains
36 Faminol Heart of Nature's Seed Get a Elf Seed from Choakyare of the Fellowship of the Singing Spring 54821 5482 2053
37 Hanna Pint Heading for the Sub-Human Camp Deliver the supplies to Akuya Whitestar at the Valley of Tranquility. 59844 5984 2120
37 Akuya Whitestar Plight of the Sub-humans Learn about the sub-human's problem. 59844 5984 2120
37 Akuya Whitestar Akuya's Medical Assistant Act as Akuya's assistant and treat the patient. 59844 5984 2120 Proof of Medical Skills ; Certificate of Assistance ; Certificate of Treatment ; Certificate of Aid
37 Akuya Whitestar Find Airleir Search for the patrolman who is late returning home along the road to Quodate Plains. 59844 5984 2120 Airleir's Protection ; Airleir's Spying ; Airleir's Patrol ; Airleir's Silence
37 Portable Book Unrecognizable text Bring the Portable Book back to Akuya Whitestar. 59844 5984 2120
37 Akuya Whitestar Emergency Notice Deliver Akuya's message to Deputy Captain Fanger Chase. 59844 5984 2120 Ring of the Word of Mouth ; Ring of the Fleet Footed ; Ring of Advanced Warning ; Ring of Emergency Notice
37 Klinina Plants that Absorb Energy Klinina needs 5 Trees of Energy to use as research samples. 59844 5984 2120 Eyes of Jade ; Button of Jade ; Maroon Fire ; Maroon Pit
37 Klinina Sources of Energy Needed! Help Klinina obtain Weak Energy from Feeble Punishers and Unstable Energy Flows. 66479 6647 2174 Wood Spirit Boots ; Wood Essence Leather Boots ; Wood Soul Boots ; Wood Heart Boots
38 Shafay Zilun Appropriate Candidate Shafay Zilun asked you to go to Mollick Valley and kill the Burrow Food Plunderers to obtain 5 Predator Samples. When you are finished return to the Desert Investigation Post and report back to Shafay Zilun. 66479 6647 2174 Predator's Plan Pants ; Predator's Tranquility Leg Guards ; Predator's Instant Leg Guards ; Predator's Brutality Leg Guards
38 Kelly Osa Joining the Delivery Team Bring 10 pieces of Holly Timber to Kelly Osa. You can either make them yourself, purchase them at the auction house, or exchange 10 Giant Wasteland Predator Organ with the old carpenter Midee Libillis. 66479 6647 2174
38 Kelly Osa Breakout Join a supply escort team. There are 3 teams in total in charge of different sections of the road. Gungen Emperus, Wenmimiti and Mugwert Tallpeak are in charge of the teams. Choose to join one of them and break the enemy lines.

Be careful not to go too far away from the team, and protect the team leader. If he dies, you fail the quest.

Report back to Mingteh Fulix then
66479 6647 2174 Battle Axe of the Bull ; Hammer of the Giant Beast ; Staff of the Bright Deer ; Bow of the Flying Hawk ; Short Blade of the Ghost Monkey
38 Mingteh Fulix The Best Defense is a Good Offense Kill Ancient Naga Rebels, Ancient Limon Bandits, Wandering Ancient Tiktaaliks, and Wandering Ancient Disciples. 66479 6647 2174 Soft Hat of the Coming Battle ; Siegebreaker Helmet ; Flexible Fight Helmet ; Battle Helmet of High Morale
39 Yosang Fulion I Want Revenge! Help Yosang Fulion kill 15 Wandering Ancient Naga. 77460 7746 2220 Belt of Vengeance's Ambition ; Belt of Vengeance's Determination ; Belt of Vengeance's Struggle ; Belt of Vengeance's Battle Strength
39 Cher Zinner A Strong Smell Obtain 10 Ancient Disciple Manes from the Wandering Ancient Disciples and bring them back to Cher Zinner. 77460 7746 2220 Cape of the Wandering Ancient Disciple ; Fallen Ancient Disciple Cloak ; Dark Night Ancient Disciple Cloak ; Hunting Ancient Disciple Cloak
39 Cher Zinner Anything Edible is Fine! Obtain 5 Food Bags from Fanger's Old Camp and bring them back to the hungry Cher Zinner. 77460 7746 2220 Cher's Giant Hammer ; Cher's Longsword ; Cher's Staff ; Cher's Hunting Bow ; Cher's Dagger
39 Marx Wade Lost Luck Help Marx Wade find his Lucky Stone at Fanger's Old Camp. 77460 7746 2220 Gloves of Lucky Return ; Lost But Found Gloves
39 Hawn Hebol Occasionally one needs to relax Collect 8 Huairshee Grass for Hawn Hebol. 77460 7746 2220 Huairshee Grass Cloth Robe ; Huairshee Grass Leather Coat ; Huairshee Grass Breastplate ; Huairshee Grass Plate Armor
39 Hawn Hebol Special Medicine? Give the finished potion to Fanger. 77460 7746 2220 Fluorescent Potion Gloves ; Spiritual Potion Gloves
39 Fanger Chase Be Prepared In the Quodate Plains, gather 15 Normal Fallen Leaves, 10 Dead Branches, and 5 strands of Hemp Rope for Fanger Chase. 77460 7746 2220 Trap Leaves Shoulder Guards ; Trap Leather Rope Shoulder Guards
39 Fanger Chase Defend the Base Install 5 Mechanical Traps on the plains outside of Fanger's Makeshift Camp. 77460 7746 2220 Trap-Triggering Shoulder Guards ; Trap-Deploying Shoulder Guards
40 Mishlor Illusion Herbs Go to the outskirts of the Fanger's Makeshift Camp and collect 5 bundles of Psychedelic Grass and give them to Mishlor. 86660 8666 2278 Misuluoguo's Ring of Illusory Shadow ; Misuluoguo's Ring of False Shadows ; Misuluoguo's Ring of Foggy Shadows ; Misuluoguo's Ring of Blurry Shadows ; Ancient Disciple Illusion Potion
40 Cher Zinner Assist in Undercover Work Go to the Fanger's Makeshift Camp to find Mishlor and bring some Ancient Disciple Illusion Potion back to Cher Zinner. 86660 8666 2278 Shadow Magic Pants ; Leg Guards of Deceptive Illusion ; Leg Guards of Crazed Illusion ; Leg Guards of Addicted Illusion
40 Dower Delanin The Surviving Deputy Dower Delanin assigns you to go to Fanger's Old Camp to obtain 1 Tragic Disciple's Rune from an Ancient Embittered Disciple. When you're finished, report back to Dower Delanin. 86660 8666 2278 Embittered Disciple's Curse ; Berserk Rune Book ; Shield of Dardelania
40 Dower Delanin Failure will not Speak of Courage Dower Delanin needs you to go to the Quodate Plains to hunt the Devouring Blooms and obtain 10 Devouring Sharptooth Flower's Long Stalks to use as food reserves. Report back to Dower Delanin when finished. 86660 8666 2278 Flower Stem Ring ; Ring of the Flower Stem ; Ring of the Flower Petal ; Ring of the Flower Crown
40 Dower Delanin Area of Expertise Dower Delanin wants you to use the Tragic Disciple's Rune like he told you. After you have used it successfully, come back and find Dower Delanin and tell him the results. 86660 8666 2278 Dower's Research Jacket ; Dower's Leather Focus Armor ; Dower's Analysis Armor ; Dower's Willpower Plate Armor
40 Dower Delanin Information Collection Dower Delanin wants you to take the Dower's Report to Fanger's Makeshift Camp to give to Fanger Chase. 86660 8666 2278 Clover's Code Word ; Clover's Purr ; Moss's Breath ; Moss's Song
40 Naibi Kelongde Report Confirmation Naibi Kelongde wants you to kill the Ancient Naga Rebel and bring back the Naga's Rune Crystal it carries. Report back to Naibi Kelongde when finished. 86660 8666 2278 Naga Rebel Gloves ; Naga Night Gloves ; Naga Bloodthirst Gloves ; Naga Shadow Gloves
41 Naibi Kelongde Subdue the Ice Witch Naibi Kelongde wants you to use the Pre-adjusted Imprisoned Witch Rune against the Ruthless Ice Witch when it is weak and then bring the Imprisoned Ice Witch back with you. Report back to Naibi Kelongde when finished. 89442 8944 2340 Ice Pants ; Prison Leg Guards ; Berserk Leg Guards ; Chain Leg Guards
41 Naibi Kelongde Deliver the Ice Naibi Kelongde wants you to take the Imprisoned Ice Witch to the Fanger's Makeshift Camp and give it to Fanger Chase. 89442 8944 2340 Necklace of Freezing Winter ; Necklace of Frozen Loneliness ; Necklace of Ice Prison ; Necklace of Instant Freeze
41 Seda Faar The Demon Hidden in Icefrost City Inspect Memory Core and try talking to it. 89442 8944 2340 Boots of Memory's Road ; Leather Boots of Path Guiding Wind ; Battle Boots of Crossroad Guidance ; Battle Boots of Earth Exploration
41 Urbie Tedragos Eye of Wisdom's Speculation Inform Deputy Captain Fanger Chase of Urbie Tedragos' speculation. 89442 8944 2340 Shoulder Armor of Dark Shadows ; Shoulder Guards of Dense Fog ; Shoulder Guards of Suspicions ; Shoulder Guards of Shadow Lurking
41 Fanger Chase Meeting at the Gates Head near Icefrost City and search for the hidden Shiller brothers. 89442 8944 2340 Ring of Hiding ; Ring of Exploration ; Ring of Searching ; Ring of Appointment
41 Ben Shiller Light Hands and Feet Use the Stealth Device and infiltrate Icefrost City to investigate. 89442 8944 2340 Sword of Sought After Power ; Sword of Sought After Courage ; Staff of Sought After Light ; Crossbow of Sought After Spirit ; Blade of Sought After Skill
41 Ben Shiller Inform the Captain Go to the cross wood, and report the existence of the three-headed python Hydra to Captain Issac Tobolin by means of the Magic Transmission Device. 89442 8944 2340 Belt of the Magic Signal ; Belt Buckle of Essential Communication

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