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PvP (or Honor) Gear is purchased from vendors in Obsidian Stronghold using Honor Points, which are aquired from participating in PvP events, such as Battlefields, Arena, and Guild Siege Wars. Many pieces have unique Yellow stats.

Obsidian Stronghold Vendors[ | ]

Patti Woram (Chainmail Armor)
Nina Woram (Cloth Armor)
Margaret Woram (Leather Armor)
Kira Woram (Recipes)
Fey Woram (Materials)
Yallisa Woram (Rings, Cloaks, Belts - Superior)
Nassi Woram (Rings, Cloaks, Belts - Inferior)
Lis Woram (Honor Fusion Stone, Guild Donations, Repair Hammers, 7-Day Mounts)[1]
Melody Woram (Material Packages - 50 materials per package)[2]