Protector Set Item Set (Required Level: 60)
Members and Set BonusesAppearanceMembers and Set BonusesAppearance
This set has no Cloth option. This set has no Leather option.
This set has no Chain option. Protector Set (3) Plate
Icon - Protector Plate Armor.png  Protector Plate Armor
Protector Leg Guards (RW/Ggl)
Protector Helmet (RW/Ggl)
Needed for Item-Set Skill: 3
Improved Gathering Speed (All Classes)

Set Notes
This level 60 Rare armor set is crafted using recipes purchased from Kira Woram [Honor Recipes Merchant] in the Mercenary Square of the Obsidian Stronghold. The sets are also sold for 10,000 Icon - Gold Coin.png  20 Icon - Ancient Mementos.png   (each piece) by Silas Dardeh [Black Codex] at Rh'anka Village in Northern Janost Forest.

There are four individually-named sets that collectively make the Honor armor set.

The recipe for each piece, weapons and armor, costs 10,000 Icon - Gold Coin.png  2,000 Currency - Honor Points.png  .

See also: Honor Omega set (level 95), Honor Alpha set (level 97)
See also: Item Set Skills for a table of all Items Sets, by class, and what extractable skills they have.
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