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see also: Coin of Wind Coin of Wind
Maximum Stack Size: 1,000
Dropped by:
Icon - Proof of Myth
Proof of Myth
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Edward Wilson in Varanas is collecting this rare, glittering item.
This item can be used after being exchanged and placed in the Currency List. Right-click to exchange all the currency

Proof of Myth Sets
PoM I (72)
PoM II (75)
PoM III (80)
PoM IV (82)
PoM V (85)
PoM VI (87)
PoM VII (92)
PoM VIII (95)
PoM IX (97)
PoM X (98)
PoM XI (99)
PoM XII (100)
Purchased from Edward Wilson in Varanas Central Plaza with Proofs of Myth Proofs of Myth.
The middle set of each column has 2 pieces, all the rest have 3 pieces.
Combine multiple sets to form a complete look.
Pumpkin Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Pumpkin Festival (October to November)
During the Pumpkin Festival Owenstein in channel 1 of Varanas Central Plaza will exchange Coin of Wind Coin of Wind ×50 for Proofs of Myth Proofs of Myth ×3. The Coin of Wind (7 Days) Coin of Wind (7 Days) drops from all mobs in Ancient Dreamland, Moorlands of Farsitan, Korris, and Ice Blade Plateau during this time.

In the last week of August 2020 (8/24 to 8/30), you could trade Rhinoceros Blood Rhinoceros Blood ×125 (costs Ancient Memento Ancient Memento ×1000) to Frank for a Proof of Myth Proof of Myth and a Peak Experience Orb (1,000,000 Points) Peak Experience Orb (1,000,000 Points).