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Crafting allows you to create armor, weapons, food, potions, and other items. There are six production professions.

Professions[ | ]

Livingskill 06 Alchemy[ | ]

Alchemists brew potions that can restore health, mana, rage, energy, or focus. Some potions also give buffs.

Livingskill 03 Armorcrafting[ | ]

Armorers create Leather, Chain, and Plate armor.

Livingskill 01 Blacksmithing[ | ]

Blacksmiths create melee weapons and shields.

Livingskill 02 Carpentry[ | ]

Carpenters create Staves, Bows, and Talismans.

Livingskill 05 Cooking[ | ]

Cooks make food that give buffs when eaten.

Livingskill 04 Tailoring[ | ]

Tailors create Cloth armor.

Production Recipes[ | ]

There are two ways to acquire production recipes. First, you can learn some basic recipes directly from production skill instructors. Second, you may be able to buy rare recipes from merchants during your travels, or even find them on monsters you slay. Right-click on a recipe in your inventory to learn it.

Production recipes level 11 and higher require a production rune ingredient.

Production Runes[ | ]

Profession Rune
Alchemy Blend Rune Blend Rune
Armorcrafting Purify Rune Purify Rune
Blacksmithing Frost Rune Frost Rune
Carpentry Link Rune Link Rune
Cooking Activate Rune Activate Rune
Tailoring Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune

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Crafting Levels[ | ]

Crafting skills include gathering skills such as mining, woodcutting and herbalism, and production skills such as blacksmithing, carpentry, armor crafting, tailoring, cooking and alchemy.

Every type of crafting skill has 5 tiers of availability:

  • Level 1-20 Apprentice
  • Level 20-40 Craftsman
  • Level 40-60 Expert
  • Level 60-80 Master
  • Level 80-100 Legend

For each crafting skill, the more experience you have using it, the more your skill level will increase. However, once you hit the upper skill level limit for your tier, you will not be able to continue increasing levels in this way. Instead, you must first be promoted to the next tier by passing a special test.

Basically, you will be able to reach the apprentice tier for every skill. However, only 2 gathering and 4 production skills can be raised to the craftsman tier, only 1 gathering and 2 production skills can be raised to the expert tier and only 1 gathering and 1 production skill may be raised to the master and then to the legend tier. The gathering and production skills have now separate upgrade paths.

If you have maxed out the number of production skills you can have at a given ability tier (craftsman tier is limited to 4 production skills, the expert tier is limited to 2 production skills, and the master and legend tiers are limited as well to 1 production skill), but you would like to promote another production skill to that tier, you must first demote one of your current production skills.

For example, if your blacksmithing and carpentry skills have reached the expert tier (or above), but you would now like to raise your armor crafting skill to the expert tier, you must first demote either blacksmithing or carpentry to the craftsman tier. Only then can you raise our armor crafting skill to the expert tier.

Once you have demoted a skill's tier, that skill's level will drop to the upper limit of its new tier level. In other words, if you demote a skill from the expert to craftsman tier, that skill's level will drop to level 40. This means that if you want to raise that skill to the expert level again in the future, you will need to start training it from level 40 once more.

Tips for Crafting[ | ]

  • Planting can easily get a lot of materials (Herbs, Ores and Woods) but the exact material is random within a list of possible outcomes, making it difficult to use Planting to replace Gathering.
  • PET GATHERING EXPERIMENT can also get materials, but it's slow.
  • Using crafting Item Set Skills to provide a great advantage.
  • Check what Production Runes you need to use and where you can get them.
  • From the Item Shop you can buy furniture that improves Crafting Speed and XP
  • Production titles now give Crafting Speed / XP (5% - 20%) with new title system ( Patch 6.0.0. )
  • Gathering is much faster now ( Patch 6.0.0. )
  • Crafting items with higher rarity gives more XP ( Enhanced, Masterpiece )