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This summarized page lists in-game items or topics best summed up with a single wiki article. This is so we can avoid making dozens of pages all dealing with slight variations of the same thing. If they are created at all, the individual pages should all redirect here.

Used by Rogues and Scouts.

Supplies[edit | edit source]

These are sold by General Merchants, Alchemists and Travelling Merchants.

Icon Item Cost Worth Notes
Poison Bottle  Poison Bottle 70Gold  7Gold  Used by Rogues. Consumed by skills Poison (grants a 15-minute Poisonous state), and Slowing Poison (reduces target's Physical Attack Speed). Poisonous state is required for use of Numbing Dagger Numbing Dagger and also grants a 50% chance that target becomes Poisoned.
Poison Powder  Poison Powder 100Gold  10Gold  Used by Scout/Rogue (Ranger). When you use Reflective Shot and if you are carrying a Poison Powder Poison Powder then Poisonous Spit has a chance to apply Poisoned to target.

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