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Map of Northern Janost Forest

The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

Map zone15.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#15
Continent Zandorya
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Level Range 57 to 60
Connecting Zones Southern Janost Forest, Limo Desert
TownsAngren, Rh'anka Village, Sanctuary of Jyr'na
World Bosses
ResourcesFairywood [RP], Frost Crystal [RP], Mirror Sedge [RP], Thorn Apple [RP], Ancient Spirit Oak Wood [RP], Rune Obsidian Ore [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

To enter the Northern Janost Forest, you must cross the firing line of two races who are sworn enemies: the Angren animal folk and the Jyr’na Elves. And as if that weren’t enough, half-breed dragons are also threatening the mystical forest. Can you withstand the peril?— from

Best route from Varanas to Northern Janost Forest: Via Snoop Portal to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (2,200Gold ), then to Thunderhoof Hills (2,200Gold ), then to Northern Janost Forest.

Best route from Obsidian Stronghold to Northern Janost Forest: Speak to Hajikar Mashes [Envoy from Dalanis] in Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square to teleport directly to Dalanis Old City District, then run to the Snoop Portal and teleport to Northern Janost Forest.

Ailic's Community Transport Portal Location: Rh'anka Village

The forest is covered with large, densely growing trees. But below the canopy lies a fog of deceit and mistrust amongst the people in the region. Mysterious sightings of half-breed dragons have been reported, so look to the skies and beware of an ambush. Perhaps you will also learn a little about the famed, Great Banishment, that took place over one thousand years ago. King Callaway of Dalanis is putting his faith in you to investigate these serious matters.

You as adventurers must also help uncover the mystery of the dragon half-breeds in the ancient conflict between two sworn enemies - the Elves of Jyr’na and the Beastmen of Angren. On one side stand the Degenerated Elves, long since corrupted by a dark energy they had hoped to subdue. On the other side stand the Angren who are fighting for the survival of their people as the Elves are sucking the life power from their home land – the Northern Janost Forest.

Mobs in this zone commonly drop pieces for the following Normal armor sets:

These sets are collectively known as the Forest armor sets. There are no set bonuses for these sets, they simply share an color and style basics. Weapons are also found in this set.

Important Merchants[]

Level 51 and 56 Potions:


Poison Supplies:

World Bosses[]

Monster Compendium Cards[]

The following monsters in this zone have higher-value cards (> +2) making them worth hunting:

POI Monster Stat Bonus Notes
Forgotten laboratory Emaciated Javias Magical Attack 3
Rotwood Bug Magical Attack 3
Babel Defense 4
Poisonous Bite Defense 4
Croso Woodland Scarlet Sharptooth Physical Attack 3
Dry Grass Snail Defense 4
Angren Forest Angren Mosto Magical Attack 3
Dimstar Swamp Dimstar Pukari Physical Attack 3
Dimstar Newt Physical Attack 3
Dimstar Bolmu Magical Defense 4
Corrupted Centaur Forest Patrolman Defense 4
Corrupted Centaur Warrior Magical Attack 3

Places of Interest[]

Forgotten Laboratory[]

The first structure you will encounter in this zone is not just run down, but almost completely destroyed. It also appears that whoever was there cleaned up any evidence of what was really going on there. First impressions don't bode well here.


A small farming town that doesn't appear to have many troubles. However it seems that the Mayor of Sley is actually the owner of the decimated building now known as the Forgotten Laboratory, but what can he tell you? It also appears that the neighboring town of Zaramonde attacked the town in a night raid, for reasons unknown.


One of the more fortified cities in the region, and home to a small army of troops. The locals claim to have defeated Sley in a conflict three years ago after cutting off the supply of Iron Sand Iron Sand to the village. But is it Sley that is really the problem or something else entirely? Even the town leaders seem confused.

Croso Lake[]

One of the few pristine locations in the zone, Croso Lake might be shallow but is home to many exotic creatures including Sharpros, Lakosos and Javias. Admire these creatures from afar if you do not wish to draw their unwanted attention.

Rh'anka Village[]

The heart of trade and commerce in Northern Janost Forest, the Rh'anka race are short and resemble armadillos. They can be very shrewd, but will reward you handsomely if you can carry out their requests. You will most likely want to set your recall point here while questing in the area.

Jyr'nathon Forest[]

There is an evil presence in the forest that is affecting all life that dwells here, including the Jyr'na Elves who seem to be searching for a mystical power. An ancient being, known as Nax the Holy Tree, may have the answers to why the elves are behaving so strangely, but convincing him to share that information might be easier said than done.

Sanctuary of Jyr'na[]

The Elves here used to live in harmony with the people of Angren, but as of late the relationships between the two races has soured. Now the Angren are laying siege to the sanctuary and the nearby Dimstar Swamp has become their battleground, in an attempt to stop them from harvesting dark energy.


The beastmen of Angren are hunters, yet have much respect for the forest and the animals that dwell within. As a proud race, you will need to prove your worth before they allow you to enter their village. If you become worthy enough to earn the stamp of the Great Hunter, the chief may grant you access to Raksha Temple and the treasures that lie in wait. Restoring relations between Angren and Dalanis is of the utmost importance.

Griffith Camp[]

Home to Griffith Blackstar the Corrupted Centaur, who gives all centaurs in the forest a bad reputation. If you hope to put an end to his reign of terror, you will need the help of some traveling companions.

Hidden Laboratory[]

Tucked away in the northern reaches of the zone is a building that causes a great feeling of unease for those that approach it. A disguise may be required to peer inside and see what is happening within.

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