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Starting ZoneLimo Desert
Rec. Levels62 to 70
Previous Envoy of the Dragons
Return the Glory
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Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

This is the joining together of the adventures you have shared with Morrok Wallinder (in the Envoy of the Dragons quest series) and Toni (in the Return the Glory quest series). It starts in Limo Desert, continues through Land of Malevolence and Redhill Mountains, and concludes in Tergothen Bay.

Limo Desert[]

unlocked by Sacrificial Lamb at the end of the Envoy of the Dragons quest series

  1. Morrok Wallinder near Shattered Hand Research Camp
    1. [62] Rescue and Tracking - Talk to Toni then talk to Morrok Wallinder
    2. [62] Go to the Land of Malevolence - Talk to Morrok Wallinder to be flown to Land of Malevolence

Land of Malevolence[]

Kampel Town[]

  1. Kampel Town investigations:
    • Morrok Wallinder on Kampel Plains
      • [62] Annelia's Name - Ask a member of the militia, the bard and the mayor's son about Annelia
    • Kargath Duran on Kampel Plains
      1. [62] Kampel Town - Help the residents and gain information
        • Gourmet Feddy Townsend: [62] Dedicated Gourmet - Gather Fresh Herb ×7
        • Hopeful Youth Murphy Dadson: [62] Hopeful Youth - Talk to the youth about Glinville
        • Powerless Hunter David Norgan: [62] Powerless Hunter - Get Delicious Wild Fox Meat Delicious Wild Fox Meat ×5 from Malevolence Foxes
        • Pharmacist Wendy Todd: [62] Strange Herbalist - Get Rejuvenation Flower ×5
      2. [62] Investigate the Divine Tree - investigate the Divine Tree
      3. [62] Buy Candy - Buy candy from Confectioner Kelly Morence
        • Confectioner Kelly Morence:
          1. [62] Fur Coats - Get Giant Bear Fur ×6
          2. [62] Assist With Defense - Kill 5 Wandering Carrion
          3. [62] Candy Ingredients - Get Sweetbeet ×6
        • Bag of Jewel Candy (quest-starter item)
          • [62] Fresh Candy - Take the Bag of Jewel Candy back to Kargath Duran
      4. [62] Kargath's Research - Trade a Jewel Candy with a child for a Divine Fruit
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [62] Mysterious Message - Get the Mysterious Letter Mysterious Letter from the Unnatural Mound behind Kampel Town
    2. [62] Determine Authenticity - Show the letter to Toni
    3. [62] Strange Circus - Ask the residents about the circus
      • Talk to Parz Duncan, Yaks Dunn, and Myan Sidat
    4. [62] Go to the Circus - Get Boshi Horn Boshi Horn ×5 and Boshi Fur Boshi Fur ×3 then go to Moonlight Circus and meet up with Morrok Wallinder

Moonlight Circus[]

  1. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [62] Infiltrate the Circus - Speak with the circus performs, then find a costume and meet Morrok Wallinder backstage
      • Speak with Chief Circus Mime, Skilled Juggler, and Extraordinary Juggler, then duck into the circus wagon and change into the Armed Guard Costume so you can slip backstage.
    2. [63] Energy Barrier - Break the energy barrier and let the others meet up with Kargath Duran behind it
      • Painting first, then Book Case, then Rune Pillar
  2. Kargath Duran
  3. Ike Mania
  4. Split:
  5. Kargath Duran
    1. [63] Make Trouble - Use the Micro Bomb to destroy the laboratory


  1. Ike Mania
    1. [63] Village of Disorderly Revelry - Chat with four Glinville Residents (Middle-aged Glinville Man, Plump Young Glinville Woman, Big Glinville Man and Davie Weaver)
    2. [63] Listen to the Smallest Sound - Talk to Davie Weaver
  2. Michelle Kudd
    1. [63] Nightmare Soul - Go to the Plains of Silent Screams and see if the remains of Chris Mcguire are buried in the Raised Earthen Mound
    2. [63] Collect Bones - Get Silent Scream Condor Corpse ×3 from Silent Scream Condors and bury the corpses in the Raised Earthen Mound
  3. Davie Weaver
  4. Kargath Duran
    1. [63] The Solution Begins With Understanding - Get some Hair and Blood from Davie Weaver
    2. [63] Alternative Materials - Get Red Kalagrass Red Kalagrass ×10 from Red Kala Grass
    3. [63] Man-made Blood of the Oracles - Use Beast Bag Beast Bag to capture a Lost Fox when it is at less than 50% HP
    4. [63] Assist With the Experiment - Assist Kargath: give green Divine Fruit Juice to the unconcious Lost Fox (next to Kargan), wait a while, then give it the purple Processed Fruit Juice and observe, talk to Kargath and then kill the Calm Wild Fox
  5. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [63] Cover Tracks - Speak to Toni, then spy on Larvanger Barkud
  6. Toni
    1. [63] Benevolent Pain - Speak to Morrok Wallinder and observe Larvanger Barkud's actions, attack Larvanger Barkud, and be transported to a safe place

Plains of Silent Screams[]

  1. Toni
    1. [63] Counsel - Speak to Morrok Wallinder
  2. Loub Ayekin
  3. Ike Mania
    1. [63] Divination Preparation - Get Smooth Cobblestone Smooth Cobblestone ×10 from Smooth Cobblestone
    2. [64] Traction of Fate - Go to Ghost Village and find Old Diary Fragment

Ghost Village[]

  1. Ghost of Exeter
    1. [64] Imminent Demise - Listen carefully to Ghost of Exeter
    2. [64] Destruction is a Kind of Release - Kill 5 Noxious Blood Wraiths
    3. [64] Nightmare's Source - Find Explosive in Explosives Container and destroy Sword of Larvanger
    4. [64] Lost Past - Find Sealed Letter in Blood-stained Mound and give it to Ike Mania
    5. [64] Be My Eyes - Find Medal in Treasure boxes containing medals and deliver it to Hilbert Mania in Mycenya City
    6. [64][Optional] Eternal Guilt - Get Wildhope Flower ×5 and take them to Ghost of Exeter
  2. Toni
    • [64] Go to Mycenya City - Find Toni under the big tree on the right of the road to Mycenya City

Mycenya City[]

  1. Mycenya City:
  2. Ike Mania
    1. [64] Moment of Destiny - Meet your party at the top of the steps leading into Mycenya City and take appropriate action
  3. Toni
    1. [64] Response - Deliver the Badge and Scroll to Ike Mania
  4. Ike Mania
    1. [64] Anguish - Give the Green Jasper to Toni
  5. Toni
    1. [64] Annelia's Master - Talk to Morrok Wallinder for transport to Forgotten Place

Forgotten Place[]

  1. Toni
    1. [64] Secret Experiment Base - Find the Strange Clue
    1. [64] Strange Smell - Get Zigzag Stone ×5 from Zigzag Stone and give them to Kargath, then witness something strange
    2. [64] Mysterious Plague - Get Skeleton Sample ×5 from Transformed Villagers and Transformed Human Stitchlings
  2. Toni
    1. [64] Toni's Concern - Talk to Morrok Wallinder to travel to the next meeting point... Abandoned Camp

Abandoned Camp[]

  1. Jill Ayekin
    1. [64] Killing is the only way! - Kill 5 Transformed Demon Drake
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [64] Take Care of the Patrol - Kill 5 Grafu Suppressor

Grafu Castle[]

  1. Toni
    1. [64] Destroy Production Machinery - Destroy the three Strange Devices in Grafu Castle
      • These quests take place inside the "curtain wall" but outside Grafu Castle proper
      • All three "Strange Devices" are in the right-hand courtyard, or rear, of the castle. This is the same side Toni and the others are on.
    2. [64] Fight for Justice - Enter the castle and capture Annelia
      • The Grafu Castle instance is not yet open. This takes place via an archway in the left-hand courtyard. This leads you inside the castle, but not inside the instance! This encounter involves Annelia's Puppet, Larvanger Barkud (both Elite), and 4 Grafu Suppressors. Pick off the supporting troops first, then Larvanger Barkud, and finally Annelia's Puppet. When defeated they turn green again. After, you are teleported back to the Abandoned Camp
      • Title awarded: True Partner

Abandoned Camp[]

  1. Toni
    1. [64] Intercepted Battlefield Report - Ask Toni about Redhill Mountains
    2. [65] Return to Dalanis - Use the Dalanis Transport Crystal Dalanis Transport Crystal and return to Dalanis and report to General Lance

Dalanis Grand Palace[]

  1. General Lance
    1. [65] Troop Dispatch - Talk to Kai Kaiyinth
  2. Kai Kaiyinth (at Lionheart Knights Headquarters in Dalanis Central District)
    1. [65] Return Progress - Report back to General Lance
  3. General Lance
    1. [65] Envoys' Whereabouts - Find the four active principality envoys at different locations in Dalanis city: Kuidis Denisi, Xixil Kayid and Mon Kaid and Midas Banet (dining together at the Dragonslayer Pub). All four can be located with World Search.
    2. [65] Full Preparations - Ask the Female Palace Official to take care of the preparations for the meeting
    3. [65] Arrival of the Lords - Met General Lance to welcome the four lords in Dalanis Old City District just below the Sharay Family residence.
    4. [65] Temporary Council of Lords - Participate in the meeting (speak to Iswan Giant to start the scene)
    5. [65] Support from Nearby - Ask the opinions of the four lords
    6. [65] The King's Decision - Talk to Iswan Giant
    7. [65] Bestowal Ceremony - Accept the bestowal (speak to Iswan Giant to start the scene)
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [65] Go to the Redhill Mountains - Use the Redhill Mountains Transport Crystal Redhill Mountains Transport Crystal to go to the Dalanis Delegation Campsite in the Redhill Mountains and report to Escort Captain Alec Feller

Redhill Mountains[]

Layod Plains[]

Dalanis Delegation Campsite[]

  1. Alec Feller [Lionheart Knights First Lieutenant]
    1. [65] The Envoy's Unusual Situation - Ask about the envoy's powerlessness
    2. [65] Peace is the Solution - Stop the argument between the two envoys, then talk to Zakar Reetho
  2. Zakar Reetho [Kalon Delegate]
    1. [65] Each Position - Ask both envoys for their viewpoints
  3. Palor Douve [Fireboot Dwarf Delegate]
    1. [65] Go to the Fortress of the Fireboot Dwarves - Ask both envoys for their viewpoints, then find Dom Wudil in Ingham's Forest

Ingham's Forest[]

  1. Dom Wudil [Dalanis Envoy]
    1. [65] Time of Rescue - Resist the Kalon sneak attack by 2 Kalon Warriors and a Kalon Priest (all 3 are 65 Elite). If the 2 Fireboot Guardsmen die, you lose. When they run away, you win.
      • You do not have to kill them, just get the aggro off the Dwarves, and survive until the Kalon run off!
      • Failure or Death does NOT penalize you!
      • rewards the pants from Redhill Mountains item set
  2. Tolis Brasstack [Injured Guardsman]
    1. [65] Retain Neutrality - Refuse to pursue the fleeing Kalon
  3. Orderly
    1. [65] Audience with the Fireboot Lord - Meet the Fireboot Lord, Raefther Fireboot, in the Throne Room of the Fireboot Fortress
      • unlocks Secret Visit and The Source of the Castle's Energy in the Redhill Mountains quest series

Fireboot Fortress[]

  1. Raefther Fireboot [Fireboot Dwarven Lord]
    1. [65] Voice of the Kingdom - Listen to Raefther Fireboot's explanation
    2. [65] Unauthorized Action - Agree to help Tayne Buglehorn
  2. Tayne Buglehorn [Chief Intelligence Officer]
    1. [65] Information Mimicry - Use the Dwarf Disguise Tool and spy on Warmonger soldiers at Fireboot Outpost
      • speak to 3 Fireboot Soldiers ans ask them about new orders from the General
    2. [65] Don't move! I have something to say! - Find General Warblin Warhammer in Ingham Forest just west of Fireboot Outpost
  3. Warblin Warhammer
    1. [65] Turning the Tables - Get Redleaf Gulo's Heart ×8 and return to Warblin Warhammer within 8 minutes.
  4. Raefther Fireboot
    1. [65] Raefther's Honor - Speak to Raefther Fireboot and then act as a witness
  5. Warblin Warhammer
    1. [65] Cancel Previous Orders - Take the letter to Katin Ironfist at Fireboot Outpost

Fireboot Outpost[]

  1. Katin Ironfist [Outpost Captain]
    1. [66] Pen, ink and paper - Get Murky Ink Murky Ink (from Murky Ink in the Redhill Mountains quest series), Wood Feather Pen Wood Feather Pen (Speak to Servant Yalila), and Dalanis' Lambskin Paper Dalanis' Lambskin Paper (Normal Lambskin Paper Normal Lambskin Paper is sold by Fadiya Royil for 1,557Gold , then talk to Servant Yalila to trade up)
    2. [66] Verbal Orders - Ask bout the correct orders, then report to Mino Saltpeter
      • "Ingham, Forest, Planting"
  2. Mino Saltpeter [Outpost Intelligence Officer]
    1. [66] Enter the Depths of the Battlefield - Help Mino find Raru Winejar on the battlefield
  3. Raru Winejar
    1. [66] Who is behind this? - Find Strange Earrings ×5 from Strange Battlefield Bandits and Hopeless Battlefield Bandits
    2. [66] Bottle Fishing - Open all the dropped Bottles to find the Password Paper Password Paper
    3. [66] Gazelle Meat - Get Gazelle Meat Gazelle Meat ×10 from Ferdhoof Male Gazelle and/or Female Ferdhoof Gazelle
  4. Mino Saltpeter
    1. [66] Secret Information - Get some Dwarf Booze from the Barrel in back of the house of Kuluka Chiselbrow
    2. [66] Setting Out - Speak to Katin Ironfist and Servant Yalila before heading to the Kingdom of Kalon

Kingdom of Kalon[]

  1. Floren [Family Servant]
    1. [66] Saving a life is like putting out a fire! - Listen to Floren
    2. [66] Infiltrate the Lion's Den - Infiltrate the prison and meet with Futen Whitehorn
      • You need to use the Special Clothing to disguise yourself and get past the guards at the entrance of Kingdom of Kalon. Once past, you may roam at will. You will not be accosted unless you wander too close to the gate guards. Once you have completed Soul's Prayers and earned the title Kalon's Friend you no longer need it.
      • See the Watchman page to learn how to get past him. This involves [66] Flavored Liquor at the Merchant's Camp.
  2. Futen Whitehorn [Kalon Aristocrat] - You should be able to do both of his quests before the Watchman awakes, but if you are slow you can dose him again or get another Bottle of Liquor Bottle of Liquor as explained on the Watchman page.
    1. [66] Rising Suspicion - Speak to the Kalon Lord's assistant, Tafee (he roams!)
    2. [66] Seeking Help - Speak to the commander of the Kalon Cavaliers, Panilor
      • Talk to Panilor again afterwards to be led to the Whitehorn house, and again to enter.
  3. Ronick [Lord] - in the Whitehorn residence
    1. [66] Freedom from Imprisonment - Defeat the Double Prisoner, Defending Prisoner, and Disappearing Prisoner
      • Double Prisoner (64) - disappears onto a high ledge outside this room. Kunin should be able to help (Gives you Broken Wooden Box Broken Wooden Box ×3. They do not last long, but you can stand on them for a moment...). If you have a pet, send him to pull it.
      • Disappearing Prisoner - disappears into the pit (mine tunnel). Difficult to see it (stealth).
      • Defending Prisoner - mage. disappears behind the city. The torches must be put out before it can be hurt. The 4 torches are a logic puzzle. Write them down! Clicking a torch will toggle one to two other torches. Clicking an unlit torch lights it. Your goal is to get them all to go out! Which torch does what changes each time you start this quest. Good luck. See solution video
      • Rewards the Upper Body armor from the Redhill Mountains item set and the title, A Steadfast Will.
  4. Panilor [Kalon Cavalier Commander]
    1. [66] Strange Letters - Speak to Futen Whitehorn
      • see the page for the Watchman if you need some more sedative.
  5. Futen Whitehorn Kalon Aristocrat]
    1. [66] Getting to the Bottom of Things - Talk to Ronick
  6. Floren
    1. [66] Pursue and Attack - Defeat 4 Abnormal Guards
  7. Ronick [Lord] - in the Throne Room
    1. [66] Untying - Talk with Ronick
  8. Lanaik [Kalon Ghost]
    1. [66] Request of the Dead - Borrow the Soul Viewer Talisman Soul Viewer Talisman from Tukalog in Kalon Refugee Camp
    2. [66] Soul's Prayers - Use the Soul Viewer Talisman Soul Viewer Talisman in front of Lord Ronick
    3. [66] Investigate - Talk to Hess in Kalon Refugee Camp

Kalon Refugee Camp[]

  1. Hess
    1. [66] Proceed to the Village of Dorris - Talk to Ammator Pellts

Village of Dorris[]

  1. Ammator Pellts
    1. [66] Excluded - Talk to Banbu Rupp, and Help drive away the Doomsayers
    2. [66] Search for Sanchies Matin - Speak to Sanchies Matin [tavern Master] inside the tavern, Chapura in a Wine Barrel
      1. unlocks Help the Deserters and The Villagers' Disagreement in the Redhill Mountains quest series
      2. The Villagers' Disagreement in the Redhill Mountains quest series unlocks [66] The Cost of Kindness in this quest series and transports you to the Kagasi Plains.
    3. [66] Collect Anecdotes - Ask Sanchies about happenings around the village, then find Ahallal Naymal to the south
    4. [66] Drive off the Monsters - Kill 5 Rotting Flesh Chupuras
    5. [66] Help clean up the trash - Fill your Garbage-filled Hessian Sack with garbage until you find all of the following updates: Newt Body, Stinking Rotten Garbage, Unknown Reagent Rack, Bottle with a Dead Frog, Bottle with Eyeballs
    6. [66] Speak with Ammator - Talk to Ammator Pellts on the second floor of the tavern
    7. [66] Go to the Lipuden Valley and investigate - Talk to Orlando Cassidy
    8. Lipuden Valley:
      • Orlando Cassidy
        • [66] The Source of the Pollution and Monsters - Search the laboratory in the basement of the abandoned building (Hand of Truth Ruins, complete Reunite with Morrok to complete this quest)
          • Balthaza Allonis &bill; Augustus AllonisMorrok Wallinder
            1. [66] Monster's Wish - Talk to and give the ring to Augustus Allonis [Dorris Villager] in Village of Dorris in a shop
              • complete sub-quest [66] The Monster's Past
            2. [66] Search for the Documents - Find 4 sets of documents within the laboratory, then take them to Morrok Wallinder (on the ground floor above the laboratory)
              • Experiment Record No. 374
              • Experiment Record No. 118295
              • Moth-eaten Document
              • Torn Up Document
            3. [66] Reunite with Morrok - This gives you the second update for The Source of the Pollution and Monsters
  2. Ammator Pellts second floor of the bar in Village of Dorris
    1. [66] Findings in Lipuden Valley - Talk to Axel Kaiyinth
  3. Axel Kaiyinth standing at the bar in Village of Dorris
    1. [66] Who is Axel? - Talk to Axel Kaiyinth
    2. [66] Organize the Gathered Information - You need the documents from Search for the Documents. If you have lost/deleted them, you can go pick them up again.
    • [66] Interrogate Them! - Talk to Shade Vilassio, Bennita Lundy and Ardama Cassidy
      • Shade Vilassio Collection Arranger]
        • [66] Inquire about the expert corpse collector - Talk to Shade Vilassio
      • Bennita Lundy Collection Manager]
        • [66] Inquire about the corpse superintendant - Talk to Bennita Lundy
      • Ardama Cassidy Mayor]
        • [66] Ask about Mayor Ardama Cassidy - Talk to Ardama Cassidy
      • unlocks Corpse Custodian in the Redhill Mountains quest series
    1. [66] Mulling Over the Situation in Sardo Castle - Talk to Axel Kaiyinth
    2. [66] Request to meet with Lord Jacklin Sardo - Talk to Cob Galin
  4. Cob Galin [Sardo Castle Superintendent]
    1. [66] Getting the Cold Shoulder - Talk to Axel Kaiyinth
  5. Axel Kaiyinth
    1. [66] Take off their clothes! - Kill 2 Corpse Transportation Supervisors and steal their Supervisor Clothing
    2. [66] Mission Impossible - Go with Axel and infiltrate the Sardo Castle tower
      • Axel Kaiyinth
        1. [66] Scour the area - Search the local objects
        2. [66] I can only rely on you...!! - Find a Written Order Signed by the Lord of Sardo Castle and some Special Experiment Data from Sardo Castle Overseers and Clandestine Experimenters
      • Suspected Wyrm Body Part
      • Morrok Wallinder
        1. [66] A Familiar Helping Hand - Talk to Morrok
        2. [66] Futen Whitehorn's News - Read Futen Whitehorn's Letter
        3. [66] A Brief Goodbye - Talk to Morrok
    3. [66] Leave this cursed place! - Morrok, Axel and you are all transported to Village of Dorris
    4. [66] Invite the envoy to a meeting - A Lavish Portion of Traditional Dorris Treats
      • Nin Daelas
  6. Zakar Reetho
    1. [66] Expose what's really going on - Talk to Zakar Reetho
    2. [66] Armistice Treaty from the Special Envoy - Leave the tavern for a bit. You will see a message when it is time.
      • Leticia GygaxPeter Gygax
        1. [66] Survivor's Request - Talk to the ghost of Peter Gygax
        2. [66] Just stick your hand in and fish around - Find the Dazzling Ring in the Burial Mound
        3. [66] Unfulfilled Wish - Talk to Leticia Gygax
      • Zakar ReethoAxel Kaiyinth
        1. [66] Attend the meeting between the two kingdoms - You will be transported near to Fireboot Outpost.
        2. [66] Truce - Participate in the negotiations
        3. [66] Disrupt the Sardo Castle Preparations - Talk to Zakar Reetho
        4. [66] Describe the Event - Tell the villagers about the peace conference
          • [66] An Explanation to the Mayor - Talk to Ardama Cassidy
            1. Ardama Cassidy
            2. Ammator Pellts
              • [66] A Heartbreaking Fact - Talk to Augustus Allonis
  7. Axel Kaiyinth
    1. [66] Awaiting the Lionheart Knight Reinforcements - Talk to Axel Kaiyinth
  8. Lionheart Knight (halfway through the Castle)

Tergothen Bay[]

Tadarn Plains[]

While wandering around this region, you may, from time to time, be attacked by 1-2 Bloody Assassins. We are not sure if this harassment ever stops.

  1. Lionheart Knight (halfway through the Castle)
  2. Iswan Giant
  3. Callaway Kalume in Sardo Castle

Kyosa Village[]

  1. Madya Shioth
    1. A Meeting With The Rebels?! (PEP x100) - Talk to Harvey Ityos
  2. Arden Kanches [Rebel Army Leader]
    1. [67] Wandering Prince (PEP x100) - Listen to the tale of Arden Kanches
    2. [67] The other prince? (PEP x100) - Talk to Callaway Kalume
  3. Callaway Kalume
    1. [67] The King's Position (PEP x100) - Talk to Arden Kanches
  4. Arden Kanches

Sardis Post and Piranha Port[]

  1. Amador Sais
    1. [67] The Report Didn't Come for Free (PEP x100) - Gather Tergothen Wildberries Tergothen Wildberries ×10 from Tergothen Wildberry
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [67] Mid-Journey Investigation - Tell Jill Ayekin that you will look after Loub Ayekin
  3. Loub Ayekin
    1. [67] Accidental Explosion - Loub wants the Herb. As you move to it you are attacked by a Bloody Assassin. Kill him.
    2. [67] Long Dead Corpse - Investigate the Assassin's Body
    3. Split:
  4. Callaway Kalume - unlocked by [68] Safir Shaquapuh's Research in this quest series
    1. [68] Help and Watch the Actions (PEP x100) - Tell Arden Kanches and Harvey Ityos that you will help the rebels
  5. Harvey Ityos [Rebel Army Commander]
    1. [68] Torag Caravan Seagulls (PEP x100) - Get Wasp Honey ×5 from Double-Sac Wasps and give them to Kassan Barney at Torag Caravan

Torag Caravan[]

  1. Kassan Barney [Torag Caravan]
    1. [68] Meet Shana Port - Talk to Shana Port
  2. Shana Port [Torag Caravan]
    1. [68] Find Out Will's Whereabouts (PEP x50) - Talk to Rebel Army Agent Bart Milton at Toron Bridge
  3. Bart Milton [Hidden Rebel Army]
    1. [68] Suspicious Thief Incident (PEP x50) - Talk to Rebel Army Agent Assen Jerome
  4. Assen Jerome [Hidden Rebel Army]
    1. [68] Yagean's Undead Army (PEP x50) - Talk to Rebel Army Agent Lane Barney
  5. Lane Barney [Vagrant]
    1. [68] Hanging Unknown Result (PEP x50) - Turn over the intelligence you collected to Shana Port at Torag Caravan
  6. Shana Port [Torag Caravan]
    1. [68] Shana Port's Clever Strategy (PEP x50) - Speak with Rebel Army contact Tadawa Scorpionshell

Pitik Port[]

  1. Tadawa Scorpionshell
    1. [68] Meet with Vilas Katz - Deliver Shana Port's Secret Letter to Vilas Katz at Rebel Army Station
  2. Vilas Katz [Pitik Port Watchman]
    1. [68] The Plan's Key Players - Listen to Vilas Katz
    2. [68] Preparing for Action (PEP x50) - Talk to John Carter
  3. John Carter [Pitik Port Watchman]
    1. [68] Raid the Ankes Gang (PEP x150) - Kill 5 members of the Ankes Gang at Thornose Watchtower
    2. [68] Decisive Battle with Ankes Strangeclaw (PEP x150) - Capture Ankes Strangeclaw
      • Fight your way to the Thornose Watchtower front entrance and get the attention of Phantom of Ankes Strangeclaw. Train him back to John Carter. Place a Trap Seed and maneuver the Phantom close enough to get trapped.
      • unlocks Continue to Clean up the Threats to the Fishing Village in the Tergothen Bay quest series
    3. [68] The Commander's Final Decision - Talk to Vilas Katz
  4. Vilas Katz [Pitik Port Watchman] just outside Pitik Port at the Rebel Army Station
    1. [68] Strangeclaw's Surprising Position (PEP x50) - Negotiate with Ankes Strangeclaw (talk to Vilas Katz, then observe)
    2. [68] Disguise - Obtain the necessary equipment from the rebel Aaron Taut in Pitik Port
  5. Aaron Taut [Pitik Port Villager] in Pitik Port
    1. [68] The Start of the Infiltration (PEP x50) - Complete the disguise (put it on) and meet with the Rebel Army (talk to Vilas Katz). You can cast spells while disguised but fighting will remove it! Don't worry, all the Castle Swordsmen are non-aggro.
      • upon completion, you are transported inside Kingdom of Lechif to the entrance of Dalinham Castle

Kingdom of Lechif[]

  1. Disguised Rebel Soldier
    1. [68] Creating an Escape Route (PEP x50) - Successfully place the Guide Runestone Guide Runestone
      • to the right and to the side of the building, find the sparkly on the ground by the closed gate, and use the Guide Runestone Guide Runestone
    2. [68] The Big Gate Ahead (PEP x150) - Look into Will's whereabouts
      • Enter Dalinham Castle and speak with the Disguised Rebel Soldier. While he scouts ahead, you will be attacked by 2 waves of 2 Cruel Mercenaries. After the second wave, 4 more Cruel Mercenaries appear, but so does the Disguised Rebel Soldier! Hail him and agree it is time to leave!.
      • If you die, you will revive in Lechif Harbor. Run all the way back the door to Dalinham Castle and hail the Disguised Rebel Soldier to have him restore your disguise.
      • Once you are back outside, find the Disguised Rebel Soldier in the crafting district north of Dalinham Castle.
    3. [68] Emergency Delivery (PEP x50) - Get Potentially Useful Secret Seagull Signal (speak to Fesloh Tadarn [Blacksmith])
    4. [68] Lobbyist - Gain the King's approval (Report to Callaway Kalume in Mr. Figg's Wine Glass, then speak to Jessie Mocliff)

Mr. Figg's Wine Glass[]

  1. Callaway Kalume - in the basement of Mr. Figg's Wine Glass
    1. [68] Messenger Pigeon - Relay the order to Midonor outside the tavern, Iswan Giant by the fountain in the plaza, and Jasmine "Firefly" Angerfang in the residential district, then meet with Midonor at the base of the stairs to Dalinham Castle
  2. Midonor
    1. [68] Lechif Lord - Speak to Midonor. She will take you into Dalinham Castle. Report to Callaway Kalume inside (observe the meeting).
  3. Jessie Mocliff
    1. [68] All on the Table - Pass along Jessie Mocliff's suggestion to Callaway Kalume and observe.
    2. [68] Will Kanches - Enter the portal-door to the north, speak to Callaway Kalume, then observe the "rescue" of Will Kanches. Talk to Panilor when done.
    3. [68] Let the dialog continue. - Talk to Yagean Kanches
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [69] Catch Will - Catch up to Will Kanches and discuss the arrangements.
  5. Will Kanches
    1. [69] Undead Arms Dealer - Talk to Calloway Kalume in Mr. Figg's Wine Glass
  6. Jessie Mocliff
    1. [69] A Name - Go to Lechif Harbor, talk to Molly Schiller, and read the Suspicious Letter

Lechif Harbor[]

  1. Molly Schiller
    1. [69] A practical joke? - Go to the Mercenary Camp at the south side of Lechif Harbor and talk to Lorr Shifa (behind the tent)
  2. Lorr Shifa
    1. [69] Face to Face - Face off with Sismond. Talk to Jessie Mocliff to start the conversation.
  3. Jessie Mocliff
    1. [69] Discussion - Speak to Callaway Kalume to keep the conversation going.
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [69] The Unexpected - Speak to Jessie Mocliff to keep the conversation going.
  5. Jessie Mocliff
    1. [69] This is not a request, it's an order! - Speak to Jessie Mocliff to keep the conversation going.
  6. Callaway Kalume
    1. [69] Speak with the true dragon, Lojence - Go to the Secluded Valley and speak with the true dragon Lojence

Secluded Valley[]

  1. Lojence
    1. [69] A true dragon's Rage - Warn Sismond not to enter the Secluded Valley
    2. [69] The King of the Fire Dragon's Danger - Talk to Morrok Wallinder
  2. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [69] Disaster Aversion - Get Promise Root ×5 in Silent Pass
  3. Lojence
    1. [69] The meeting will begin immediately - Notify Morrok Wallinder that the meeting will begin immediately
      • Buggy: You may need to keep letting Morrok 'port you to the meeting over and over until he appears beside you after the 'port.
    2. [69] Brainstorming - Speak with Lojence, Lavare, and Morrok Wallinder regarding a way to stop Maderoth and the Guardians
      • Go back and forth between the three. Periodically, as the conversation progresses, new options will appear on their dialog UIs. Be sure to explore these new options. When you hit the right final question the quest will complete.
  4. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [69] Lobbyist - Explain things to Callaway Kalume
  5. Callaway Kalume
    1. [69] Clearing up Doubts - Speak with Callaway Kalume, Jessie Mocliff, Iswan Giant, Midonor, Jasmin "Firefly" Angerfang, and Panilor
    2. [69] New Alliance - Return to Secluded Valley and tell Morrok Wallinder the good news
  6. Morrok Wallinder
    1. [69] Battle Preparations - Return to Dalanis and talk to Simon Dibark

Remember: Chopat Glow is waiting in Mr. Figg's Wine Glass to take you to Valley of Glory in Thunderhoof Hills! We strongly suggest you take him up on the offer of transport, then drop some ink there before continuing to Dalanis.

This series is now complete! Continue questing with the 70+ series, Surging Undercurrent.

The first quest of Surging Undercurrent is:

  1. Simon Dibark [Lionheart Knights Official]
    1. [70] Making More Friends - Go to Varanas via Ailic's Transporter and talk to Yarandor in the Hall of the Eye of Wisdom

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