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Mage / Rogue gains access to Dark, reactive, and controlling abilities. This combination doesn't have any significant burst, but it trades that sudden damage for greater self-defense and stronger control abilities. While this exchange does make them less than effective in most PvE areas, in PvP it gives the class a surprising amount of survival.

Intelligence, as usual, is probably the most important attribute here, though Wisdom and Stamina are always welcome. While the elite skills don't particularly boost anything normally found in the Mage's spell list, Kiss of the Vampire has a long cooldown and Cursed Fangs is solely a damage over time effect, which means it operates better when it can sit on a target instead of casting repeatedly. It would benefit the player to either supplement the lack of burst with Fireball and Flame, or else go down the controlling route which complements the DoT components of the combo with Electric Bolt.

Main Ways of Build[ | ]

Mage / Rogue uses both proactive skills to focus on one target, while using reactive skills to protect themselves. This gives them tremendous leeway, as Night Refuge automatically unleashes a 3-second Fear, which is a rather large window to actually respond to being focused, and Shadow Protection potentially provides a movement speed increase to run away from someone dangerous in melee range. Demoralize, on the other hand, is the tool you should be using to get a huge advantage over other players; coordinating with your group will let you kill most people within the 6-second window. Pay attention to your situation and your cooldown timers, though; it's very easy to find yourself on the wrong end of an attack without any of your spells to use. Distract is a good example of this: It's a great tool for group PvE to reduce threat, but it's on a very long 2-minute timer.

Skills[ | ]

(to see Class Main Skills of Mage, see Mage Skills)

Secondary Class Basic Skills[ | ]

Classicon thief Rogue General[ | ]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill thi1-1 Shadowstab 1 20 energy Instant 50 Causes 70.0% main hand weapon DPS + 0.20 x Dexterity physical damage with an additional Bleed effect. For 10.0 seconds Bleed causes 5.0 damage every 2 seconds. (Extra effect is only produced only if the main hand is wielding a dagger.) +4.9% and +2.5 per level
Skill thi1-2 Throw 4 1 projectile Instant 4 seconds Throws a hidden weapon at the target, causing 50.0% main hand weapon DPS plus 1.00 times Projectile Damage. +3.5% per level
Skill thi9-1 Blind Stab 8 20 energy Instant 10 seconds 50 Inflicts 20.0 + 0.20 x Dexterity physical damage with an additional Blind effect for 15.0 seconds. (Must be in front of the target to use skill.) +4.0 per level
Skill thi1-3 Projectile Training 12 Can equip projectiles.
Skill war30-3 Off Hand Training 16 1-H weapons can be held in off hand. (Class-related limitations still apply.)
Skill thi12-2 Agility 20 Permanently increases dodge rate by 2.0%.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+0.1% per level
Skill thi15-2 Nimble Hands 24 Increases attack speed by 2.0%. +0.1% per level
Skill thi27-2 Shadow Step 28 20 energy Insant 20 seconds 100 Instantly move behind the target.

Elite Skills[ | ]

Classicon mage thief Mage / Rogue[ | ]

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill mag new15-2 Cursed Fangs 15 30 energy Instant 200 Puts a curse on your hidden weapons. For 12.0 seconds targets hit with these cursed projectiles suffer 16.0 Dark damage every 2 seconds. (As long as your Fang Ritual is active, additional 20.0 + 0.30 x INT Dark Damage will be done.) +4.8 and +5.0 per level
Skill mag new45-2 Kiss of the Vampire 20 40 MP Instant 60 seconds 150 Inflicts 30.0 + 0.30 x INT Dark Damage on your opponent and restores 10.0% to your HP. +7.5 per level
Skill mag new50-2 Demoralize 25 30 energy Instant 60 seconds 150 Your target cannot attack for 6.0 seconds.
Skill mag new20-2 Fang Ritual 30 30 MP Instant Raise the damage dealt by Dark magic by 5.0% for 900.0 seconds.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+1.1% per level
Skill mag new35-2 Distract 35 70 MP Instant 2 minutes Distracts the target, so that it loses its focus on you. You get the lowest place in the aggro table for 10.0 seconds.
Skill mag new40-3 Shadow Shroud 40 Sinister magic shrouds your target, causing your Demoralize to additionally lower the target's magic defense.
Skill mag new45-8 Shadow Protection 45 60 MP Instant Increases your casting speed by 1.0% for 900.0 seconds. If you receive a critical physical hit while it is in effect, your movement speed is instantly increased by 10.0% for 3.0 seconds.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 15.0 seconds.)
The maximum level of this skill is 50.

Skill mag new50-13 Gift of the Baron 50 When you succeed in casting Kiss of the Vampire, you will additionally increase the damage of your next two magical attacks. Effective for 15.0 seconds.
Skill mag thi60 Night Refuge 60 When Shadow Protection is in effect and you receive a normal attack, this instills Fear in the attacker for 3 seconds. It also immediately casts Kiss of the Vampire on the attacker.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 15 seconds.)

Skill mag new45-2 Kiss of the Vampire (upgrade) 65 40 MP Instant 30 seconds 150 Inflicts 16.0 Dark Damage each 2s over 12s on your opponent and restores 10.0% to your HP. +4.8 per level
Skill mag thi70 Pride of the Baron 70 When you have the Fang Ritual effect, the critical attack caused by your spells will reduce the cooldown time of Kiss of the Vampire by 3 seconds. Your Gift of the Baron will then have an additional increase to the Critical Magical Hit Rate.

Duration: 52 seconds. Versus a level 100 enemy it is a +3% of critical chance.

Notes[ | ]