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[+] Sarlo
 [+] Boiling Lake
  [81] Lowering Temperatures
Expansion: Patch 6.0.0
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Chacha (RW/Ggl) @ Boiling Lake (Sarlo)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Chacha (RW/Ggl) @ Boiling Lake
 XP: 1,221,300
 TP: 122,130
 Gold: 17,920Gold 
Title: Let me smash him... Let me smash him...

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  1. [81] Ambush
  2. [81] Safe Zone
  3. [81] Preparing to Set Off
  4. [81] Abnormal
  5. Byalant Production Plant:
    1. [81] The Ironblood Dreadlord's Scheme
    2. [81] Behind the Shadows

You need to be at least Level 79 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 73 to turn-in this quest.


Install Frost Rune Frost Rune, Activation Rune Activation Rune, Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune, Starter Rune Starter Rune, and Operational Medium Operational Medium on a suitable device.


Combining all the information reveals that the water processing devices can be found at various locations around the Boiling Lake where there are features that can't be destroyed by a thousand years of history.

You must have seen the curved piping near Byalant. They are very old and I think they were there before the Guardian factory was even built. We estimate that they were part of the processing device.

The ancient civilization uses mysterious runes that contain a natural energy. After analyzing the diagrams in the book, it seems they included five key elements, a Frost Rune Frost Rune, Activation Rune Activation Rune, Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune, Starter Rune Starter Rune, and Operational Medium Operational Medium. We need to find enough of these elements and use them on the proper device in order for it to work.

The only thing is that these runes are scattered around and I'm not sure quite where. The No. 89-X Punishers and No. 89 Digger Punishers, which are constantly digging around Boiling Lake have some. The wreckage resting on the bottom of the lake is also a good place.


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First you need to find the runes. Kill No. 89-X Punishers (Frost Rune Frost Rune, Activation Rune Activation Rune) and No. 89 Digger Punishers (Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune), and look on the lake bottom for Lake Remains (Starter Rune Starter Rune, Operational Medium Operational Medium).

Once you have the five runes, install them as follows:


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Research the curved piping and confirm which energy they used. Then collect enough Frost Runes Frost Runes, Activation Runes Activation Runes, Disenchant Runes Disenchant Runes, Starter Runes, and Operational Media Operational Media to install them. Don't forget that not only do you need to use the correct amount of runes, you also need to use them on the right device to achieve a result.

You can get runes from the No. 89-X Punishers and No. 89 Digger Punishers. The Lake Remains is also a good spot to dig for clues.


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Can you here that rumbling sound? The water processing device has already been activated. We don't know how long it will run, but at least it will give us enough time so that the Alliance army can pass through this scorching area.

You can go back and report to Master Template:Npclinkh. We need to make sure we record this unique experience and give it to headquarters.

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Boiling Lake
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FYI Do the frost, Activation and then the disenchant rune in this order then the starter (need 2) and last Operational Medium (need 3 mainly from the lake remains). Also, the game does not remove your leftover runes after completion. They have no further use, so you may descard them.